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CoM Anniversary

After a whole year of operating the Council, I never thought it'd become what it is. That's almost all I have to say, plain and simple.

Since the... events... of last week, I thought it would be good to do something for the anniversary. At first, I thought about releasing a new RP on the 12th. Then I remembered I'm already OPing something else, my next idea isn't complete, and it has nothing to do with the CoM directly.

Then I thought about some kind of OOC festivities. Then I remembered the RPotY is in December, and I'm not creative enough to imagine more awards so quickly.

Then I thought about just telling you guys how I feel. While I did do that (see the bottom of the page), I remembered the most important thing about the CoM. It's not the nearly 500 pages, it's not the fun we've had on those pages, it's not even the RPs we've all done or how I feel on the matter.

The most important thing... is the fact that there is a "we" to talk about. A year ago, I was ending my first open RP and thinking how I could keep in touch with the guys & girls that were involved. Since I couldn't for the life of me imagine how to connect Plot Point A with Plot Point C while going through B, I was a bit in a funk and WOULD NOT keep using the same OOC.

After almost a week of deliberating on where to take the story or what to do, I came up with the idea for an RP group. Inspired by the Titans group, we were going to use this thread as a launching point for new RPs and a place to chat in-between them. Little did I know what it would become. The CoM is... well, why don't I let you guys say it?

"All I can say is that CoM is awesome, really."
- Mirakai
"Well, it got Infinite Justice up and running. So overall, it's pretty darn good and I hope it goes on longer."
- The Republic of Atria
"I arrived before the group even had 100 pages on it's record. I have a lot of memories regarding it, both good and bad. But no matter what happens, the thing I enjoyed the most about it were the warm, welcoming personalities of the people within. I was instantly captivated. I could instantly tell the immense amount of work that had been put into it. I knew I had to join, so I did. I am endlessly grateful to the current members of the Council for the work they have already put into me. The Council is a good place, with good people."
- New Jordslag
"It's the first place I would go for help. A great place to get help with RPs."
- Osnil
"I'm not good at writing things like this, but all I have to say is I've made a lot of friends here."
- Ulvenes
"The CoM is, dare I say it, the premier RP group of P2TM. It's RP quality is only matched by the joyful earnestness of its members to roleplay together."
- Brechalt
"The Council of the Multiverse to me is like a home I never knew I had. I joined early, but didn't really join in the conversations, roleplays, and community until much later. I regret that, because I missed out on a wonderful bunch of knuckleheads for way too long, not to mention a bunch of stellar roleplays. You guys saved me from stressing over work and just having fun. And even though some of you don't care for me or particularly like me, just know that I have love for each and every single one of you. From the animu sh*tposters to the normal sh*tposters, all of you. Despite the week-long ban, they can't take our home, because we're at home when we're together."
- Neros
"CoM is one of the best things that happened to P2TM."
- Lavan Tiri
"The Mos Eisely of NS. It's a hive of scum and villainy, and I can't get enough of it. Just like a lively bar, it's almost always filled with life and energy. I wouldn't trade the world for this place. It sounds like an odd local, and you'd be right, but for some reason it just fits. Everything works. The status quo isn't changed that often, and when it is, it's for the better. The people all like a good joke and are more then happy to laugh at almost anything that comes their way. They know how to dish out a punch, and certainly how to take one. They are some of the oddest, different, colorful and offensive people, but god damn they're awesome. I couldn't ask for better. "
"CoM: You can quote them, RP with them, or make a Lith cult with them. About the only thing you can't do is not have fun."
"A true social club of friendship, gregarious roleplayers, and snarky assholes."
- Imperial--japan
"The Council is a gathering of many people to do what we love, RPing, together. CoM has been a great influence on my RPing experience on NS, and I'm glad to be a part of it."
- GAmeTopians

"LinkThis video was from a day or two ago. I didn't think I'd be able to talk like that with any family home, and especially asleep, so I did it while they were out and about. I can't think of what else I can say but thank you.

"If I never went on NS 2 years ago when my friend told me about it, like I was considering because the gameplay side looked lame, if I never tentatively entered the P2TM asking for someone to show someone new the ropes so I could OP my own, if I never met you glorious bastards during my quest, I don't know what would become of me. You all have inspired me to think outside the box, to create whole new freaking worlds, and to remember never to stare at the air.

"Specifically, in being the first friends I'd made on this site, I'd like to thank Setinel and Atria for the inFamous RP, letting this Xbox pleb in on some PS fun. As well as The Grey Wolf, Ulvenes, and everyone from every incarnation of War Gears, letting me know that I didn't always have to play FPS protagonist-like characters all the time and I could even RP a girl. Also the group from Grim Reaper Academy, the longest-standing group of friends I've had here. I'll never forget you guys, and I'll always remind Nat-Spi that we need a reboot.

"Almost done, I'd like to thank everyone for putting up with my 11th grade self OPing Martial Magic Academy, the original. My first open RP was fairly successful, inspired me to reboot it, and made me love you guys enough to found the CoM.

"And I can't forget you, glorious reader! Without every one of you, we wouldn't be so big. People know us. We get referenced. Talked about. We should have a ficking TVTropes page by now! Anyways, thanks for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. From the idle chatter, RP ideas, and non-hateful arguments that still get us banned, I love all of you. And I hope it doesn't have to end."

- The Templar High Council

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