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The Empress of Recon (WIP)

Joan I

HM Empress Joan in 2017


Her Majesty

Full Name

Joan Louise
Darlange Legrand


11 April 1975 (age 42),
Dion, Capitol State,
The Recon Empire


Haden, Emperor of Recon
(m. 1998)




Joseph Darlange,
5th Earl of


Elizabeth Rothschild

Joan I
Joan (Joan Darlange Legrand) is, and has been since her accession in 2017, the monarch of The Recon Empire and The Crown Federation of Recon. Born in Dion, Empress Joan rose to power as Queen Consort to the late Emperor Haden I. Empress Joan provided Emperor Haden with wide-ranging advice, and through several military conquests led by her as Regent, she became Empress Regnant in 2017. Empress Joan has been widely known for her technical sensitivity and expertise in public policy, having assisted her husband as a capable right-hand figure for over 10 years.

Full sovereign title
Her Majesty the Empress of The Crown Federation of Recon and of all sovereigns therein, Queen of Leloux and of Her other Realms and Territories, Queen of Greater Spada, of New Cadelia, of Northern Langonar, and of New Chatham, Queen of Meridian Union and of Leloux Veturum, Princess of Dion, Duchess of Cleareminster

List of Styles & Titles
Empress of Recon (The Crown Federation of Recon)
Queen of Leloux (The Recon Empire)
Queen of Greater Spada, of New Cadelia, of Northern Langonar, and of New Chatham
Queen of Meridian Union and of Leloux Veturum
Princess of Dion
Duchess of Cleareminster (Dou Boux)
Marquess of Speelkeeper (Hundredstar)
Commander-in-Chief of the Recon Royal Armed Forces
Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Maritime Service

Foreign Awards, Honors and Decorations
Officer of the LinkOrder of New Hayesalia, New hayesalia - 12 August 2017
Honorary Knight of the LinkRoyal Montmorian Order, New hayesalia - 12 August 2017
Grand Commander of the Order of Xaverian Commander, Hundredstar - 28 August 2017

Coronation of Empress Joan
26 August 2017

VVVIP (31+1) (Heads of State and Government)

HE Grand Margraaf Kader, Rannoria
HIM Tsar Stefan and Tsarina Elizaveta, Nuremgard
HE Premier and Mrs. Charles Gustav, The tremors
HE Prime Minister Bambang Susilo and Mrs Kartini Susilo, Hindia Belanda
HM King Thomas I, United east germany
HE President Davis Deltoro, Springmont
HE President Ian Sunspear, Thousandsuns
HM King Xavier II and Queen Lisa Monica, Hundredstar
HM Sultan Farook Shah, Sekangkang kera
HM King Luis II, Reino do Brazil
HIM Emperor Thales XIII, Imperial Royal Union
HE President Tomasso Machiavelli, Abidawe
HE Chief Justice Olivia Christensen, Yohannes
HE President Michael Warfmaker, Stevencousin
HE Prime Minister William Carlyle, Oakwood landing
HE President Lorna Mittlestadt, Greythrone
HM King Alexander II, Great Nortend
HE President Antanya Suaru, South east united
HM Sultan Fateh LVIII, Bindu
HE President Lucas Blend and Dr Rossa Blend, Saltbridge
HM Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, Darul takzim
HE Prime Minister Winston Blackbushe, Sp rebellion
HM Grand Duke Eddard Karstark, Dorsche
HE President Kamal Abdullah, Tongkang pechah
HE President Jacob Zarman, Thermodolia
HE Prime Minister Steven Jot, Australian rePublic
HE Prime Minister Daniel Hayes and Mrs Anya Hayes, New hayesalia
HM King Archonidas, Grantine
HM Sultan Prabu Wiwaha, Priangan
HE President and Mrs Eldridge Tippingston, Moorburgh
HM King Geraint IV, Ludania
HE Prime Minister Ryan Peters, Anollasia
HIM King Charles V and Queen Marina, Dou Boux

Coronation Gala
Capitol Palace
Host: HM Empress Joan Darlange, The Recon Empire

Heads of Government Meeting
Capitol Palace
Chair: HRH Crown Prince George Darlange, Executive Crown Prince

VVIPs (Head of Government/Royalty/Foreign and Defence Ministers)

HE Baron and Baroness of Poltava,
HE Baron and Baroness of Prokhonova,
HE Baroness and Baron of Iron Bridge,
HE Governor-General Mohd Salim and Mrs Anneke Salim,
HRH Crown Prince Arthur Xavier,
HE Prime Minister and Mrs Harris Baygents,
HRH Prince William of Rhise,
HRH Crown Prince Irving & Princess Sherise,
HE Prime Minister Rakryan Mahapatih,
HIM Queen Dowager Clarisse,
HRH Crown Prince Phillip,
TRH Prince Christophe and Princess Marie,
HE Prime Minister Anthony Redgrave and Lady Redgrave,
HE Chief Justice Carrington-Hamilton,
HE Governor-General Thomas St. Simon and Lady St. Simon,
HE Governor-General Henry Alto and Lady Alto,

"Friends of the Empire" Senior Leaders Dinner
Eisille Castle
Chair: Mr Nathan Doral, President of the Royal Assembly
Vice Chair: Sir Arthur Roserade, Premier

Denwood Luncheon
Denwood Grand Chateau
Host: HG Duke Benjamin Thurston of Latterhein

Mr Brega Wardana, Foreign Minister
Dr Moises Tullar, Foreign Minister,
Mr Hari Harshad, Defence Minister,
Dr Bernardo Postell, Foreign Minister,
Dr Rachel van Tailcourts, Education, Youth & Science Minister,
Dr Stephan Wattbridge, Foreign Minister,
Ms Susan Clawfeather, Trade/Commerce Minister,
Mr Jeff Braunston, Regional Development Minister,
Dr Vincent Landowski, Foreign Minister,
Ms Dominique Lightfoot, Foreign Secretary,
Tunku Ismail s/o Sultan Ibrahim, Defense Secretary,
Tunku Idris s/o Sultan Ibrahim, Foreign Secretary,
Tunku ‘Abdu’l Jalil s/o Sultan Ibrahim, Security Affairs Secretary,
Mr Rahman Khalidin, Defence Minister,
Ms Julita Hashim, Women and Social Welfare Minister,
Mr Elvis Reds, Foreign Minister,
Mr Zachariah Dantonio, Foreign Minister,
Ms Brooks McGlockton, Environment and Transport Minister,
Dr Roscoe Rodero, Foreign Minister, Atok

Foreign Ministers' Exchange
Winslet Castle
Chair: Lady Jane Watson, Foreign Minister
GEN Victor Surge, Defence Minister
Ms Theresa Adlin, Education Minister
Sir Eugene Hennings, Lord of the Federation

VIPs (Government/Civilians)

Dr Nicole Heangist, Deputy Technology Minister,
Dr Hamilton Tennesley, Chair, Hundredstar International,
Dr Angus Rothchester, CEO, Hundredstar International,
Mr Chaney Chilcot, Secretary of Lelouxian Affairs,
Ms Heather Chirac, Secretary of National Service,
Ms Joanne Posner, National Security Auditor,
Mr Gawain Mikaelsen, Director, Cyber Espionage Taskforce,
Ms Carina Moore, Director of Civilian Service,
Mr. Elliot Fouche, Director, National Service Census,
Mr. Steffen Kristoffersen, National Security Adviser,
Dr Donnell Coletta, Chairman, SaltArms Corp,
Dato' Allaudin Hashim, DG, Darul Takzim Intelligence Commission,
Datuk Dr Fadzil Musa, CEO, Darul Takzim Investment Corp,
Ambassador Joseph Crawford & Mrs Kelly Crawford,
Sir Charles A. Hamilton, Chairman, Hamilton Group,
Dowager Baroness Jane Newcome, Vice-Chairwoman, Hamilton Group,

Glendon Institute Expert Forums
Glendon World Institute
Chair (Business and Economy): Lord Winston Marquise, Governor, Bank of Recon
Chair (Security and Defence): Lord Adam Hinsworth, Chairman, National Security Committee
Chair (Technology): Dr John Earl Seaton, Director, Recon Aerospace Agency

VIPs (Military)

General Tommy Clarkwell, Chief of Defense Force,
Inspector General Amanda Gailheath, Inspector General of Police,
Commander Ralph Benson, Coast Guard Commander,
Grande Admiral Jerome Pelling Beauforte, Chief of Combined Armed Forces,
Fältmarskalken Sigmund Vintersen, Chief of Staff, Defence Command,
Fältmarskalken Stanley Porter, Commander, Capital Area Command,
Armekårergeneral Johnathan Fenrik, Deputy Chief of the General Staff,
Armekårergeneral Marlon Cosmao, Director-General, Operations,
General Reginald Ruuska, Chief of Joint Force,
Senior General Datuk Ahmad Yatim, Chief of Joint Force,
Marshal of the Army Eli Knight & Mrs Andrea Knight, Chief of Military Field,

Hofblast Conference: Special Military Exchange
Hofblast Military Area
Chair: GEN Sheryl Hifax, Chief of RRAF Joint Forces
GEN Ernest J. Kaslen, Globe Marshal of RRAF EQTCOM
GEN Warren D'Argon, Globe Marshal of RRAF LEXCOM

Scheduled Bilateral Meetings

Eisille Castle
Governor-General Mohd Salim and Premier Arthur Roserade
Deputy Minister Nicole Heangist and Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Vincent von Biber

Montfort Estate
Minister Rachel von Tailcourts and Education Minister Theresa Adlin

The Radius
Minister Hari Harshad and Defence Minister GEN Victor Surge
Minister Rahman Khalidin and Vice Defence Minister ADM Jordan Rodham
FMA Eli Knight and Vice Defence Minister GEN Nathan Dale
GA Jerome Pelling Beauforte and GEN Warren D'Argon
GEN Reginald Ruuska and GEN Reuben Fellows

Crown Intelligence Headquarters
Mr Gawain Mikaelsen and GEN Lee Bryans
Dato' Allaudin Hashim and Sir Bernard Long

Estegram Tower
Minister Susan Clawfeather and Commerce Minister Iris Welsh

Grotroth Castle
Minister Julia Hashim and Vice Home Minister Anderson Carey

Rodiom House
Minister Brook McGlockton and Minister of Transport Mary Winroe

Former Monarchs
Haden I
Haden I (Haden Legrand) is, and has been since his accession in 1997, the monarch of The Recon Empire and The Crown Federation of Recon. Born in Varsten in the Modelian Era, he grew up as a commoner but joined the local militia. Upon uniting the continent of Leloux under the Crown Kingdoms of the Recon Empire, he was elected to be a hereditary monarch after leading the new empire throughout the Ten Years' War. Founding the Recon Empire, he established much of the nation's foundational infrastructure. Born as "Lee Hong Xuan", the King changed his name to Haden to distance away from his Varsten ancestry in 2016.

Full sovereign title
His Majesty the Emperor of The Crown Federation of Recon and of all sovereigns therein, Emperor of Phoenixus, King of Leloux and of His other Realms and Territories, King of The Recon Commonwealth, Prince of Northern Langore and of Rachaaria, Grand Duke of Ganfel, Duke of Ile-De-Regnum and of Varsten, Duke of Los Bouxiana, Duke of Hagril, Earl of Drawbury, of Filsten and of Glasmond Rhodes, Count of Standfordshire, Baron of Brighthill and of Greater Spada

List of Styles & Titles
Emperor of Recon (The Crown Federation of Recon)
King of Leloux (The Recon Empire)
King of The Recon Commonwealth
Prince of Northern Langore and of Rachaaria
Grand Duke of Ganfel
Duke of Ile-De-Regnum and of Varsten (The Recon Empire)
Duke of Los Bouxiana (Dou Boux)
Duke of Hagril
Earl of Drawbury, of Filsten and of Glasmond Rhodes(The Recon Empire)
Count of Standfordshire (Dou Boux)
Baron of Brighthill (The Recon Empire)
Baron of Greater Spada

Military Appointments
Commander-in-Chief of the Recon Royal Armed Forces
Field Marshal of the Imperial Dou Bouxian Air Force
Colonel-in-Chief of the 23rd Royal Dou Bouxian Hussar (Dou Boux)

Foreign Awards, Honors and Decorations
Recipient of the Imperial Medal of Bravery of Langore - 1st February 2014
Grand Crest of Olgea - 3rd March 2014
Most Noble Ally of Nuremgard - 27th April 2014
Most Exalted Order of the Peacock of Nuremgard - 3rd May 2015
Knight Grand Cross of TME Order of Dou Boux - 4th May 2016
Royal Order of the Albatross of Imperial Royal Union - 21st July 2016
Star of the Second Empire of Imperial Royal Union - 21st July 2016
Mahlensbourg Ribbon of the Protector of Imperial Royal Union - 21st July 2016
Knight Grand Commander of TME Order of The Lion of Dou Boux - 1st September 2016

The Imperial Family of Recon
The Imperial Family of Recon consists of the Legrand Branch and the Darlange Branch, which the latter formed after the Empress's own family members were promoted. Collectively, the Recon Imperial Family is the direct line of succession to the Crown, and various other titles.

Darlange Royal Family

  • HM Empress Joan

  • HRH Prince George and HRH Princess Alice
    Principality of Alvesco

    • Lord Byron, Earl Garlie

  • HG Duchess Amanda Darlange
    Duchy of Ave Vista

Legrand Royal Family

  • HM King Haden

    • HRH Princess Clare & HG Duke James Ashford (Ludania)
      Principality of San Arco & Duchy of Carborough

      • HRH Prince of San Arco and Carborough

    • HRH Prince Wilson Legrand
      Principality of Pryston

    • HM Queen Elise & HM King Amedeo (Keralia)
      Principality of Pollensky & King of Keralia

      • HRH Prince Ferdinand Legrand of Pollensky & Saint Claire-en-Cleor

    • HRH Prince Javier
      Principality of Felton

  • HRH Prince Gabriel and HRH Princess Rothsanna Miranda Ingemar-Sorrel (Imperial Royal Union)
    Principality of Heraclea & Royal Domain of Mitrailleuse (Marquise)

    • HRH Princess Rothsanna Cassandra Legrand & HRH Prince Christophe of Los Bouxiana (Dou Boux)
      Principality of Santa Clara

      • HRH Prince Aldrin Maurice Legrand Henri

    • HRH Princess Elena Marie Legrand

    • HRH Prince Aldrin Darwin Legrand

    • HRH Prince Thales Sherman Legrand & HRH Princess Catherine
      Princess Royal of Nortainland

  • HRH Princess Nadine Legrand, Princess Royale & Viscount Richard Thurston of Bushnell

    • Princess Stephanie Thurston

    • Princess Cynthia Thurston

    • Princess Maxi Thurston

The Crown Kingdoms of The Recon Empire