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Forteral Palace


Forteral Palace is the official residence and administrative headquarters of the Empress of Recon, located at Constellation Road, Golden Hill District, Turrensia, The Recon Empire. Constructed in 2012 after Turrensia became the regional capital, Empress Joan became the second sovereign to reside in Forteral Palace in 2017, after succeeding from Emperor Haden.

Forteral Palace is frequently visited by regional monarchs, for both official and unofficial business. It attracts over 18 million tourists per year. When the Empress is in residence, the Federal Standard is flown.

Her Majesty Empress Joan
Empress of Recon
The Recon Empire

His Majesty Emperor Charles V
Deputy Emperor of Recon
Dou Boux

Imperial Office of the Empress of Recon
The Imperial Office of the Empress consists of the immediate staff of the Empress of Recon. With the increase in technological and global advancement, the size of the Imperial Office staff has increased to include an array of policy experts to effectively address various fields of the modern day. The Imperial Office is led by three leaders, the Lady of the Federation, who is the primary political advisor to the Empress on federal affairs; the Director, Federal Civil Service, who oversees all Federal Services; and the Forteral Chief of Staff, who oversees the administration of Forteral Palace.




Advises Policy and Politics

Oversees Federal Civil Services

Maintains Forteral Palace

Lady Diane Leighton
Lady of the Federation

Sir Phillip Glyss
Director, Federal Civil Service

Mr. Pierre Kenney
Forteral Chief of Staff

Sir Edward Dormoth
Deputy Lord of the Federation

Sir Neville Finch
Deputy Director, Federal Civil Service

Mr. Cavan Senegaal
Deputy Forteral Chief of Staff

Senior Leadership
Director of Press: Lady Michelle Icarus
Chair, Legislative Corps: Lady Lydia Kent
Federal Economic Advisor: Mr Martin Berkeley
Federal Security Advisor: GEN (Air) Joseph Rodman
Director, FCA: Sir Martin Boothroyd

Senior Leadership
Director, Personnel Board: Mr. Kim Nicely
Director, FOAB: Mr William Ebersole
Director, FORR: Lady Aishah Britten
Federal Inspector-General: Dr. Albert Schiller

Senior Leadership
Chief Forteral Usher: Sir Aaron Ponti
Imperial Estatemaster: Ms. Denise Powler
Director, Forteral Protection Service: Mr. Paul Mackintosh
Chief of Protocol: Lady Sarah Delavigne

Federal Civil Services Board
The Federal Civil Service Board oversees the operations of all Federal Services granted by the Royal Charter. Due to the wide-ranging powers vested into agencies via Federal Services Royal Charters, the FCSB administers salaries, security clearances, KPIs, and other human-resources needs of the entire Federal Government.

Federal Office of Appropriations and Budget

Sir Edward Dormouth,

Federal Court of Justice

TRH Treisvan Hrook,

Federal Maritime Service

ADM Adrian Elmersson,

Federal Disasters Response Center

Mr Julian Axburrow,

Federal Recon Investment Authority

Sir Francis Hopkins,

Federal Congress of Recon

Lord Alexander Mayvine,

Federal Foreign Service
The Federal Foreign Service is a division of the Federal Civil Services Board that is managed by the Director, Federal Civil Service. Foreign Service officials adhere collectively by the Royal Charter for the Foreign Service. They are also bound by the federal oversight of the Federal Civil Services Board.

Lord Delegate to the World Assembly

Viceroy-Ambassador Andrew Wilcox,

Ambassador of the Federation to Tanah Melayu

Viceroy-Ambassador Jamie Jewelcutt,

Ambassador of the Federation to DEUN (WIP)

Viceroy-Ambassador Marco Sanghéot,

The Federal Schedule
Note: Ambassadors to Council of Ambassadors are not accorded within the Federal Schedule.

Federal Officer (1st-Class)

Lady of the Federation
Forteral Chief of Staff
Director, Federal Civil Service

$650,000 per year
State Car
Federal Security Detail

Federal Officer (2nd-Class)

Federal Chiefs
Forteral Senior Leaders
Federal Admirals
Federal Ambassadors

$400,000 - $550,000 per year
State Car
Federal Security Detail

Federal Officer (3rd-Class)

Deputy Federal Chiefs
Deputy Forteral Senior Leaders
Federal Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals

$300,000 - $370,000 per year
State Car

Federal Officer (4th-Class)

Sub-Federal Chiefs
National Branch Chiefs
Federal Flotilla Admirals and Commodores

$250,000 - $300,000 per year

Federal Officer (5th-Class)

Executive Federal Employees
Federal Lieutenant-Commanders to Captains

$200,000 - $250,000 per year

Federal Officer (6th-Class)

Senior Federal Employees
Federal Midshipmen to Lieutenants

$100,000 - $200,000 per year

Federal Officer (7th-Class)

Junior Federal Employees

$40,000 - $120,000 per year

Forteral Household Office
The Forteral Household Office takes care of the Empress's personal needs as well as the needs of the Imperial Family and the Imperial Office staff. They provide the prestige and grandeur for the regional figurehead and provide logistical support for travels, operations and protocol. The Forteral Household Office works closely and is subservient to the more intimate Capitol Palace staff of the Empress's.

The Crown Kingdoms of The Recon Empire