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Crash Course in Wallenburgian History and Current Events

This is a quick summary for those of you too busy/lazy to read the main factbook.

The People's Republic of Wallenburg was born during a world war, with the revolutionaries establishing a new republic separate of the old Empire of Wallenburg, which continues to rule in the west.

With the outbreak of war in the year 1898 RN, the autocratic regime of the Wallenburgian Empire forced its people into a long, fruitless war against faraway powers. When the armies of Castilia and Stevensburg occupied our lands, we were finally freed, and a petition to the occupying governments for the creation of a sovereignty separate of the Empire was met with warm satisfaction. Such began our humble nation, borne out of the ashes of war as a phoenix. The Empire refused to accept our independence and specifically targeted our nation in a broad countermeasure against its warring enemies. They burned our communities, imprisoned our peaceful citizens, and proceeded to engage in unspeakable atrocities, amounting to the most heinous of war crimes. Nevertheless, its enemies endured and forced its surrender. Our people shared in the spoils and secured international recognition of our independence from the Empire of the West. We built a republican government and initiated bold policies of reconstruction and modernization. Industry prospered and the standard of living soared.

Wallenburg is ruled by 256 delegates to the National Assembly, which holds almost all legislative and administrative power. We once had an Emergency President, but he resigned in 1915 to allow the National Assembly greater authority over national policy.

WE ARE NOT COMMUNIST. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to grasp that. We are a highly libertarian and egalitarian society, classifying as social democrats. While there is a communist-style political party, it's more radical policies are blocked by more conservative factions. In fact, NationStates shows that a sizable portion of the economy is run by private industry. We experimented early on with more Proletarian policy, but it proved counterproductive. Now we just place firm regulations on business to minimize corruption among employers and abuse of employees. A HATRED OF CAPITALISM DOES NOT EQUAL A LOVE OF COMMUNISM.

We are jingoistic and proud of it. Unless you are centuries ahead of us in tech or have tens of millions of soldiers in your armed forces, you will never win a war against us. We fight to the last man, woman, and child, and if we are doomed to conquest we will explode our nuclear arsenal over our own nation.

Otherwise, Wallenburgians are very pleasant, healthy, and coopeerative. We value hard work, education, and compassion towards one's community and neighbors.

Wallenburgians are smart. Our idea of fun is designing revolutionary infrastructure, debating metaphysics, and creating positive feedback loops to improve society at a lower cost to the taxpayer, who really should be happy taxes are so low.

There you have it! A socially libertarian, pro-business AND pro-worker welfare state, with strong education and welfare programs as well as a stunning environment. You jelly?