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Recent History of Abuddin

27 January 2011 – In Ma’an, the nation’s capital, a major demonstration of over 16,000 protestors takes place against the government of Rizwan Shahzad, president of Abuddin since 1990.

2 February 2011 – Shahzad announces that he will not run for re-election in 2013.

11 March 2011 – Three people are killed in Ma’an by government forces after protestors demand the resignation of Shahzad.

18 March 2011 – Fifty-two protestors are killed in Ma’an, resulting in mass defections among the military, including the defection of General Khaled al-Fayeed.

23 May 2011 – Sheikh Rashid, head of a major tribal confederation in Abuddin and also the vice-president, publicly expresses support for the opposition.

3 June 2011 – A chemical attack in Ma’an orchestrated by al-Fayeed forces Shahzad to flee Abuddin; Rashid takes over as acting president.

23 November 2011 – President Shahzad resigns from office, officialy making Rashid president of Abuddin.

21 February 2012 – Early presidential elections take place. Al-Fayeed reportedly wins 99.8% of the vote amid charges of corruption and voter intimidation.

25 February 2012 – Khaled al-Fayeed is sworn in as President of Abuddin.

19 March 2012 – 19 supporters of Rashid are killed in a gas attack ordered by al-Fayeed.

21-25 August 2012 – A chemical attack in Ma’an kills over 734 civilians.

29 October 2012 – Sheikh Rashid is forced into exile by President Khaled al-Fayeed, and all opposition parties are banned.

19 November 2012 – A chemical attack against the opposition in Ma’an kills 130 people. Al-Fayeed’s position as president is secured.

9 November 2014 – Khaled al-Fayeed dies. Power transfers to his son, Jamal al-Fayeed.

21 January 2015 – An attempted coup against Jamal by his own brother, Bassam al-Fayeed, is suppressed.

25 March 2015 – After Bassam’s execution, the Army of the Caliphate is formed by Ihab Rashid (son of Sheikh Rashid) to overthrow the al-Fayeed government.

22 April 2015 – The top leadership of the Army of the Caliphate is killed following chemical attacks ordered by al-Fayeed, although Rashid managed to escape.

19 June 2015 – The Army of the Caliphate is defeated; Jamal al-Fayeed remains in power.