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Mercadean Street, Alauna

Alauna shown within Shalotte

Country: Shalotte
Region: Isle of Hiort

Settlement:545 B.C.

Population: 22,518

- Tyrrn of Alauna: Riagán of Damnoni
Alauna is a city in the Royal Isles of Shalotte. It is located on the Isle of Hiort, in a central position to the north of the Baemort Hills.

With a population of more than 20,000 it is the most populous settlement in Shalotte, as well as being the most developed and prosperous. It is the home of the Gaeltyn, and the seat of the Domnaeni, making it the de facto capital.

It is an ancient city, first settled more than 2,000 years ago, and many of its streets retain the same layout and buildings from centuries earlier. A lack of automobiles or large businesses has precluded the need for development of wider streets or comprehensive transportation networks of any kind.

As part of a short-lived modernisation programme that took place in the 90s, it became the first of three settlements to have a rudimentary electricity grid installed, and has had functioning sewage systems and running water in place since at least the 70s. It is also the only settlement in Shalotte to have a basic telephone network installed, although only few buildings are connected to the exchange.

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