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Famous Wallenburgian Quotes

"Here we stand today against the forces of oppression. We stand for our basic rights as humans and Indevians. We stand for everything that the Imperial dictators have done to us. Today we rise up in a glorious mass and sing the song of our people. Onwards, my comrades, onwards!"
= Revolutionary Geordi Levintz

"Our demands our simple. Independence or death. If you want our land, our freedoms, you will have to kill us. All of us. And we will make you pay for each innocent Wallenburgian you kill."
= Revolutionary Peter Thornberg

"Democracy without socialism is empty.  Socialism without democracy is meaningless."
= Revolutionary Andrew Porter

"The purpose of government is to totally assimilate itself into society and the economy. These three machines must stop competing and instead cooperate."
= Chairman of Commerce Helen Austerson

"But I want to pay higher taxes!"
= Chairman and CEO of Wallenburgian Armaments

"Ambassadors keep asking me if West Wallenburg exists. I tell them to wait until we resolve the situation in West Wallenburg."
= President Charles Derekson

"Big government is better government."
= Mike Cassidy

"The war against the imperialist west has united our people once more.  From this unique experience, we must always remember that we are one people, however we may disagree, and that our solidarity has been--and shall always be--the cornerstone of our national prosperity."
= Majority Leader Margaret Keegan

"I have heard the cries of their downtrodden, the screams of their innocent, the shouts of their people for freedom and democracy and liberty.  I have seen the westerners greet our tanks not with arms raised but with arms outstretched, and with weary faces finally free to express joy.  They are not the people of the Empire.  The Empire has none but the Emperor himself.  The westerners embrace us as brothers and sisters, brokenhearted after so many years apart.  And now we shall be united once again."
= Delegate Martin Hoss