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The Constitution of the Renegade Islands Alliance


We are the Renegade Islands Alliance. We honor the right of self governance of all regions. We will honor these rights on all fronts; at home, and abroad. We are the Shield that protects all who ask to be protected. We are those who are governed by Law.

We are not Spartans. We are not Tyrants. We are not Conquerors. We are not governed by fear.

We are the Renegade Islands Alliance, and we are free.

Article I - Citizenship

1. Any person may apply for citizenship on the Regional forum by providing their current nation in the region, their current World Assembly nation, and by swearing an oath of citizenship established by law. Known member nations of invader regions and groups or otherwise enemies to the RIA and the RIASF will not be granted citizenship, and will be ejected at the discretion of the Chief Executive.

2. The Chief Executive shall have the power to approve or reject applications for citizenship on the forum. The Chief Executive must post an explanation for rejection immediately in the Citizens' Congress. The Citizen's Congress may overturn such rejections with a two-thirds majority vote.

A. Should the Chief Executive be unable to process citizenship applications, they may publicly designate a citizen with forum administrator privileges to do so. Approvals by such an appointed individual will be considered approvals made on behalf of the Chief Executive, and will be treated equally to approvals made directly by the Chief Executive.

3. Citizens shall forfeit their citizenship if they voluntarily renounce it, their nation in Renegade Islands Alliance voluntarily leaves the region or ceases to exist, or the Grand Council finds them guilty of a criminal offense and revokes their citizenship as punishment.

4. Citizens may not lose their citizenship for any reason not enumerated in this article.

Article II - The Grand Council

5. The Chief Executive authority of The Renegade Islands Alliance shall be vested in the Founder Nation, Shizensky. He shall hold Office for life, and shall be responsible for the conferral of his authority to a successor of his sole choosing.

6. The Delegate shall serve as the Head of State of Renegade Islands Alliance.

7. The World Assembly Delegate shall be elected by the citizens of the Renegade Islands Alliance at such time and in accordance with such rules as may be set forth by the Citizens' Congress. The WA Delegate shall serve a term of 3 months, serving a maximum of 4 consecutive terms.

8. The Delegate shall control the on-site delegacy of the region, and shall exercise its powers only as required or permitted by law.

9. The World Assembly Delegate will be a voting member of the Grand Council.

10. The Delegate shall appoint no fewer than two and no more than 4 Ministers to aid them in their duties: the duties and roles of these Ministers will be determined by the Delegate. These Ministers will have power vested in them directly from the Delegate, and they will serve as voting members on the Grand Council

11. The Ministers will be the heads of their respective Departments. Each Department will contain any appointees of the Ministers, the Delegate, or the Chief Executive. The extent of the role of these Departments is determined by the Delegate.

12. The Roleplay Advisor will be appointed by Controlling Faction at the beginning of each delegate term. A Controlling Faction may determine their own process for selecting their Roleplay Advisor. If a Controlling Faction cannot produce a Roleplay Advisor within two weeks after the start of a delegate term, the next highest faction will be named Controlling Faction.

13. The Chief Executive will be a voting member of the Grand Council.

14. The Chief Executive will also appoint the Security Officer, who will serve as the highest ranking officer in the RIASF and also act as a voting member of the Grand Council.

15. The Delegate or Chief Executive may dismiss Ministers at their discretion.

16. The Grand Council may veto proposals of the Citizens' Congress to enact, amend or repeal a law within 5 days of its passage via simple majority vote.

A. The Citizens' Congress may overturn such a veto by a two-thirds majority vote.

B. If the Grand Council fails to act on a law within a week of its passage, it is to be considered as enacted.

17. With a simple majority in the Grand Council, the Grand Council as a whole can take executive action to decide or alter regional policies without putting these actions to a vote in the Citizens' Congress. The Grand Council must post an explanation for this action immediately in the Citizens' Congress, and the Citizen's Congress may overturn such action with a two-thirds majority vote.

18. Within their own Department, Ministers may alter and dictate policy without a vote. Such action can be reversed by the Delegate or Chief Executive, a simple majority in the Grand Council, or a 2/3 majority in the Citizens' Congress.

19. Within any Department, the Delegate may alter and dictate policy without a vote. Such action can be reversed by the Chief Executive, a simple majority in the Grand Council, or a 2/3 majority in the Citizens' Congress.

20. Any Minister and anybody appointed to a Department can have their position revoked if they fail to meet any reasonable deadline established by the Chief Executive or Delegate.

21. Any ties in the Grand Council shall be broken by the Chief Executive.

22. No serving member of the Council may be appointed or elected to serve in an additional voting position on the Grand Council without first resigning their current Council position.

Article III - Citizens' Congress

23. The Citizens' Congress shall consist of all citizens and shall be the supreme governing authority of Renegade Islands Alliance.

24. The Citizens' Congress may enact, amend, or repeal laws by a simple majority vote.

25. The Citizens' Congress may ratify or repeal treaties with foreign powers negotiated by the Chief Executive by a simple majority vote, unless the treaty specifies its method of termination.

26. The Citizens' Congress shall have the power to amend this Constitution with a two-thirds majority vote.

27. The Citizens' Congress shall have the power to recall any appointed or elected official of the government with a 2/3 majority vote. A Controlling Faction will be responsible for replacing a recalled Roleplay Advisor in no less than two weeks.

28. The Citizens' Congress may adopt its own procedural rules, and may do so with a simple majority vote. 
The Citizens' Congress may also pass laws regulating the business of the Ministers and Departments.

29. The Citizens' Congress shall elect a Speaker to oversee its business. In the need for an Interim Speaker, the Minister of Inclusion shall serve until a Speaker is elected.

30. The Speaker may appoint deputies to aid them in their duties.

Article IV - Assembly of Renegades

31. The Assembly of Renegades, hereafter referred to as AoR, shall be created by the Citizen's Congress, and will be the officially recognized source of decisions directly related to regional role playing in regards to canonization, rules, restrictions, lore, themes, and other out-of-character elements.

32. The Speaker of the Citizen's Congress, or a member appointed by the Speaker, shall oversee the Assembly. The Speaker, or the representative of the Speaker's choosing, will act as a moderator and will have no authority over Assembly matters unless otherwise granted by the Assembly of Renegades.

33. The out-of-character (OOC) body of the Assembly of Renegades will have all authority to discuss issues regarding canonization of events. This includes, but is not limited to, lore, themes, time periods, significant events, or the use of specified weapons and tactics. Any item considered canonized before the creation of the AoR cannot be removed from canon by the Assembly of Renegades. Out-of-character will be defined as content that is not contained within an active RP, but is still discussing the RP or its elements.

34. The OOC Assembly of Renegades will be led by the RP Council. The RP Council will consist of the RP Advisor, as well as members those appointed by all three factions, as determined by the rules and procedures set forth by each individual faction. The RP Council will be the executive authority in determining the canonization of IC events. The Assembly of Renegades will vote on any ties in RP Council decisions.

35. The in-character (IC) body of the Assembly of Renegades will have the authority to make decisions that will impact the current state of regional RP. The IC body will serve as a gathering of nations in a manner similar to the Assembly of Nations in NationStates or the real-world United Nations. The events in the IC body of the Assembly of Renegades are considered canon. In-character will be defined as content that is contained within an active RP.

Article IV - Factions and Awesome Points

36. Awesome Points, or AP, will be awarded at the discretion of the Grand Council, excluding the Roleplay Advisor. Points may be awarded directly to a citizen or to a faction at large. Points awarded to a citizen are also awarded to the citizen's faction at the time the points were awarded.

37. Points will be calculated and a Controlling Faction will be announced at the start of each delegate election cycle. Points will reset to zero at this time.

38. There will be three factions, with names, rules, and procedures determined by the members of each faction. Factions are free to govern themselves as they see fit, so long as the governance is not in violation of the laws, rules, procedures, or constitution of the Renegade Islands Alliance.

38. The Controlling Faction will be required to appoint a Roleplay Advisor, and may do so in a manner seen fit by the rules and procedures governing the faction.

39. The factions will appoint their own representative to the RP Council, and may do so in a manner seen fit by the rules and procedures governing the faction.

40. Factions may recruit from any of the nations in the Renegade Islands Alliance, but only citizens will be counted as faction members.

41. The Grand Council may prohibit a faction from acquiring new members to encourage parity among the houses, or as punishment for infractions brought on by a faction or its members. The Grand Council must provide a time limit for any prohibitions, and a faction may petition the Grand Council for an appeal at any time.

Article IV - The Bill of Rights

42. Self-determination. The general government of The Renegade Islands Alliance shall make no law or regulation governing the internal operation of any nation state within the region.

43. Freedom of speech. The general government shall make no law restricting the freedom of speech within The Renegade Islands Alliance beyond those rules governing all participation and etiquette in NationStates. In keeping with the NationStates rules of etiquette, the following behaviors will constitute grounds for immediate ejection from the region and reporting to the game moderators:

A. Posting of any content considered inappropriate, including content that is obscene, illegal, threatening, malicious, defamatory, pornographic, or otherwise understood to be inappropriate. This applies to a nation's name, motto, and other customizable fields, any messages written, images posted, or any other content uploaded or linked to NationStates.

B. Attempting to steal another nationís identity, since this is fraudulent behavior and breaches the NationStates terms conditions. The same applies to any attempt to impersonate another player, including attempting to hack nation or region passwords.

44. Reservation of powers. Powers not enumerated in this Constitution shall be reserved to the member Nations.