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Laguage Overview (Undergoing rework)


A- ɛ (E as in bed)
B- b (B as in Back) Bb
C- ts (ts as in cats) Ts ts
D- t (t as in Tick) Tt
E- ɐ (ăh as in nut)
F/J- ʐ (Zh as in Zhona) Zh zh
G- d͡ʑ (J as in J-venk) Dj dj
H- g (G as in game) Gg
I- ɶ (uh as in gun) Uu
K/Q- (K as in Kiss) Kk
L/R- ɻ (R as in Red) Rr
M- V (V as in Valve) Vv
N- ŋ (N as in Sing) Nn
O- ɑ (Ah as in Hot)
P- p (P as in Pack) Pp
S- ʃ (Sh as in Sheep) Sh sh
T- s (S as in Sand) Ss
U- i (ee as in Theme)
V- θ (Th as in Thin) Th th
W- ʋ (V as in Was) Ww
X- d (D as in Dash) Dd
Y- u (oo as in Boot)
Z- ɱ (M as in Mail) Mm

Traditional Script