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Join the Europeian Republican Navy!

So, what is the ERN?
According to the appropriately named thread, "LinkWhat is the Europeian Republican Navy?" It is, "the military force of the Republic of Europeia. It serves the primary purpose of advancing Europeia's foreign interests abroad, and participates in a wide variety of different operations. The ERN is neutral in that it exists for the promotion of Europeia's foreign agenda, and is trained in a wide variety of operations to pursue these foreign interests." Further, the Navy is divided into two sections, Active Duty and Volunteer. Both have different standards for enlistment, as laid out in "LinkEnlistment Standards". (Note: no forum membership is required to view those aforementioned threads.)

Active Duty

  • Must be a citizen of Europeia

  • Must respond to regular Roll Calls within a 72 hour period

  • Must be willing to comply with communication standards (Discord)

  • Must have availability for at least one of the two update periods

  • Must present a complete and honest application

Volunteer Duty

  • Must have a nation in Europeia

  • Must have citizenship to qualify for promotions

  • Must respond to regular Roll Calls within a 168 hour period

  • Must be willing to comply with communication standards (Subscribed Update Thread on the forums or via telegram for non-citizens)

  • Must be able to respond to orders within 48 hours

  • Must present a complete and honest application

As you can see, there are a few basics that both require, with the Active Duty being a little more demanding, in terms of expectations and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect after I join?
    Nonstop action and sailor-tastic excitement! Grand Admiral KazamanicEuropeia will add you to our top-secret Discord group, where you will have constant access to all sailors in the Navy, and able to get commands ASAP.

  • What are these "updates" I keep hearing things about?
    NationStates updates twice a day. Each Update lasts between 1-2 hours, typically, and begins at noon/midnight Eastern Time or 4am/4pm GMT.

  • What are the differences between the active fleet and the volunteers in terms of updates?
    If you are on Active Duty, you should try and make as many updates as possible to participate in missions. Volunteers move in after the update to reinforce and support our target. Both groups may also be used to help reinforce allies for WA Delegate transfers.

  • This sounds fun, but I'm not usually free over the updates. can I still join?
    Definitely. We'd recommend joining the Volunteers, though if you're not free at the updates.

  • Can I change from the Volunteers to the Active Fleet, and vice versa?
    Absolutely. We understand that your schedule may change occasionally, due to a new job, new class schedule, or something else. We want you to be able to enjoy participating in the Europeian Republican Navy - however you can work participation into your schedule!

  • Do I need citizenship to join?
    Yes, to join the Active Fleet. You can apply for that Linkhere. If you're having trouble applying for citizenship, read this for a more in-depth explanation, with pictures. Citizenship is not required to join the Volunteers, but we'd still recommend that you apply for citizenship so you can qualify for promotions.

  • How do I join?
    You can apply Linkhere.

  • Whom should I contact if I have more questions?
    Feel free to send Grand Admiral KazamanicEuropeia a telegram with your questions.

Interview with a Commodore
For a more in-depth analysis of the Navy, EBC reporter Writinglegend interviewed Volunteer Commodore Anumia.

WritingLegend: Some people may look at the ERN with a shady smirk and an eye twitch once they join Europeia, so for those people, what are the goals of the ERN (in general)?

Anumia: The ERN gives us benefits in a few places, all of which could be considered its "goals". It is a fun social activity for those who participate, and gives an alternate flavour to the Republic besides political engagement; it gives us another method of showing our power abroad; and it allows us to pursue foreign policy goals outside of what we could achieve using soft power alone. In short, it gives our citizens something fun to do, and strengthens our foreign clout.

WritingLegend: You're a rather "old" statue per-se, and would know about this, but what was a particularly memorable "battle" (mission) that the ERN took part in?

Anumia: Most recently, some of our big, important missions would have been in Osiris: in the middle of 2013 we helped them fight off a coup of the region, and around the New Year we were one of the stakeholders in supporting and stabilising the Osiris Fraternal Order. One of my favourite of all time was our participation in Liberate Feudal Japan, which was (I think) the second Liberation ever passed, and we fought to free that region from a -very- long-term occupation (with the aim towards refounding) by Catlandatopia, which had been ongoing for something like a year. Our side succeeded, and the region was refounded by the natives shortly afterward.

WritingLegend: Besides using them for forceful labor, what role do young sailors play in the ERN?

Anumia: I am confused. There is something other than forceful labour that we should be using young Sailors for? :P Seriously though, young Sailors are often our most enthusiastic and active, and as soon as they seem to have grasped the basics, we like to give them the opportunity to branch out with things like scouting, triggering etc. Basically, once you prove yourself able to be online at the right time, move quickly, and follow orders properly, we will teach you the finer points of military action.

WritingLegend: For the people who haven't joined the ERN yet, what opportunities does the Navy present?

Anumia: It has long been the case that exceptional performance in the Navy grants a firm footing for advancement in a political career here in the Republic, but it is its own reward as well: many people throughout the game find military exercises enjoyable, and there is definitely a rush of adrenaline when you're going in for the target. It also helps strengthen bonds between fellow Sailors, since the conversations before the call for silence, and after (hopefully) victory are good fun for all involved.

Well, what are you waiting for? LinkJoin the Navy!

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