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Why and How to Exchange Endorsements

Why and How to Exchange Endorsements
When it comes to exchanging endorsements, Europeia is unique for a few reasons. For starters, we have among the most World Assembly nations (and the second highest number of endorsements on our World Assembly Delegate) among User Created Regions (UCRs). This gives you the opportunity to collect a large number of endorsements from your regionmates.

Additionally, we have a high "Endorsement Cap" (or EndoCap) that is tied to the number of endorsements the World Assembly Delegate (WA Delegate) has. Our EndoCap permits WA members within Europeia to gain more endorsements than most of the WA Delegates in NationStates!

We also encourage our fellow regionmates to collect and maintain large endorsement counts with their WA nation. Of course, if you're not in the World Assembly, you can't collect any endorsements. That's why - if you haven't already - you should join the World Assembly!

Why should I try to have a large endorsement count?

1. Rank among the top nations in the world!
WA members that rank among the top 10% in endorsements in the world can collect a trophy for their efforts. At the time of this writing, there are over 140,000 nations in NationStates - but just over 20,000 that are in the World Assembly. If you can be among the top 14,000 nations in endorsements, you'll get another trophy at the bottom of your nation page - with different colors being awarded depending on how many endorsements you have.
With a large endorsement count, you can aim for the Top 1% in the world:

2. Get to know other players within the region and make a name for yourself!
While you are certainly welcome to silently give out endorsements to other nations, one of the most fun parts of exchanging endorsements is interacting with the nations you're endorsing. After all, how else do you persuade them to endorse you back if you don't send them a friendly telegram?

Also, WA members within Europeia are often among the most active players within the region. If you're new to Europeia or NationStates, this is a great opportunity to get to know them and learn more about their history in this game. And, of course, if you're a more experienced player, you can share what you've learned over the years with newer players and have an impact on their knowledge and involvement within our community.

3. Increase your influence within Europeia!
Nations that stay in Europeia long-term gain influence with each day that passes. However, WA members gain influence more quickly - and having a large number of endorsements makes your influence grow even faster!

I've heard in other regions that only the WA Delegate can gather endorsements. Why is Europeia's policy different?
NationStates-the-game allows any WA nation to give and collect endorsements. Many regions restrict how many endorsements non-WA Delegates can have for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it has to do with security, but there can be other motivations as well.

Europeia is different, however, and we actively encourage all WA nations to share endorsements with each other.

How many endorsements can my nation have?
As discussed briefly above, Europeia employs something called an "Endorsement Cap" or "EndoCap" for short. Typically, this number is approximately 50 endorsements below that of the WA Delegate, in order to prevent external attacks on our WA Delegate position. If you've endorsed our WA Delegate, you're allowed to have another 20 endorsements above the EndoCap. (i.e. If the EndoCap is set at 250, if you've endorsed our WA Delegate Primorye Oblast, you can have up to 270 endorsements.)

You can find the current EndoCap within our region's World Factbook Entry, up at the top of our region's page.

What happens if I surpass the EndoCap?
We're keeping a close eye on how many endorsements everyone has, and when you get close to the EndoCap, we'll send you a friendly telegram, reminding you to keep an eye on your endorsements relative to the EndoCap. If you surpass the EndoCap, we'll typically send you another warning telegram. If you don't lower your endorsements below the EndoCap, we'll eject you from the region for an update (to let your endorsement count reset), but you'll be welcome to return to Europeia.

This likely will not be a problem for most of you, but it's something to keep in mind as you're giving out your endorsement too! If the nation you're looking to endorse is closing in on the EndoCap, you may want to refrain from endorsing them at that moment so that they don't surpass the EndoCap. You may want to send them a friendly telegram with information about the EndoCap as well, in case they aren't aware of what the EndoCap is.

How do I collect a bunch of endorsements?
The best and fastest way to collect endorsements is through a process called endo-tarting. (This is sometimes referred to as "tarting" for short.) It's a pretty simple process, and here's how that works:

1. Find other WA nations in Europeia.
2. Endorse every WA nation you find in our region.
3. After endorsing a WA nation, send them a friendly telegram, asking them to please endorse you back. (You might also want to link them to the World Assembly Advancement Program so they can join in the endo-tarting fun!)

A number of nations in Europeia have been endo-tarting, so you've probably already received endorsements and telegrams from these players. You should be kind and return the favor!

How do I endorse someone?
If you're new to the WA, learning how to do everything can take some time, but endorsing someone is actually pretty straightforward.

First, you need to be a WA member. From there, you need to go to the nation page of whomever you want to endorse - for example, let's say you want to endorse our WA Delegate, Primorye Oblast. Near the bottom of this nation page, just below their National Happenings, you'll see a World Assembly subheading, along with a list of "Endorsements Received." Just below that list of nations, you'll see a button that reads: Endorse [NATION]. Click that button to have your endorsement applied to that nation.

After you click the "Endorse [NATION]" button, you should see their endorsement count increase by one, and you should also see your nation's name added to the end of the lists of nations endorsing them.

Of course, if that nation isn't in the WA, you won't have any options to endorse them.

Why would my endorsement count ever go down?
Endorsements can only be shared between two nations that are both in the World Assembly and both in the same region. This means that you might lose endorsements from other nations when any of the following occur:

1. If a nation in question moves outside of Europeia for one or more Updates.
2. If a nation in question resigns from the World Assembly.
3. If a nation in question Ceases to Exist.

Losing endorsements can certainly be easily fixed - but if your nation does any of these things (leaves Europeia, resigns from the World Assembly, or Ceases to Exist), you'll need to reapply any endorsements you'd previously given out.

How do I find nations to exchange endorsements with?
There's a few ways to find nations to exchange endorsements with.

1. Endorse our WA Delegate, Primorye Oblast, if you haven't already.
Primorye Oblast - by the nature of the WA Delegate position - has the most WA endorsements of any nation within our region. With every endorsement our WA Delegate gains, that's one more endorsement each of our WA members can gain without falling afoul of the endorsement cap. (Also, endorsing our WA Delegate will get you an EndoTarting Award with the easy endorsement of one nation.)

2. Endorse all of your fellow Europeian citizens who are WA members.
Citizens of Europeia are active players who are likely to endorse you back. Here is a list of all current citizens with WA nations:

If you'd like to add your nation's name to this list, be sure that you've both Applied For Citizenship and Applied to Join the World Assembly. With that taken care of, you'll be included with the next update!

3. Check out Linkthis endotarting tool for more WA nations to endorse!
That link is updated once a day (see the "Generated" timestamp atop of the page). It will give you a list with all of the WA nations in Europeia your nation is not endorsing. You can then use this list to endorse those nations, as well as telegram them to ask them to endorse you back.

How does Europeia benefit if I gain endorsements?
As discussed above, exchanging endorsements gives you a new avenue to interact with your fellow regionmates and hopefully makes your enjoyment of both Europeia and NationStates that much more fulfilling.

Europeia benefits from having happy and active players within our region, as that leads to fun discussions on our Regional Message Board and happy camaraderie between players. We're a vibrant, active region and having more interested players getting involved in every day affairs gives us that much more to be proud of.

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