by Max Barry

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by Kemintiri of kemet. . 111 reads.



Black of night and black of mind
Fracturing of heart with fall
To Marshal herself did bind
Only to bear but his pall

Bleeding heart bleeding forth soul
As Angels brought down their sword
Fractured never to be whole
Till returns Dark Rider Lord

Agony and turmoil
Overcoming weakened mind
Parried near the grave soil
Saved by Eros painted blind

Love-lies-bleeding till the end
Broken heart and broken will
To his grave she still does tend
Love that Angels could not kill

Walking away from the grave
Shedding the last of her tears
Embarks on a quest to save
Him while fighting her own fears

Hearken back to days gone by
She who left without a trace
Standing before Riders high
As they granted her their grace

As she stands before Marshal
Is it true that which you say?
Report it should it befall
Block to hold the Gog at bay

Talk more to Marshal so young
Kindred spirit found indeed
Most when he heard notes she sung
Tender heart planting its seed

Through the dawn till eventide
As warmth grows in each their heart
Days and hours they confide
Never to be torn apart

Trust and warmth and fate entwine
She feels the time to confess
Heartless deeds crossing all lines
Trust in heart that none would bless

Shock and horror ensuing
Trust fractured with her psyche
Why would you do such a thing!
Blind with passion not to be

Soweth seed and groweth heed
Of wariness and dark fear
Of last wreaking blackest deed
As she lost his trust so near

But seeth her into his heart
Loss of faith and trust fading
But she sensed Eros and dart
As both together did bring

Fading resolve with the day
As he showed at last his Face
Flaxen-haired of the rare Fae
As she sees in him his grace

Prophecy seized her that night
Fateful line where all could see
Giving Marshal but a fright
For could their love ever be?

Sorceress seeth the arcane
Opening heart of Marshal
His fawning half-truths in vain
For she saw but through it all

Facing him with resolve true
As she did in days of old
Soothing soon his inner rue
Seeing in him heart of gold

Resolve fading with the day
Spake the truth he did at last
Same was all that she could say
As the bones of Fate were cast

Holding close never to part
As ivy of Fate entwines
Twain bound in a single heart
With the blurring of the lines

Embers warming as night falls
Flames of passion soon to flare
As inner heart makes its calls
For all hidden laid but bare

Holding close as night grows strong
Sins of passion engulfing
For what was to come so wrong?
To cast off the silver ring

Not mere hearts but flesh as well
Bound as twain into one soul
Innocence lost with the fall
But ever loyal to Noll

Bound in heart and bound in mind
To each other and their love
By winged Eros painted blind
As the stars shine from above

Love-lies-bleeding from the flesh
As the flower starts to wilt
Wheat ripens enough to thresh
As tears brim with his own guilt

Fear not for both have chosen
Fear not the childer born forth
Seeth her slight more beyond ken
With the coming of dawn north

Final day together fades
Holding close forevermore
Flames overcoming the shades
Passions flare once more to fore

Came treacherous renegade
As Marshal fled in disgrace
Angels start to whet their blade
Though he fell not from her grace

Landing Day she raided still
Marching in his memory
What dies not death cannot kill
That one day the world shall see

Fractures in the soul and heart
Open as the day dies deep
Feeling spark to create art
But as night falls she does weep

Blade of Angels whetted keen
Slew Marshal and Overlord
Lamenting that which had been
Shattering the mirror flawed

Sworn to Marshal to hide love
But in dark days come of late
Sang forth truth from mourning dove
For grief that could not abate

Hide no more for truth be told
Parted not by age or rank
Written love like days of old
In a page left all but blank

Parted not by the vast seas
Nor parted by darkest deeds
Parted not even by geas
Nor by the cachexic seeds

Acceptance and hearts touched round
Reaching far across the fence
Many hope Marshal be found
Even those on the defence

Many friends come to her aid
To find the loved Marshal lost
For never was goodbye bade
After all the lines they crossed

Kemintiri of kemet