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The Government of Wintreath

The Government of Wintreath
Last Updated 14 December 2016

This is a quick reference of all members of government with a description of what each person and position does for the region. For a complete guide on the structure and function of the Wintrean government, check out our on-site guide: LinkThe Government of Wintreath: A Functional Guide.
The Monarchy (Executive Branch)

Monarch: Wintermoot (LinkForum Profile)

The Monarch serves as the the head of government and head of state in Wintreath, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the region, implementing the laws passed by the Storting, overseeing the region's external affairs, and determining policies related to the region's families and nobility. The Monarch also organizes and manages the regional Cabinet, called the Riksråd, which consists of the Jarls (Ministers) and Thanes (Vice-Ministers) of each ministry and serves as an advisory body to the Monarch.




Jarl: Geramundo (LinkForum Profile)
Thane: Sapphiron (LinkForum Profile)

The Ministry of Culture works with events and activities in the region, such as games, tournaments, roleplays, and more, and ensures that there are fun things for people in our region to do! They may do this by either creating and running these activities themselves, or helping a Citizen that is interested in starting one. If you're having fun in a regional event or activity, you probably have the Ministry of Culture to thank.


Jarl: Terra cinis tonitrua et justitia (LinkForum Profile)
Thane: Vacant

The Ministry of Defense administrates our regional military, currently the Hvitt Riddaral and Skydande Vakt. It is responsible for bringing in new recruits, providing training and getting them ready for military operations, and ensuring that troops are available for operations as they come up. They also determine military policy with approval of the Monarch and are responsible for carrying out that policy.

Foreign Affairs

Jarl: Wintermoot (LinkForum Profile)
Thane: Club Stoic (LinkForum Profile)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures that the region is diplomatically active to the regions we have relations with, as well as managing the relations themselves. This may involve creating and sending dispatches to other regions, negotiating treaties, attending conferences and other events the region has been invited to, and pruning relations with regions that have gone inactive or are otherwise not compatible with our foreign policy.


Jarl: A unified earth (LinkForum Profile)
Thane: Newberia (LinkForum Profile)

The Ministry of Information is responsible for keeping the region informed about the NationStates, the region, and everything we're doing, and are involved in everything from news publications to information releases to guides. The Ministry of Information publishes all of our government releases, such as the Frozen Realm Record and the Orendi.

The Storting (Legislative Branch)

The Storting is the regional legislature, and is responsible for creating laws and policies for issues that have not been delegated to the Monarch in the Fundamental Laws or other relevant laws. For most legislation to pass the Storting and become law, it must be approved by a majority of both chambers of the Storting. The Storting is also responsible for accepting court cases, and if a case is accepted members of the Storting will serve as judges for the trial.




Speaker: Tarrinian (LinkForum Profile)
Skrifa: Terra cinis tonitrua et justitia (LinkForum Profile)
Skrifa: Newberia (LinkForum Profile)
Skrifa: Penguin Dictators (LinkForum Profile)
Skrifa: Alcubierre (LinkForum Profile)

The Underhusen is elected by the Citizens of the region every two months and serves as the voice of the Citizenry. After every election, the Underhusen selects a Speaker who leads the Underhusen during that term and is responsible for ensuring the procedural rules of the chamber are carried out. Campaigning and nominations for the next Underhusen election will begin on 25 January 2017, and elections will run 1-7 February 2017.


Chairman: Wuureath (LinkForum Profile)
Peer: Wintermoot (LinkForum Profile)
Peer: Nighthawk aragonn (LinkForum Profile)

The Overhusen is appointed by the Monarch at the conclusion of each Underhusen election and serves for concurrent terms. The Monarch also has the authority to select a Chairman, who serves the same role as the Speaker of the Underhusen and has the additional responsibility of introducing legislation passed by the other chamber.

The Wintrean Monarch of Wintermoot