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Who Exactly Is Arcturus Novus?

Appalachian Communists

file photo, 2017
Aliases: Arcy, Marcy, New Arcturus
Gender: gorl
Orientation: upright, usually
Residence: the conservative hellhole of Kentucky
Various Popular Personality Markers: Scorpio sun/Virgo moon, INFP-T,
Likes: Girls; folk punk; opossums; you, probably
Dislikes: Nazis and Elon Musk

In a time long forgotten (aka the late 1990s), the world was awarded a beautiful child, one destined to greatness and success. However, that kid is completely unrelated to this kid. The kid we're talking about just wastes her time managing an imaginary country.

A Very Brief History of Arcturus Novus

Marcy is an NSer who first joined in the summer of 2010. She frequented F7 and, though she was a really terrible novice RPer, made some friends in the community. She CTE'd that September, but came back in December of the following year. Since then, she's made a relatively small impact on both the RPing stage (well, just F7-based casual roleplays), and in NSG. Also she became a furry somewhere along the lines. Thatís nice, I guess.

In October of 2017, some serious IRL issues came up, and Marcy was forced to abandon her original nation, one she had spent six years of worldbuilding work in. She was saddened, but she knew she could start again.

That of course fixed itself when the IRL issues collapsed in on themselves anyways, allowing a return to the nation of Arcturus Novus.

Boring, Real-life Stuff

Marcy is a college dropout as of mid-2019. For the past couple years or so, she has also been undergoing a conversion to Reform Judaism. Marcy enjoys music, art, video games (especially the Fallout series), and LEGO.

The Union of Arcturus Novus