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Wisdom of the Crowds event The Rejected Realms

Wisdom of the Crowds

Hello Rejects!

This month, the Rejected Realms will hold an event called ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’. Wisdom of the Crowds is Linka theory which harkens back to a classic experiment from Francis Galton who observed that when a thousand fairgoers guessed the weight of some livestock, the median of those guesses collectively was more accurate than even a professional’s estimate.

While we don’t have any butchered oxen for us to weigh, we thought it’d be neat to try out this experiment in our own ‘rejected’ way!

We would like every reject to guess how many nations will be rejected during the month of May. Please send their bets to Kyorgia or the delegate, Unibot. Betting for this event will close on the twentieth of May and the winner (the player whose guess is closest) will be announced on the first of July. So submit your guess before it’s too late!

How many nations will be ejected in the month of May? Guess!

Yours Sincerely,
Officer of Internal Affairs

The Defender of the Rejected of Kyorgia