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Vancouvian Special Forces

Vancouvian Special Forces


Active: November 1, 2000 - present

Country: Vancouvia

Role: Special Forces Operations

Active: ~11,000
In Training: ~32,000

Part of: Vancouvian Military

Garrison/HQ: North Yorkford

Motto: "Always for these Free Lands"

Vancouvian Special Forces

You take a young adult, raise him in a military school with his peers, train him in all forms of combat and war, instill in him a spirit of intense patriotism and purpose, and then transport him and his unit to any forest, swamp, mountain, jungle, or city in the world. He is untraceable but notices everything; he is a shadow but a dagger in the night; he is a saboteur, a marksman, a medic, a scout, a tactician. And he is one of thousands. That is the Vancouvian Special Forces.

    - George Pastel, April 13, 2000 in address to the representatives at the Vesuvius Convention

Pastel's vision for the future of the armed services of Vancouvia quickly became a reality, as the provisional government established the Vancouvian Special Forces on November 1st of the same year. Throughout the last fifteen years, the VSF has grown from an experiment of dozens into the premier arm of the Vancouvian military, a brotherhood of thousands of highly trained and motivated soldiers.

The Vancouvian Special Forces, commonly known as the VSF, is Vancouvia's special operations branch of the Vancouvian Military. The VSF's primary duty is to engage in direct action combat against enemy forces. Additionally, the VSF serves in anti-terrorism, reconnaissance, and hostage recovery operations.


The VSF was established on November 1st, 2000, approximately four months after Vancouvian independence was declared. Originally created solely as a direct action force, the VSF's duties have since expanded substantially to include anti-terrorism, reconnaissance, hostage recovery, and other operational areas.

During 2000 and 2001 the VSF was composed of elite soldiers selected from the Vancouvian National Army (VNA). Since 2002, the VSF has recruited only from the general population, especially targeting young adults.

VSF Trainees Engaging in Marksmanship Training

Selection and Training

Vancouvian Special Forces soldiers are trained from childhood. Following the first nationwide Occupation Test at age 10, those who score highly in certain traits desired by the VSF are offered the chance to serve in the branch. Approximately 2000 young adult trainees are selected each year. These trainees then undergo an immersive 10 year training program, in which their entire lives revolve around preparing to serve in the VSF. Throughout these 10 years they undergo military-centered schooling and learn survival skills, marksmanship, tactics, and first aid.

During the last year of their 10 year program, when the trainees are roughly 19 years old, they undergo a much more rigorous final preparation aimed to make them combat ready. This program includes in-depth training in demolitions, combat medicine, paratrooping, diving, night operations, long-range weaponry, stalking, and urban warfare. Following completion of this year, the trainees are officially inducted into the VSF, formed into squads, and then stationed ready for active duty.

The main VSF training base, North Yorkford, is located 10 miles north of Yorkford in a forested area on the coast. Training also frequently takes place on Independence Island. Active personnel have no permanent base, rather they are either deployed, engaging in training, or off-duty.

Both men and women serve desegregated in the VSF, with females making up 12% of VSF soldiers.

VSF Practicing Combat Naval Boarding Drills


Vancouvian Special Forces are designated by an Alpha Squad, Beta Squad, Gamma Squad, etc. Greek letter system, with the 25th squad designated as Alpha 2 and so on. Each squad typically has 12-16 soldiers. All squads are capable of operating alone for extended periods of time. When squads are grouped together in a single area of operations, each tends to have their own separate objectives, a sort of compartmentalization of the battlefield that lends itself to highly efficient maneuvering and reinforcement.

VSF squads are typically permanent, and are made up of members of the same graduating class. This enables the soldiers within each squad to develop a deep sense of camaraderie and specialization. Each squad typically has a similar skill structure, although the makeup is fluid depending on objectives, operations area, and other factors.

Equipment and Uniform

The VSF has no official combat uniform, instead transitioning through various styles depending on the combat environment. The most common VSF uniform is a gray and green camouflage.

The VSF is trained to use virtually every common weapon produced throughout the world. However, their standard weaponry includes the M4 Carbine, FN SCAR, MP5, and M16.

VSF Participating in an Urban Warfare Scenario


I am a solider of the Vancouvian Special Forces, the elite of the elite, the Spartans of the north

I am a master tactician, a proven marksman, an accountable medic, a proficient soldier

I hold myself to a higher standard than others, so that on the battlefield I will display a higher standard of combat

My squad is an elite fighting unit, composed only of those deemed worthy for the task

My heart and mind are forever ready for my noble mission

Never shall I leave a man behind, nor fail to prevail

I go where others dare not travel; I fight who others dare not face

I serve Vancouvia, the lands that I have pledged my honor to

Always for these Free Lands

Vancouvia! Vancouvia!

VSF Snipers

Notable Operations

The VSF operates throughout the region in a variety of different environments.

Operation Windswept - 2001, Direct Action

Operation North Sky - 2006, Humanitarian

Operation Watch Clock - 2007, HVT Protection Detail

Bhumidol Conflict - 2015, Direct Action

I.D. Occupation - 2015, Direct Action

Operation Firesight - 2016, Subterfuge

Operation Queen's Knight - 2016, HVT Protection Detail

Operation Steel Oasis - 2016 - 2017, Direct Action

Operation Melting Shovel - 2016 - 2017, Direct Action

Operation Swift Resolution - 2018, Direct Action

Coastal Operations

Mountainous Operations

Forest Operations

The Free Lands of Vancouvia