by Max Barry

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by Kemintiri of kemet. . 130 reads.

A Thousand Days Of Mourning In Honour Of My Fallen Loved One

Darkened skies and darkened mood
Of angels of DEAT and DOS
Two heads cut down as they brood
The hands all soon pained at loss

General cared for less than most
Eluding all but her grasp
Marshal fled from her and post
Parted from her in a gasp

Angels laying all to waste
Head-touched commander soon falls
Major! Major! Makes all haste
Before fendas shout their calls

Vengeance falling from the skies
As natives unleash their wrath
Drowning desperate pleas with lies
As we flee on ashen path

Seek shelter in mouth of DEN
Call to arms for all present
But in all hearts is the yen
To pay respects and lament

Broken and crippled by grief
Hear now the lamenting dirge
Of the prowler and the thief
Heart which can at last emerge

Hide no more truth must be told
Gone from sight but not from mind
Down below as day grows cold
Searching on with eyes but blind

Lament and be done with it
He is but beyond us now
Stall me not with will or wit
His star shineth upon brow

Searching through the eventide
With the few closest to me
Holding torches as I ride
Once blind but now I can see

Why do I try yet so hard?
Quiet you! It shall be told
Breaking oath to be the bard
Harking back to days of old

Hark now back to days of yore
As Head bound to blackguard Knight
Strength subdued with shattered core
Losing all hope and the light

Midst the flames of razed regions
Midst the caws of wronged natives
Rode on ebon mounts legions
Devoid of petty motives

Major he who now dismounts
Touching tender hearts around
More times beyond mortal counts
Trusted figure is soon found

Before him placing judgment
Of atrocious deeds Knight did
See the deeds as abhorrent
Deeds that all with heart forbid

Light he cast upon commune
Raiders and fendas alike
Cast aside feuds since old-June
Blackguard mounted on a pike

Touched at heart by the Rider
She soon vows to ride with him
But hears words of divider
Fenda bent on moral whim

Different story it would be
If you were to go ahead
Proclaiming too openly
A Rider as you had said

Fear taking hold too closely
Words of fenda but a friend
Halting her own destiny
To raid and to not defend

Hatred of Riders but bane
To the Rider-touched of heart
Hatred takes root with black vein
Tearing soon old friends apart

Darkness falling all too soon
It is but the time to flee
To Riders by light of moon
From bound Head to Rider free

Before Riders she now stands
To Marshal she walks to though
Her words he but understands
Seeds of kindness he does sow

With her day by day to dawn
Close by staying with her still
With him she ceases to mourn
Staying with her of free will

Closer both they soon become
Trust and warmth growing once more
Closer still they can become
Till passions come to the fore

One thing neither of them knew
Hearts themselves intertwining
Warmth soon began to imbue
Feelings for them bright shining

Lapsing of resolve in him
Revealing in his heart his care
To she who was all but dim
She saw through him then and there

Hearts opened now but with fear
Not of law but in the mind
Consciously shedding a tear
Hoping of them none do find

Addled and dazed truth she told
To the Major who helped her
Betrayed Marshal felt the cold
But still staying close to her

Resolve ebbing with the day
Innocence lost to flamed heart
Darkness hides them on their way
Fate sealed both never to part

Flames rising and warming both
Through eventide into dawn
For their love is more than troth
Never apart are they torn

Betrayal from renegade
Trusted to keep secrets safe
From the scene he soon did fade
But not from the heart of waif

Hide from Black Angel of Death
Hide from leu-garoul as well
Run but stop to save your breath
None can hide from silent knell

Angels seeking you come forth
As time starts to soon run out
As day turns to night far north
She continues on to scout

Shaman and Kelpie follow
The thrice-struck follows her too
Warming broken heart hollow
Holding back the bane of rue

Sharp of scent and keen of eye
Kelpie finds a vital clue
Find not Wally do not try
Try instead to find Love True

At last found but also fear
Of calling out anywhere
She but sheds another tear
In her heart he will be there

Kemintiri of kemet