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  • Mediete Exhibition opening this
    weekend. Officials promise changes
    addressing complaints of high prices
    and rides too intense for guests.

  • Non-human skeletons found along
    River Lum, professors from the
    University of Atlantis investigating.

  • WA Election 2016
    Top 5 candidates

    (Last updated April 3, 2016
    1:45 AM EST)

    Won: Caelapes - 1,888
    The Salaxalans - 1,642
    NewTexas - 478
    Kaalmi - 349
    We Are Not TBH - 239
  • Caelapes wins WA Election.
    He tells The Mediete Journal:

    "I'm thrilled that the people had their
    voice heard and that the NS Left was
    able to unite and show the entire
    NationStates community that we can
    succeed against candidates backed by
    the biggest regions on NationStates!"

  • South Pacific Regional Games
    commences, nations welcomed to join.

  • Police still unable to find "flying car"
    suspects, first sighted by witnesses
    Oct 21, 2015.

  • Krulltopia steps down as Emperor
    of The Pacific after more than 6 years;
    Pierconium appointed.

  • Drought hits Metro Mediete and New
    Haventon, lawn watering banned.

  • Founder of The Black Riders' home
    region deleted, region raided.

  • International embassy closures now
    extend to the Pacific over its involve-
    ment in Lazarus. Osiris, TNP, TSP,
    and TRR have withdrawn their
    embassies thus far.

  • Issues chains to be released, first
    to be called Diamonds are an Expat's
    Best Friend.

  • Freeway-42 reconstruction causes
    mass traffic delays.

  • Comprehensive education funding
    reform debated.

  • NS World Fair III opens.

  • The North Pacific launches a program
    aimed at raising the number of active
    WA members.

  • The Pacific conducts test of security
    response effectiveness.

  • The Black Riders continue occupying
    The Mountains to the East

  • Taxi permits to see lowered
    restrictions after city council debate.

  • Peliatana elected as delegate in
    Versutian Federation by 11-0 vote.

  • Osiris withdraws embassies from
    multiple feeders and sinkers over
    alleged dispute with Lazarus.

  • The Pacific withdraws embassy with
    The great land of the moon following
    its invasion by the Black Riders.

  • Balder welcomes re-election of
    Solorni as Delegate. >> Read our full
    interview with her

  • TMJ will soon support larger
    screen sizes by July 9 2014.

  • "Liberate Capitalist Paradise"
    defeated, check out TMJ's interview
    with CP's founder and the proposal's
    author here!

  • Nazi Europe captured in a joint
    military operation involving TNP, TEP,
    Equilism, and many others.

  • Wildfires spread near Hartford
    causing evacuation of 1,000 residents.

  • The Pacific opens RMB to posting
    via embassy.

  • NationStates outage ends; ongoing
    investigation towards cause.

  • ETV Live Coverage: Ramaeus is
    elected as next Delegate of TEP.

  • UNSMG is established

  • North Pacific and Warzone Airspace
    close embassies.

  • World Cup kicks off in Brazil.

  • Controversial "Liberate Hogwarts"
    legislation is repealed by a large majority.

  • Rejected Realms rises to #1 in regional

  • TSP Vice Delegate resigns from position.

  • Teacher's union to go on strike coming
    June until negotiations continue.

  • Transition of power to new delegate in
    The North Pacific goes without issues.

  • High-pressure system keeps sunny
    weather throughout Metro Mediete.

  • Krulltopia of The Pacific marks 5 years
    as delegate of the region. No changes to
    leadership in sight.

  • Additional moderators chosen to
    mitigate inefficiency.

  • Unibot elected as new delegate of
    the Rejected Realms.

  • Federal minimum wage to be increased
    over the next two months.

  • Security treaty between The North
    Pacific and Albion formally announced.

  • East Pacific to reform criminal law.

  • Anime considers re-establishing
    its regional government structure.

  • Public WiFi hotspots to be set up
    by September this year.

  • Lazarus removes puppet storage tag

  • Citizens see tax reduction following
    29.09 billion Simoleon return on
    ByteCoin investment.

  • Equilism and Europeia to create
    a joint murder-mystery activity.

  • Public hearing over increasing
    tanker traffic in Port Mediete. May
    double by end of 2015.

  • Exactly 17,000 regions created in

  • 10000 Islands sees new delegate

  • South Pacific Factbook changes
    in response to allegations of a coup
    within regional leadership.

  • Latest census shows more than
    120,000 nations exist in NS.

  • Freeway 3 road repairs causing
    massive traffic delays.

  • FOTBI construction expected to
    finish and be operational by 2016.

  • Government launches new wiki site
    on Wikistates.

  • Heavy rainfall and wind warning
    issued for Metro Mediete area.

  • City council plans seismic upgrades
    to local area bridges and viaducts.

  • Trelatche wins its first gold medal at
    the 2014 Olympic Games.

  • Meteorologists warn of colder than
    seasonal temperatures in Mediete region.

  • Debate continues over standardized
    education testing in Trelatche.

  • Mediete Stock Exchange sees trade
    index rising, economists pleased.

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Refugee Crisis May Hit Trelatche Hard
3/19/2016 Liam Jenson

Left: Traffic builds up along the northern border checkpoint near New Haventon. Entry by foreign nationals have risen over the past few months, especially from the United States. Temporary visa applications have also jumped, leading to concerns about the state of immigration, and the possible waves of refugees in the next few months.

NEW HAVENTON -- Major urban centers across the country are bracing for an influx of American refugees as the 2016 U.S. presidential race continues heating up. With only 3 left on the Republican field, many are fearing the rise of businessman Donald Trump, and the inability of others to overcome him. "We're expecting several hundred thousand applicants towards the latter half of the year if things turn for the worse," says Immigration Minister Martha D'Artois. "But we'll do our best to get through them all. They've been through so much already... they deserve some rest".

With the federal government agreeing to accept approximately 10,000 refugees by the end of the year, the Conservatives have criticized the government for going too far. "We cannot accept any more," says Opposition leader Guy Forcas. "Our water supplies are running out, among many other issues. Not only that, they're probably going to start stealing our jobs too! No sir, it's time we make sure Trelatche is for Trelatcheans."

Public opinion polls shows 48% of Trelatcheans stand against receiving American refugees, with only 16% strongly opposed. Among those who are opposed, 29% cite security concerns as their number one issue, with depletion of local food and ammunition stocks coming in second, at 13%.

Many have openly voiced concern over businessman Donald Trump's increasingly probable nomination, especially after a string of victories in March. "He has said such atrocious things in public, at this point, most campaigns would have been finished," says political analyst Richie Northburgh, from the University of Atlantis. "What little policy he has stated will either be unfeasible or too controversial to put in action." Others appear less concerned. "He's going to make America great again," says Leif Jorgsen, a volunteer canvassing for Trump. "I like that. Being great I mean. Being great is good." Trump has dominated throughout the Republican primaries since entering the race last August, with his success taking most by surprise. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders continues to trail Hillary Clinton in number of pledged delegates, though he hopes to make them up later in the primary cycle.

Currently, officials in New Haventon and Maris Beach, two major international entry points, are working to stock up on McDonald's burgers and Twinkies in preparation for the arrival of the refugees. "We are doing everything we can to make sure these poor souls will feel right at home," says D'Artois.

RELATED: Donald Trump cancelled a planned visit to his Maris Beach hotel last week, after being barred from entry by border security officials. Exotic animals have long been prohibited from entering the country, following a government decree issued in 1987.


Trump Zeroes In On Trelatche - 9/30/2015 Evan McDonnell

EMPIRE CITY -- Continuing to unleash his unfiltered thoughts to the world, business mogul and US presidential candidate Donald Trump turned his attacks to the President’s Office once again this week, tweeting about President Anderson, calling him a "lightweight", and that he "wouldn't let him in charge of a broom closet at his fantastic towers". The government has responded to these comments. “These particular attacks on the President are uncalled for, and are unacceptable,” says Frederick Brown, a spokesperson for the Office of the President. “While Mr. Trump has refused to apologize in the past, it is time he admitted his mistake, and make amends for the damage he has caused.”

This comes after the President said in an interview with ETV last week that Trump should focus more on discussing issues with voters, rather than name calling and leaving vague statements of his "great" plans.

Trump has already gone to Twitter to vent his frustrations in the past, launching attacks against both the President, and his First Lady, for which he has also refused to apologize for. Below are a few examples found by The Mediete Journal:

The Mediete Journal reached out to the Trump campaign for a comment on this issue, but has so far received no response to our inquiries. Since his announcement in July, Trump has surged to the top of the GOP field, which has garnered record viewership in recent televised debates. More recently he has expanded his immigration policy to include George RR Martin in the construction of a great southern wall along the border with Mexico.

ELECTION RELATED: In a much anticipated press release, Zippy the Pinhead announces 2016 presidential bid, concerning establishment candidates who are expected to take a hit in the polls following his announcement.

Heatwave Settles In - 6/28/2015 Abe Waschner

Left and Above: Beaches and pools are filled with tourists and locals alike, who are looking to take advantage of the sunnier weather. Above Inset: Clubs are a popular way for youth to stay out of the heat while spending time with friends. Police are reminding teens and bar owners that underage drinking may carry severe penalties.

MARIS BEACH -- With the summer months entering full swing, the Federation Weather Bureau has predicted warmer than usual temperatures across the region, along with drier weather for the next few months. With increasing ambulance calls related to the heat, officials are reminding citizens to stay hydrated while outdoors, and to refrain from spending too much time under the sun. “It’s absolutely fine to be enjoying the great weather we have, for a change, but we mustn’t forget the dangers that this sunny weather can also bring,” says Janet Doel, the spokesperson for the Maris Beach Regional Health Authority. Some aren’t heeding officials’ warnings however. “I’ve spent the last 8 hours outdoors, and I feel great!” says Carter Jones, who assured The Mediete Journal that his red tint and peeling skin was nothing unusual. Surveys show those who are most at risk for sunburn at the least likely to realize it themselves, while outdoors.

Tourists, like locals, express their surprise at the unexpected weather patterns across the nation. “Back home, it only gets as hot as about 28 degrees,” says Mark Smith, a tourist from The Nation of Ceneria. “Here, it's a bloomin' 29 degrees, and in the shade too! Hell can't be any worse than this!” Another, who would only identify as Jorgi, expresses a similar opinion. “I come from Cobrastan, many hot summer! I visit Lolomz, many hot summer! But no like this!” According to recent studies, tourists, along with teenagers, are among the most at-risk groups for heatstroke during the summer months.

Not everyone appeared too concerned about the heat, however, despite the dire warnings issued by health and weather officials alike. “I don’t think it’s too bad,” says Nilin C.Wells. “If you don’t try to memorize every moment you’re sweating, you might just forget about it”. So far more than a dozen people have been hospitalized due to the rising temperatures, which is expected to peak at around 31°C to 32°C mid August. In addition, many provincial governments have issued province-wide bans on open fires, to reduce the risk of wildfires. Visit to see if your local area is affected.

RELATED: TOURISM INCREASE With the warmer weather making outdoor experiences available to more people, tourism levels across the nation have seen significant rises compared the the same period last year. The hotter, drier weather across the region is driving travellers away from tropical regions, and further up north to destinations with less extreme heat. Experts say it doesn’t take an expert to realize the reasoning behind the shift in tourist preferences this year.

Holiday Mood Sweeps the Nation - 12/29/2014 Mara Goodman

The shift in this year's weather has allowed many more tourists and consumers to be active over the winter, leading to higher than projected volumes of shoppers across the nation. (Updated 1/1/2015) Left: Thousands clogged the streets in Empire City, watching the New Year's Eve celebrations in Liberty Junction.

MEDIETE -- With warmer than seasonal temperatures across the west coast and midwest, Trelatchean businesses and travel industries have benefitted from an increase in consumer spending, as more people have been out and about this holiday season, doing some last minute shopping. “I got this new iTree from the Apple Store down the block -- it was great, only cost me about $7500,” says Aaron Belrose, who was in downtown Mediete today, shopping for some decorations. “I think I’ve definitely spent more this Christmas compared to the last.” The Trelatchean Weather & Environment Agency has projected minimal snowfall in Mediete and Empire City this year, with a continued dry season in southern cities like New Haventon, reaching records last broken in 1962. “This is definitely nice,” says local business owner Pat Harrison. “A lot of people decided to clutch onto their wallets after that virus scare in October, but this is definitely bringing people out again.”

New Year’s preparations have also started in cities across the nation, with notable metropolitan areas like Empire City planning its annual celebration in Liberty Junction, set to kickoff at 8:00 local time on the 31st. With the influx of travellers, it is apparent that some tourists contemplate the differences between celebrations here and back in their own countries. To learn a little more, The Mediete Journal decided to head out and ask many presidents, prime ministers, and national leaders how they, or their people, decide to spend their time this holiday season.

TMJ: How is your nation celebrating this holiday season?

“In addition to the careful facilitation of the region to include recruitment and welcoming of new nations, we have sat through a Lord of the Rings Marathon amidst the first viewing of seasons 1 & 2 of Arrow. Travel was curtailed with the exception of a couple of AA meetings, though gifts were shared with the significant other. The remainder of our time has been spent reading the history of cocaine and indulging in hours of winter sleep.” - Mikeswill, NationStates Delegate

“Since Nikolians are mostly Orthodox, they celebrate Christmas on 7th of January, but one big minority of Nikolia ... on the east coast are Catholic Christians, so they celebrate Christmas on 25th of December. All major cities in whole Nikolia are decorated since 20th December and the decorations remain till 14th of January. There are Christmas fairs in every major square in cities, where various christmas stuff are being sold in small wooden houses. The Tsar (leader) has a TV broadcast on 25th December, 31th December and 7th January where he wishes happy holidays to the citizens. All public services have reduced their work hours in order to provide workers more time with their families, and the state owned television, RTN plays holiday programme .... Also , The Tsar visits orphans where he gives them presents on the Christmas eve.” - Nikolia, Astryia Delegate

“Food, gifts and reuniting with family.” - Capitalist Producers

“My nation is Ijunist, which means we celebrate Fodhena Day, on December the 30th. It's a lot like Christmas, just more focused around Rebirth.” - The united tributational territories

“Our nations is made of rich people, so they all have feasts and parties, either together or alone in their huge domain. When the feast ends, the remains may be left to the slaves and workers, suddenly pushing the quality of their feeding far beyond what inhabitants of strong social countries could expect. Of course, huge exports of toys and presents are registered, there's no way this opportunity of money making would be missed.” - Anaxonia

"The Krasnovinchy, of course, are celebrating our own noble holiday, a month-long celebration of the birth of the Maleficent All-Bob, Almighty Ruler of our Penal Nation. Gifts are given to the public officials - small, meaningless gifts of Alumicreds, no more than, say, 50% of the citizen's savings, of course ... The new year for our people is celebrated at the end of October ... However, we are fast approaching the minor holiday of BobFest, when all eligible youths dance in varying states of dress in the town squares and select their life mates... or when the Maleficent All-Bob emerges from his palace to cull the population of eligible youths by putting them to service in his estate. " - Krasnovian peoples republic

“About midnight on Christmas Day the people congregate in churches for mass, after which there are receptions. After that, it is the rule that everyone must stay asleep until about 12 p.m., after which presents are opened, and dinners are eaten. People go to sleep after dancing like madmen ... (why they do it is beyond me!)” - Patrimonium petri, Equilism Delegate

“The nation is on a parade spree and its citizens are on a four-day workday until the New Year. The nation is opening new attractions for the citizens to enjoy and giving them the benefit to enjoy themselves more than they have ever done.” - The intergalactic universe corporation, Intergalactic Corporate Paradise Delegate

MAV-1 Returns - 10/20/2014 Joe Reviner

Left: The quarantine preparations being made at New Haventon's Central District Hospital (image courtesy of ETV).

NEW HAVENTON -- Health officials in New Haventon have confirmed the first case of the mutated MAV-1, after it was assumed to be eradicated year ago after an extensive international effort, and ordeal which had claimed millions of lives during its peak in October 2013. Charles Breen, the patient, is currently in critical condition at Central District Hospital, and under heavy guard by both the New Haventon Police Department, as well as the Domestic Security and Defence Agency. While officials say that Breen is safely under quarantine, officials fear he may have come in contact with others prior to his arrival at the hospital. "We remind everyone who may have come in contact with the individual in question to seek medical attention immediately, regardless of symptoms," says the Minister of Health Patty Holmes. "This virus is extremely deadly, and must be treated with extreme caution."

Breen was on an international flight from The North Pacific when he fell ill halfway through the journey to The Pacific. As his plane entered Trelatche airspace, it was forced to land at Pearson Memorial Int'l Airport this morning, after experiencing high fevers and chills during the final segment of the flight. He was transported to Maris Beach's General Hospital, before being transferred to New Haventon's Central District Hospital, where he remains under intensive care. "At this time we don't see his condition improving, and we can only hope that we will find a cure for this virus." says the hospital's director, Steve Robins. "The biggest fear I have is that he is not the only patient out there, and that there may be virus carriers still in the general public." Since its discovery, airports at Empire City, Maris Beach, New Haventon, and Mediete have started screening inbound passengers for signs of the virus. The Trelatchean Armed Forces have also mobilized in the event of civil unrest in major urban areas.

The virus, classified within Trelatche as MAV-1, was one of the fastest spreading diseases, and the deadliest at the time of its discovery, leading to almost certain mortality for those that had contracted the virus. Patients who had the disease also suffered from mental instability and decaying body parts, often times attacking people, unprovoked. Worldwide, the death toll reached the billions, as government scrambled to find a cure to beat the pandemic.

Despite this, the Ministry of Health says there is no cause for concern at the moment, though all citizens and travellers are advised that they should maintain proper hygiene, such as using sanitizers, and frequent hand washing. The Ministry of Health also reminds those that feel unwell, or have come in contact with unstable person(s) over the past few days to seek medical attention immediately, and advise local law enforcement.

RELATED: MSE SEES DOWNWARD TREND: Following the announcement of the return of MAV-1, the MSE Common Trade Index Average saw record lows, leading to uncertainty over the near future as to the stability of commonly traded companies, such as travel-related industries. Pharmaceutical industries, however, saw gains that outpaced the past few months, with the Industrial Trade Index in an upward swing for the first time in the past few weeks, since Tea-tree announced its closure of processing plants in Hartford and Empire City.

Bank Heist of the Decade - 6/29/2014 Walt Fraser

Left: Screenshot of the robbers entering the Federation Coalition Bank branch, armed. While two have been arrested, one still remains on the loose. Police are urging all those who may have information leading to the arrest of Winnie Smith to contact law enforcement personnel immediately.

EMPIRE CITY -- Onlookers were shocked to see heavily armed men roaming the streets on yesterday, in what police say was the largest bank heist in the past 50 years. ECPD confirmed that Robert Howser, 28, and Evan Lockhart, 21 were arrested at the scene while one additional accomplice has yet to be found.

The three men entered the Kingsworth Avenue branch of Federation Coalition Bank Friday afternoon, at about 2:30 PM armed with multiple weapons, and at least one canister of tear gas. While bank personnel initially refused to comply with their demands, and attempted to disarm the trio, two tellers were injured in the process, a security guard critically. While none others were injured after access to the vault was granted, police say they made off with more than §500,000 in cash, which still remains to be recovered. Witnesses were shocked at the brazen nature of the robbery. "See, if I was there, I would have just bit their arms and be done with it," said World Cup fanatic Gabriel Jones.

Police are still searching for the third person involved in the heist, who has been identified as Winnie Smith, 25, who is described as a long-haired, white male, about 5'10'' with a noticeable limp in his walk. He was last seen wearing a dark coloured hoodie, jeans and a pair of light green sneakers. ECPD urge anyone who has information leading to his capture to come forward, and warn citizens not to approach the individual, but to call 911 or 1-844-435-7387 immediately.

Future of Healthcare to be Decided - 5/4/2014 Kevin Hokkaido

Private sector companies have been campaigning hard in an attempt to draw up support against legislation, but the bill has seen growing popularity in the past weeks.

MEDIETE -- The capital was buzzing with activity today, with the final preparations done to amend Bill 140422-A, which effectively establishes semi-universal healthcare in Trelatche. Though more will be done in the future to further establish universal healthcare, the Legislative Chamber is in a gridlock, says Senator Gerald McKay. "We have done the best we can to push forward this bill, but ultimately it requires bipartisan support, which we had difficulty in obtaining over the past month." Voting results were close in both the House and the Senate, though the bill was narrowly approved; 53 and 51 percent respectively. Though compromise was made during the approval of this bill, University of Atlantis political analyzer Harold Jones says, it's going to be hard to draw up similar responses for later amendments.

"There has been a lot of filibustering in the Chamber, and the last bill revealed just how divided it can be," he said. "It's unlikely that further amendments [on this bill] will be able to pass in the near future." The bill, which was proposed on April 4, has drawn strong support and harsh criticism from opposing parties in the Legislative Chamber. While it has gained popularity among citizens, insurance corporations and others from the health industry private sector have been actively campaigning against it for the past weeks.

The national referendum is to be held on May 10, and is the sole remaining deciding factor on the legislation of this bill, though it is expected to be approved.

Accident at Peterson Memorial Airport - 4/26/2014 Steve Stone

Left: Federation Airlines Flight 270 seen after its collision with the maintenance structure on the west end of the airport. No injuries were reported from the incident, and an investigation is underway.

MARIS BEACH -- Disorder rocked Peterson Memorial Airport yesterday afternoon, after an airplane taxied into the side of a maintenance garage. The plane, arriving from Empire City International, had successfully unloaded all passengers and luggage before the accident, with only the pilot and co-pilot on board at the time of collision. No one in the plane or the garage were injured, and were all safely evacuated. A small fire occurred within the garage, resulting from damaged electrical wires, but it was quickly extinguished by on-site airport firefighters.

Mechanical error has not been ruled out, though initial investigation reports point out the most likely cause of the incident to be human error. The section of the airport was closed down for the rest of the day, but was reopened for service this morning, with all remaining debris removed overnight. MBPD are still investigating the incident, and the two pilots in question have been suspended without pay for the next two weeks, while investigation into the accident is underway. "We will investigate this incident fully, " said Federation Airlines spokesperson Tiana Jordan. "It was fortunate, however, that no one was injured during this incident."

The Maris Beach 911 Centre received the first calls at around 4:00 in the afternoon; medical personnel arrived 6 minutes later. Initial reports described a plane which had crashed at the airport, though later reports found that the plane had not crashed on the tarmac, but in fact into a building on-site. Patrons in the terminal said they heard something which sounded like an explosion, but were not given any information on the incident at the time.

Government Billboard Vandalized - 4/16/2014 Walt Fraser

Left: An image of the billboard before city crews arrived to remove the spray paint. Onlookers were surprised at how the criminal managed to escape with such a crime in a Liberty Junction, the busiest intersection in Empire City.

LIBERTY JUNCTION -- Tourists and pedestrians looked up to city crews high above them this morning, cleaning up the government billboard that was vandalized overnight. At about 6:30 AM, Empire City police received the first calls about a vandal, spraying obscenities on a billboard that had been rented out by the Domestic Security and Defence Agency. By the time officers arrived, the vandal had fled the scene. City crews were called to the site at around 8:00 to start removing the spray paint from the display.

"I'm surprised that [the vandal] managed to get away with doing something so brazen," said a local citizen, who claims to work in the area, and passes by the billboard daily. "This crook needs to be brought to justice." While the DSDA has not yet commented on the incident, the ECPD have released a description of the individual which they obtained from the eyewitnesses. Police are looking for a roughly 20-year-old Caucasian male, approximately 5' 11", last seen wearing a dark coloured, possibly denim vest with a wing design on the back, as well as a red cap. Though multiple witnesses say he "flew" away, police say that is unlikely, and must resulted from the foggy conditions yesterday night.

The Empire Police Department urges anyone who has seen or come in contact with the criminal to report the incident to law enforcement immediately, and to not approach the individual. The DSDA, in a surprising move, has offered its services in the investigation, and has encouraged to report further crimes from the individual to its hotline: 1-844-435-7387.

Pearson Motors Wins Government Contract - 3/24/2014 Dave Turner

Mediete turns towards domestic automakers for the first time in more than 2 decades, following the car safety report scare in the late 1980s.

MEDIETE -- The director of the DSDA, Frank Sutton, signed a §2.5 million dollar deal with Pearson Motors yesterday, marking a transition back towards supporting automakers at home after years of government reliance on foreign imports. The signing of the contract, attended by the entire board of directors of Pearson Motors, as well as senior officials from the DSDA, was part of a national economic stimulus campaign, designed to encourage investment at home, and expansion Trelatche's economy, which saw slowed growth during the latter half of 2013. The contract ordered the replacement of more than 450 federal government vehicles, which had reached the end of (and surpassed) their 15 years in service, at which point they should have been retired. Up until this point, vehicles from the 1991 replacement program were still in service, and were a major drain on resources and efficiency.

See 3D renderings of the new vehicles here.

The low maintenance costs of the newer vehicles will also reduce the Department of Transport's operating budget. "Those old cars were the worst," says Joel Adams, a mechanic for the Department of Transport. "I see 15 or 20 cars drive in everyday for major repairs, and that's just for me. All these other guys who work [in the garage] have the same problem. What's the point of having such a large fleet if none of them are going to be able to use it?"

Much speculation had surrounded the replacement program, with the DSDA reviewing predominantly Trelatchian automakers over the past months. This was a major shift in the federal government's position, and was an important vote of confidence in Trelatche's automotive industry. "I'm very glad they finally made the right decision; what a better way to grow our economy than to support domestic jobs and domestic goods," said General Manager of Pearson Motors, David Jones. "It helps expand the number of jobs we can carry, benefiting everyone." Not all were supportive of the landmark deal, however. A local Amish town crier voiced his disapproval in the direction the nation is heading. "What! What a waste of money! Nobody needs those things anyway," he said, after being informed of the news. The federal government was stated to be looking towards renewing other fleets with domestic automotive companies, after receiving public disapproval from Empire City, where the city's police department turned to Swedish automaker, Volvo, to renew its police fleet.

Heavy Winds Bring Tree Down on Home - 3/19/2014 Ellie Parker

Left: Wreckage from last night's winds, which reached 85 km/h, awaiting removal by city crews.

VICE POINT -- Police continued to block off a section of Vine Boulevard today, following a tree collapse which left two injured, and one unharmed. According to witness statements, at around 9:30PM last night, heavy winds brought down a large tree on a single family home. All three family members were inside the home at the time of the collapse, and have all been rescued from the home. Relatives of the injured say the family has been complaining about the tree for a long time. "They always told me they wanted to get rid of that thing," says Gary Redford, the brother of one of the victims. Mayor Walt Macdonald extended his concern for the family injured, and promises more will be done to prevent a repeat of the incident.

City crews were expected to remove a number of trees on the block later this year starting mid-June, as previous inspections have warned of the danger they would pose to surrounding residents, especially in extreme weather conditions. While the city's Department of Environment councilor was unavailable for comment at the time of publication, his office released an official response to the incident, stating that: "Although this incident is rather unfortunate, we continually do our best to ensure both the safety and practicality of city-owned flora."

While noone was critically injured in the event, opposition mayoral candidate Jon Broach says it's a sign of neglect from city hall. "It's clear that our current government is not doing enough to ensure the well-being of our own citizens," he said to reporters in front of the Empire City Convention Centre. Crews began removing debris from the home late last night, and are expected to begin removal of trees tomorrow.

Trelatchian Olympians Hit International Stage - 2/9/2014 Micheal Thomas

Left: A photo of the American team at Vancouver 2010

RUSSIA -- Days after the XXII Games began, excitement is at its all-time high throughout the Federation. In bars, restaurants, and even public plazas, everywhere you go, devices are tuned in to the Olympic Games. As the Federation's own Olympians head off to compete, many are expressing their new interest in the Games.

"It's very refreshing to see the people and the skills that we have to offer to the international community," says Gabriel Mark, a local organizer of public Olympic viewing areas. "It's always a great way to show our pride." However, not all are enthusiastic about the Games. "Olympics? What's that?" says recent head injury victim Ryan Evans. Despite this, local cable networks are reporting increased viewership, especially amongst Olympic broadcasters.

Trelatche's alpine skiing and biathlon athletes are expected to be strong candidates for gold, finishing with a close silver medal in Vancouver 2010 as well as at Turin 2006. The Trelatchian men's curling team is also a strong candidate for silver, achieving it four years ago. Though the men's ice hockey team was revamped this year, critics are debating whether they will make it to the finals, with strong contenders such as Canada and the United States competing.

Empire Television will continue with the special Olympic schedule, and will continue to broadcast events live throughout the nation. Federation Cable Network and NH Broadcasting will also be providing live coverage of events.

Passenger Confidence in Aviation Sector: Falling - 2/3/2014 George Bennett

EMPIRE CITY -- The normally bustling terminal of Empire City International Airport only saw moderate crowds today, a trend also seen at Mediete International. In the wake of the Skyway-Arklay aviation disaster last week, air travel has declined in Trelatche, with many travelers seeking alternatives to air travel.

"I don't know what to think," says frequent traveler John Hernandez. "I keep thinking about it and I keep thinking it could have been me." Similar thoughts have been echoed by other commuters. "I knew it! Those flying machines were a bad idea to begin with!" says a hermit by the name of Vince. Though economists claim the accident will not affect regional economic interests in the long term, many corporations, including domestic air giant Federation Airlines, are feeling the pinch. In just the last few days, the airline has reported increased cancellations of tickets, and reduced passenger loads.

The airline reassured the public yesterday, releasing an official statement saying: "Air travel is, and remains, one of the safest methods of travel across great distances. Accidents are rare, and we strive to reduce those even further." The Trelatche Aviation Agency also commented on the issue, stating: "Protection of commuters is of utmost importance for our agency. Our systems are maintained to the highest standards, and we continually upgrade periodically in order to better serve our citizens."

The accident occurred last week, claiming several hundred lives. The Trelatche Aviation Agency has offered its services in the investigation.



GA Resolution at Vote:

Repeal "Read the Resolution Act"
Status: Defeated

SC Resolution at Vote:

Repeal "Liberate Congress of
Armed Proletarian States"
Status: Passed

AT VOTE: Condemn Wallenburg
Status: Projected to Pass

Commend Evil Wolf
Status: Passed

Liberate The Black Riders
Status: Defeated

Lazarus Reclaimed - 4/26/2015 Liam Jenson

Left: While life is heading back towards normality for residents, government and allied forces are still on alert for invaders. The region has gone through much over the past few weeks, and has been the subject of heated debate on both sides of the issue.

SOUTH PACIFIC EMBASSY, LAZARUS -- Weeks of dispute between natives and NLO loyalists came to an end as Kazmr retook the delegacy late Tuesday night, banjecting Stujenske and many of his top allies, effectively ending the NPO occupation of the region. Closed embassies were reopened, and purged members of the PRL during the NPO’s occupation were allowed to return to their home region. The World Factbook Entry was updated to reflect recent changes, encouraging residents to endorse members of the pre-coup government, including Funkadelia, as well as other longtime natives of the region. Additional changes included a new flag, along with a new forum link, which no longer redirects directly to the NPO’s forums.

In a statement to The Mediete Journal addressing the situation in Lazarus, Kazmr stated:

“I am very happy to say that at this point the region is largely secure. All of the major NLO nations have left the region, leaving only a handful of inactive puppets to mop up. The greatest threat is over, and was over very quickly thanks to the rapid and overwhelming reaction of our friends and allies. TITO (10000 islands), The FRA, The North Pacific, Taijitu, and others came out in tremendous force to ensure that the NLO would not have the chance to re-establish itself. Now it is about the future. We are hard at work drafting a new constitution that will bring democratic openness never before seen in Lazarus. To me, that is the ultimate loss for the NLO. In their attempt to monopolize power, they inspired the opposite change. The Pacific is simply doing what The Pacific does; hide from as much of the blame as possible, wait until people move on. To me it is imperative that people do not forget what happened in Lazarus, and that the NPO never has the chance to do this again.”

While some had questioned Kazmr’s loyalty to either faction during the occupation, many now say they are relieved that he decided against supporting the NPO at the end. “Reminds me of the Chinese proverb, 'One justice can overpower a hundred evils.'”, says Courlany, a longtime resident of Lazarus, “Kazmr was still loyal to Lazarus, counterbalancing the former 'delegates' efforts, which was a huge relief ... because I did not expect this. I was barely holding out, getting harassing messages, determined that if I am banned, the former delegates' influence would diffuse. But, when news slid across my desk that the delegates recruited Kazmr to run more bans ... I grew desperate. I was away overseas when the news came -- the shocking, bright, welcomed news.” The initial scheme by members of the NLO government was to only briefly transfer power to Kazmr, expecting him to further banject voices of dissent. Unbeknownst to the administration however, he planned to take the delegacy to expel the invaders, with the help of the allies of the former PRL.

The NPO defended their actions in Lazarus in a press release Thursday, suggesting that they were “assisting a troubled region in setting up a stable government”, one of the many claims that are not only disputed by those who were involved in Lazarus prior to the occupation, but also seen as full of misleading information, crafted to repair the image of the NPO following the backlash they received over the course of the past few weeks.

Recent events in Lazarus have sparked criticism from the international community, with WA Resolutions such as “Condemn Stujenske” and repeals of both Krulltopia and A mean old man’s commendations passing with overwhelming support. The Pacific, meanwhile, has been further isolated following the fall of the New Lazarene Order, with a condemnation in queue proposed by Jean pierre trudeau, which is set to be the fourth Security Council resolution related to the foreign occupation in Lazarus. As of today, two Pacific senators have resigned from their positions since the start of the crisis. Though the NPO have publicly denied their correlation with recent events in Lazarus, reports indicate that at least one, Feux, was removed from his position as Regent due to the recent collapse of the NPO-backed regime in Lazarus. Updates will be made as TMJ receives them.

Update 1: The Pacific has since been condemned, with the resolution passing with 91% support.

Backlash Over Lazarus - 4/12/2015 Evan McDonnell

Military personnel and civilians clash as the political turmoil continues in Lazarus. The international community has expressed its outrage over the incident, and have taken steps to condemn the new regime.

*This month’s monthly poll question “Do you like the new chain issues?” has been pushed to May to cover recent events. Visit TMJ’s monthly poll to vote for your position on Lazarus!*

PACIFIC EMBASSY, LAZARUS -- With the cloud hanging over the Lazarus situation still unsettled, both sides of the conflict have raised a heated debate over the New Pacific Order’s involvement with the coup d’etat of the democratically elected chair of the People’s Republic of Lazarus, which had led to the establishment of the new NPO-backed New Lazarene Order. Since Stujenske seized power earlier this week, which was interrupted briefly through a planned transition to Sweet Leaf for a few hours, both the NPO and the NLO have received considerable backlash from the international community, with The North Pacific, The East Pacific, The South Pacific, The West Pacific, 10000 Islands, and Osiris among several of the many regions which have withdrawn their embassies from Lazarus as a sign of protest. This comes after the banjection of the PRL’s elected chairman Funkadelia and several key members of the administration by the NLO, as well as the illegal destruction of the region’s constitution. Criticism has also risen regarding the NLO’s heavy handed tactics in regards to silencing dissenting natives’ opinions and deep ties to the governmental structure of the NPO, which some natives say threaten the sovereignty of Lazarus.

Some have shown their support for the NPO and the NLO in this conflict, and the benefits they believe the new leadership could bring. “I believe that while any region can benefit from the introduction of proper Francoist thought, it should be a thing the inhabitants of the region should fully support,” says The Mountains of Flatlandia. “True, Stujenske may have overstepped his bounds by banjecting Funkadelia and many others, but in the end, I think that Lazarus will be happier under the NPO.” Others have even mentioned the positive activity this has generated. “"Despite prior differences with Feux and AMOM ... I salute them and Lazarus for at least trying to do something interesting for once," said Durkadurkiranistan II.

Many others still, have voiced their disapproval of the coup. with some showing their frustration with what is perceived to have become the NPO’s branch in Lazarus. “I was banjected, for simply saying that I think the PRL should be reinstated,” says Communist abyssinia. “I didn't advocate unendorsing the delegate or any type of conflict, but I was still banjected. So it should go without saying I'm fiercely against the recent coup.” “The NPO has again demonstrated their hypocrisy by forcibly colonizing an independent and sovereign region,” says another, Sir winston leonard spencer-churchill. “Their claims that the NPO built Lazarus are flimsy and baseless, which devalues the hard work of every loyal Lazarene resident, citizen and official over the last year.” Similar views appeared to be echoed by many delegates, with the Renegade Islands Alliance founder saying that their embassy withdrawal “speaks for itself”. “The Renegade Islands Alliance does not support the new regime in Lazarus, hence it is why our embassy is closed,” said its delegate, Saint kitten. “As long as the illegitimate delegate is in place, our embassy will remain closed until further notice.” Nearly all major feeders and sinkers, with the exception of Balder, which has sided with the NPO thus far, have withdrawn their embassies from Lazarus, including the FRA and larger independent regions such as The Internationale. Meanwhile, the ejection rate from Lazarus has only just started to taper off from the large upward spike over the past few days.

In a statement to The Mediete Journal, The Rejected Realms delegate Unibot III commented on the issue, stating that:

”The crisis in Lazarus is absolutely devastating; Stujenske has betrayed the trust of native communities in Lazarus. His rogue administration is a serious breach of the rule of law and the rights and liberties of all residents in Lazarus. The New Pacific Order has announced that this betrayal is a part of an imperialist effort on their part to seize control of Lazarus - an act that is no less shameful, than it is shocking and above all else, wrong. Every resident and citizen in the New Pacific Order should take careful notice of the events in Lazarus and pressure their local government to withdraw its foreign troops from Lazarus - everyone can make a difference for Lazarus, no matter how small. The international community has spoken and the word is 'liberation' - it's time to bring down this shame of a government, free Lazarus and return the Lazarus Underground to its rightful place as the democratic, sovereign government of Lazarus.”

The delegate of Osiris, Tim Stark also released a short statement to TMJ, stating that: “Stujenke and Feux's betrayal of the trust the citizenry of the People’s Republic of Lazarus is disgraceful, and they should be ashamed for their actions. I only hope that their regime shall collapse, and people that actually care about the region can be restored to power, so that Lazarus does not fall under the same stagnancy and inactivity as the rest of the NPO's regions and affiliates.”

Currently there is a World Assembly Security Council proposal on the floor aimed at condemning Stujenske for his role in the invasion, and there have even been calls for a liberation by a coalition of independent nations. While NLO continues to establish its presence in the region, there is a growing movement, with many like Sad-states, who are refusing to acknowledge its legitimacy, and remain supportive of the PRL’s government in exile. Members of the NPO and Funkadelia were unavailable for comment at the time of publication. Updates will be made as TMJ receives them.

Update 1: Embassy closures have also now affected the Pacific, with The North Pacific and The Rejected Realms both withdrawing their embassies. The FRA continues to recognize the government in exile, though as an independent entity.

Update 2: The South Pacific, Osiris, and The East Pacific have also now closed their embassies with the Pacific. The condemnation of Stujenske passed by an overwhelming 90% to 10% margin, with the repeal of Krulltopia's commendation set to enter the floor of the SC. The NLO continues using the forums of the NPO in conducting their affairs.

Osiris Declares War - 9/13/2014 Joe Reviner

Left: Lazarene Liberation Army performing regular drills. With the size of each region involved, there will be little effect on the general population, though recent developments have signified weakened diplomacy.

PACIFIC EMBASSY, BALDER -- With tensions continuing to escalate between two major GCRs [Game-Created Regions], events took a turn for the worse as Osiris declared open conflict with Lazarus. While most have been taken aback by the sudden escalation, many regional governments are facing the divide between the two sides. Balder has already taken sides regarding the situation, and while there was a reminder of the consequences of war embedded in the short release, Osiris was mentioned multiple times as their “sister region” and “ally”, with a warning that “Balder will ensure that the ISRA secures Osiris from hostilities” ( Full release here)

Among several regions, The Pacific has released a more neutral official statement, undersigned by much of the region’s administration:

“The Pacific is deeply saddened to learn of the recent Osiran declaration of war upon the People's Republic of Lazarus. The Pacific encourages the Osiran Fraternal Order to reconsider their chosen course and refrain from engaging in any military actions against the PRL or its allied regions … a significant amount of hostility towards the Pacific is clearly evident within the text of the declaration. Some observers, upon reading the declaration, may find that it veers dangerously close to a declaration of war upon the Pacific by Osiris ... We would also like to highlight that, regardless of any opposing ideologies, misunderstandings, or conflicts that may sometimes develop between our two communities, Paciifca will stand strong with Lazarenes in their revolutionary march to harmony.

We hope that our concerns, at least, will be treated diplomatically, or we will utilize all the resources at our disposal to permanently solve this issue.” (LinkFull release here)

While the ongoing conflict is expected to have minimal impact on nations residing within each respective region, continued updates will be published on the situation as The Mediete Journal receives them. According to reports, immigration between the regions is still open, and as of latest, the conflict has found no resolution, and is still underway.

The Person Behind [violet] - 7/23/2014 Walt Fraser

While most other sites have administrators who share their identity openly, NationStates is headed by a mysterious figure, only known by the screen name, [violet]. Max Barry, of course, is the creator of the site, and often posts news updates, on the rare occasion that a new feature or event occurs; regular site duties however, are carried out by [violet], who frequently addresses issues on the forums. Is there a correlation? We ask The Mediete Journal’s criminology expert to explain.

“Absolutely no correlation,” he says with certainty. “Look here, we’re used to searching for small details: the avatar that [violet] uses, is a female sitting behind a desk! What’s more, violet is a female name! Therefore, logically she is a female! Now, may I ask you, does Max Barry look female to you?” While TMJ, at the time of publishing, could not confirm most of his theories, it can be noted that a nation named “Violet” existed for a brief period (from Antiquity to Tue. Jan 21, 2003), and had accumulated a population of 69 million before disappearing. The game text refers to the name as being quote: “Reserved: This name was used by a former moderator.”

The admin [violet]’s profile also states Antiquity as its founding date. It seems unlikely that the nation was just an average visitor, however, as a normal user does not retain forum access if their nation ceased to exist. So is [violet] really just a moderator who retained their job over all these years? Or is there perhaps something more sinister lurking behind this user? Or is it something beyond human comprehension? Without any further answers, The Mediete Journal hit the streets, and approached a few random nations to ask them the lingering question: Who do you think [violet] is?

Senator Feux said: I always thought [violet] was an emotionless AI.

Yohannes said: I think [violet] is Max Barry.

Equilism Delegate The Monkye said: I’m [violet]. I’m also Max Barry.

Valconesia Founder Prince richard of valconesia said: [violet] is a black psychic from the island of Saint Croix.

[violet] said: No comment available.

So who do you think is behind [violet]? Visit our monthly poll and vote now!

"Liberate Haven" Draws Controversy - 7/6/2014 Abe Waschner

The NationStates community is in a frenzy after the release of the draft of "Liberate Haven", which aims to remove the password protection of a roleplay region and open it to the possibility of an attack by raiding forces. View the draft of the resolution here.

The Security Council proposal "Liberate Haven" has drawn up scathing reviews from many nations since its introduction, due to its unprecedented endeavor to weaponize a SC Liberation. Since its introduction on July 2nd, it has been met with outrage from many in the community, who see the resolution as an attempt to force a roleplay region into participating in gameplay.

Haven, inhabited by 16 nations at the time of writing, has been protected by a password for 10 years, and has traditionally been a small region dedicated to roleplay. According to Mallorea and Riva, the author of the draft, the basis on the proposal was to attack the region due to, what he claims, its "heavy" involvement in TSP coup. Majority of others, including other moderators have reasoned that there are no grounds for this claim, and is merely an attempt to invade a small region, of about 5 nations at the time of the draft publication.

The Roleplay Mentor Team, with the support of many nations, has since then issued a statement, saying

"This is an active attempt to force roleplay regions to partake in the raider/defender game against their will. It is a continuation of the stated belief that gameplay should take precedence over roleplay on NationStates. The statements made by Mallorea and Riva heavily imply that allnations should be subject to the raider defender game, regardless of whether or not they wish to be a part of it. Furthermore, this move to involuntarily strip a region (which has, mind you, expressly stated its intent to remain independent of the Raider/Defender metagame) of its password protection has, by Mallorea and Riva’s own admission, been undertaken purely on the basis of assumptions and without providing any concrete proof; let alone addressing the belief of many that even if such proof existed, it would not justify this action." (Full Document Here)

The site admin, [violet] has also issued a short faq on the issue, stating at one point that: "I agree in the sense that the liberation is trying to be sneaky, painting Haven as something it is not.". Currently there is an active forum signature campaign, which calls for the resignation of Mallorea and Riva.

Update 1: The resolution has been submitted for approval by Mallorea and Riva, and has seen minimal support from larger regions. At the time of this update publication, the resolution still requires 38 more delegate approvals before it will be put up to vote.

Update 2: The resolution has failed to obtain the required amount of delegate approvals, and therefore has been struck down, and will not be going on towards an actual vote. Related threads have been locked by moderators.


Prominent players? Scandalous nations? Send us a telegram if you have a suggestion on who to interview next!


Balder's Returning Delegate: Q&A Period with Solorni

Following recent elections in Balder, citizens re-elected Solorni as WA Delegate, marking her third term in office as the outgoing delegate stepped down. A little more than two weeks into her term, The Mediete Journal sat down with Solorni, and while limited for time, we were able to find a moment in her schedule to have a brief chat, and find out a little more about her upcoming delegacy, as well as a brief talk about Balder's democratic roots. READ FULL STORY

Sitting Down with the Founder of Capitalist Paradise

In an exclusive interview with The Mediete Journal, we sit down with The-CID to discuss all that has happened since Capitalist Paradise was founded more than 10 years ago, the changes, the effects, and the relative success the region has seen since its inception. He also gives us his opinion on the resolution aimed at his region, and breaks down the resolution, providing commentary on each bit. READ FULL STORY

Behind the Proposal "Liberate Capitalist Paradise" : An Interview with Nierr

As the resolution "Liberate Capitalist Paradise" enters the queue pending a vote, TMJ team decided to find out more about this resolution, which has so far led to the banning of one user, Shadow Afforess, known more widely as the creator of the NS++ extension. We sit down with Nierr, the author of the proposed resolution, to listen to his take on events, as well as his explanations of the problems that critics of the resolution have brought up. READ FULL STORY


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April Fools 2014 | RATING: ☆☆☆☆

Max Barry has been at it again, with this year's ByteCoin event less of a prank, and more of an actually enjoyable event. While it was interesting to have such an event mark April Fools, the actual flow of the event, I believe, hindered it slightly. The main issue that I had with it was the massive increase in traffic, and the resulting slowdown of the entire site. Right here on The Mediete Journal, I had difficulty updating the site, and in fact, I refrained from doing so for the duration of the event, because of the slow posting times and the malfunctioning preview feature on my computer. The actual event also caused me problems, which I wasn't pleased about... READ MORE



Stock Market Watch: Mediete Stock Exchange

NS Financial Statistics Today

Top 5 Currencies Worldwide
1. Dollar
2. Credit
3. Euro
4. Parhean Tongbo
5. Pound

Worldwide Largest Industry
Arms Manufacturing

Top 5 Tax Rates
1. 0%
2. 19%
3. 24%
4. 22%
5. 26%

Top 3 Economic Classifications
1. Good
2. Strong
3. Frightening

Top 5 Social Equality Ratings
1. 0
2. 8
3. 6
4. 7
5. 5

Government Priority Distribution:
Financial Categories

Social Welfare: 4th most in all nations
Commerce: 6th most in all nations
Social Equality: 9th most in all nations

Currency Rising in The Pacific - 5/14/2014 Kevin Hokkaido

Claimed to have been started in 2005, the Franco has made a resurgence in The Pacific with the help of the regional government's strong advertisement campaign.

The Franco, a currency which was relatively little known up until recently, has gained users considerably over the last few months -- an unsurprising feat considering the promotion of it by the Pacific government. Since its introduction as a viable regional currency, the Franco has been pushed out with much advertisement of it on Pacific forums, as well as on the World Factbook Entry, where it was pinned along with security reminders. One of the posts, by Feux, gives a brief description of the currency and encourages nations to adopt the Franco, along with detailed instructions on how to do so. The Pacific News Network, the regional government news agency has also run an article, quoting:

"After recent discussions with a group of citizens, we realized that there was significant interest in the idea of a regional currency. We feel that adoption of the Franco as their national currency is a terrific way for the nations of the Pacific to demonstrate regional pride and to honor ten years of Peace, Strength, and Prosperity."

The citizenship application has been updated, with all new potential applicants required to adopt the currency in order to have them considered for approval. Existing citizens who had their applications approved before the change were not approached by members of government, though they were encouraged, along with non-citizens, to adopt the currency. While concerns over freedom of choice have been raised over the issue, others have reasoned that non-citizens are still free to access the forums and reside in the region. Enforcement of the law has also been lax, with more said than done when it came to clamping down on citizens who refused to comply.

As of writing, the Franco was placed at #52 most used currency in NationStates with 158 users, just behind the currency "Bottlecap", with 161 users.

ByteCoin Disappears - 4/2/2014 Liam Jenson

FINANCIAL DRIVE -- Investors and economists were sent into a panic yesterday, after the demise of the Bytecoin, which had mysteriously surfaced throughout the national economies of nations within NationStates. The billion simoleon industry collapsed overnight, with not a trace of Bytecoin or a method of mining them remaining. While technology experts and economists alike worked at reviving the Bytecoin, ultimately all efforts were met with a dead end. Information technology director William Chen of Federation Coalition Bank describes the situation. "We have absolutely no idea as to why [Bytecoin] has disappeared. We have worked around the clock to find the reason behind this, but so far, we have been unable to figure it out."

The Bytecoin, which suddenly gained popularity recently, flooded the world, with national governments struggling to contain its growth. "It's like as if this world was some sort of game, a simulator," says economic professor, Adam Hunter. "The way it suddenly appeared, and suddenly disappeared; it's as if this was just a huge event planned by some webmaster." Remaining Bytecoin were deleted from existence, despite attempts to bring the digital currency back. "We will do all we can," said Chen. "But we can't guarantee anything."

In the aftermath of the collapse, many investors who focused on Bytecoin have reported financial ruin, with a wave of bankruptcies across start-up companies who had relied on the currency. The Department of Finance began converting Bytecoin into simoleons relatively early, during the time when Bytecoin was slowly disappearing. As of today, Federation Exchange Services, and GL Currency Exchange have ceased conversion for Bytecoin.

Eviston CEO Sees Pay Raise - 3/28/2014 Evan McDonnell

Eviston's CEO has received a 100% pay raise despite the financial troubles of the company, and very little work done to resolve the issue. Many economists are not surprised by a pay raise, but question the timing of the recent one.

In the midst of projected corporate financial troubles for the next fiscal year, Eviston Insurance CEO Mark Quincy received a 100% pay raise. According to a financial audit done on Eviston, the company paid Quincy §15 million in 2013, which was double the amount the previous CEO received. In addition to his 2013 compensation, Eviston also said Quincy was eligible to collect an additional §2 million for his work in 2013 if the firm meets certain goals by 2017. Quincy's §15 million pay included a base salary of §2 million, up from §400,000 a year ago. On top of that Gorman got §316,000 in cash bonus. The rest of his pay was made up from deferred compensation, half in stock and half in cash, that will pay out in the next three years.

The other board members of Eviston Insurance also received large pay raises, such as the Chief Director of operations, who saw a pay raise of 80%, to §8.8 million, and the Vice Executive Director, who saw an increase from a §6.3 million pay to §7.9 million. This is despite the fact that the company has an alleged financial issue, and has seen profits dwindle in the recent couple of years. While the company did not comment on the issue at the time of publication, economists broke down what it meant for the company as a whole. "The company is going down a dark path," said University of Atlantis professor Francis Joseph. "Their CEO has done a lot to try to turn the company around, but I don't think it has been enough work, or a big enough of a turnaround, to be able to support such an increase."

While Eviston Insurance's CEO does not see the highest pay among the largest companies in NationStates, many on the Financial Drive questioned the company's latest move, and stressed the importance of reasonable pay.

Unemployment Falls As Budget Increases - 2/20/2014 Mara Goodman

Left: Consumer spending has increased over the span of the past year, with many retailers seeing a growing number of sales.

BUSINESS DISTRICT -- On yet another day in Downtown Mediete, shoppers and tourists lined the streets, peering into storefronts and bringing out the wallets: a stark contrast to the year before. According to FedStats, unemployment has dropped by 1.83% since 2013 when the last audit was carried out. This was a trend seen all across the nation, resulting from the massive increase in jobs in both manufacturing and commercial business. More than 60,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created in the past months alone, sharply driving down unemployment. This is good news, says economist Miles O'Neal, a professor at the University of Atlantis.

"The more money people have sitting in their wallets, the more inclined they are to go out and spend some of it," he said. From the latest statistics, an average household has spent §60 - §70 more per month on purchases compared to the year before. Most of the growth in purchases fall into the goods category, and not basic needs, an indication of an expanding economy. The driving force behind the growth, however, apparently falls on the average taxpayer.

According to the same report released yesterday, government spending has increased by 28.5%, with the Department of Commerce seeing the biggest growth, jumping to a §66 million budget from a §32 million budget last year. Officials have confronted uneasiness over the massive spike in spending, reassuring the public that the budget remains balanced. "We work endlessly to ensure that our decisions benefit the nation," said Minister of Commerce, Bill Truman. Some, however, still state their uneasiness. "I don't know, but [the budget] seems a bit sketchy," said a government official who declined to release his name. The annual report was done by FedStats, a non-profit organization based in Mediete. Other than the Ministry of Commerce, growth was seen in other government branches, including the Education Department, which grew from §72 million to §78 million, and the Health Department, which grew from §102 million to §105 million.

The Mediete Journal © 2016. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication or format may be reproduced without explicit permission from, and acknowledgement to the publisher.