by Max Barry

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by Kemintiri of kemet. . 35 reads.

Elegy for Easter

Sung to LinkThe Twilight Twain

Most pained is the condemned of darkest deeds
Blackened of heart and of mind
The cachexy and the sins do plant seeds
Longing to pour forth a bind

The dying of hope, from guilty word
To the ones trusted the most
‘Fore them she is judged, cold when they heard
Would she still be welcomed by host?

Her mind overcome with turmoil and guilt
For the voice that calls her forth to be killed

Blackened mind, in turmoil. Thoughts turn to Lethe.
Agonised, self-tortured and frail
She runs from her life, in arms of Death
But Death turns her away

Black passions sundered, heart is freed
From chains controlled from afar
Striving to live on, hope starts to seed
Remorse and the oath are on par

The past and kindness of those surrounding
Applied to the wounds’ bitter gall
They heal to scars but on journey going
Ahead to make the heartfelt call

Kemintiri of kemet