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TWIN: The Western Isles News

This post will address how to post news.

It is very important that we present our region in a positive, professional, and respectable light. For this reason, all news accounts must be posted with a high standard, with few grammar/spelling/formatting errors.

This is the format that some of us use:

Name of News Organization
Nation or Location of News

Optional Title

Actual Text of Article

Some examples of things you can post about:

Something happens to nation leaders
Something happens to nation companies
Something newsworthy happens in your nation
Something happens in the region and your nation comments on it

Remember, always establish who, what, where, when, and why. Feel free to be a bit biased towards your nation, unless your media itself is for some reason strongly unpatriotic.

Okay that's all you need to know to start posting!

Here is the news thread: news thread

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