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by The Amorphous Mass of Point Blob. . 79 reads.

Technically speaking, Point Blob is a Technocracy.

It has come to our attention that standard classification systems for nations lack sufficient resolution to accurately describe our nation of Point Blob.

Towards the end of clearing up this misunderstanding, we will note here: Point Blob is a Technocracy.
This is a nation of SCIENCE. All we do is to advance our understanding of the Universe and all within it, without being shackled by the usual petty concerns of national or international politics, or morality. We operate on a system of Peer Review, rather than conventional democracy. We are currently a Type II Civilisation on the Kardashev scale and hoping to ascend to Type III in future.

The foul lies and slander spread by the standard classification systems of other nations stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of how Point Blob operates and the roles of the human population within it. All the human populace of Point Blob are test subjects. Many may be scientists, engineers and the like, but above and beyond all else they are test subjects. For the most part they understand this, though some outliers occasionally bemoan their fate before they expire. The generation vats for new subjects typically correct these personality flaws.

Killing is legal in Point Blob. Lives are by no means a limited resource in Point Blob. We can generate new human chassis units from the vats within minutes and imprint them with the neural data recorded from deceased units at the moment of termination. Conventional notions pertaining to death and the supposed value of lives have become obsolete. For that matter, team death-matches are the most popular recreational activity in the nation.

Understandably, a majority of the scientific and engineering research has gone towards understanding how best to subdue and destroy our detractors. A secondary concern has been surveillance and logistics. Being driven to advance the cause of science at all costs, we are frequently subjected to the criticism and attempted attacks of inferior nations misguided by puerile concerns and irrelevant values (e.g. morality, religion, political or social advance, profit, etc.). As such we have become exceedingly proficient at identifying potential hindrances before they can draw close and eliminating them with surgical precision.

If nothing else is remembered here, just keep this in mind:

Don't ever ask if we should, only if we can.