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Manual Telegram Recruitment (Easy Alternative For Stamps and API)

Step 1: Choose Your Target
Select one of the targets below, opening the link in a new tab or window. The links lead to the raw NationStates API data, which can be transformed into something useful in Step 2.

WA Delegates (Campaign Telegram): cgi-bin/api.cgi?wa=1&q=delegates
WA Members (Recruitment or Campaign): cgi-bin/api.cgi?wa=1&q=members
New Nations (Recruitment): cgi-bin/api.cgi?q=newnations
More Options (Recruitment or Campaign): pages/api.html

Copy the nation names (separated by commas) between the <tags> and open Microsoft Office Word or an equivalent program.

[!] Warning: The Dossier has a 2500 nation limit! Keep this in mind if attempting to recruit WA Members in later steps!

Step 2: Upload Nations To Dossier
Open a new word document and paste the comma separated list into it. Select the entire list. Click "Table" --> "From Text to Table..." and type in "1" next to "columns". Make sure "commas" is selected and then press okay.

Select all of the text and copy it into a new page in Notepad or Notepad++, or a similar program. There should be one nation on each line. Save the file as a .txt file, and close out of the window and the word document.

Go to a blank nation dossier (the one you plan to recruit with), scroll down to the bottom of it, and select "Advanced Dossier". Click "Browse" and select the .txt file from earlier. Click "upload". If you have done these steps correctly so far, the list of nations should be added to your dossier in alphabetical order.

Step 3: Create A Telegram Template
Create a recruitment or campaign telegram. You may wish to use %NATION%, which returns the name of the nation of whoever is reading the telegram once it is received. When finished, send the telegram to tag:template. Make sure it is tagged correctly! You can tag a telegram as "recruitment" or "campaign" by selecting the down arrow next to the recipient ("to") box and checking the check box that appears. The "Move %NATION% to %REGION%" button appears at the end of the telegram automatically if it is marked as recruitment (for a region).

When finished, send the telegram and copy the "template code" it gives you, which should contain % signs, the word "template", and some numbers.

Step 4: Send A Test Telegram
Test to see if your telegram works by sending one of your own nations a telegram. To do this, go to that nation's page, click "telegram", and simply paste the template code in the body of the telegram and hit send. (Clicking preview should show a green box appear around the template code). You should receive a copy of your telegram instantly, marked as recruitment or campaign already.

Since you now don't have to edit the telegrams as you send them (change nation names, mark as recruitment, etc.), you can easily send several of these telegrams in a few minutes.

Step 5: Send The Telegrams
Go to your dossier, click the first nation, click "telegram", and paste the template code into the body. Click send. This telegram should be received instantly (provided said nation hasn't blocked that kind of telegram in their telegram preferences) and save you a lot of time. Go back to your dossier and repeat the process for each nation on the page. It should take less than 10-15 seconds per nation. When you finish the first page, select the check box at the top of the checkbox column to the far left and click "Remove Marked Nations". The next page will be brought to the front!

Additionally, you can go to your dossier and click "View Activity" in the far right corner. This will show you nations in your dossier that were recently active, so that you can give them first priority. This requires that you instead revisit his or her nation's page and click "remove from dossier" after having sent the telegram, however.

Statistics for recruitment telegrams show that 1%-2% of recipients will come to your region, regardless of sending method (Manual, Stamps, or API). This means expect 1-2 nations on average for every 100 successfully received telegrams- roughly 7 pages of your dossier.


Tip: The system blocks duplicate recruitment telegrams that have been sent within the last twenty-eight (28) days. Keep in mind that this method may not be full-proof, especially for campaign telegrams, so avoid sending multiple telegrams to the same nation more than once a month. Keep track of which nations you've already recruited from in whatever way is easiest for you. You may also wish to view the One Stop Rules Shop and/or FAQ for more information.

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