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Regional Rules and Conduct

Map Rules

The map is key to developing relationships between our nations and engaging in role-play. As it has limited space, it is therefore reserved for nations who actively engage in RP and new nations (who have a fair probability of engaging in RP in the future). Please do not request a map spot unless you plan on being active for a long time.

For new nations in the region, you must do ALL of the following to receive a map spot:

1. Have a realistic nation name, as in something reasonably similar to a real world state (but not actually a real world country name or extremely similar), and use this as your name that you role-play with.
2. Have at least one nation-building factbook (i.e. relating to your nation's government, culture, economy, etc.) AND one forum post (of any kind, on any thread). We use the forums for role-play so it is important that you know how to post on them.
3. Have been active sometime in at least the last three days. For example, if you send me the request on Monday, stop logging in after Tuesday, and I check the request on Saturday, I will not add you, because it appears you are no longer active.
4. Be in the World Assembly on the nation you're applying with.
5. Send me, the Founder, a telegram that answers the following questions:

Standard Application for Map Spot

  • Nation name:

  • How did you find the region/why did you choose The Western Isles:

  • How long have you been active on NationStates:

  • Is this nation a puppet or side project:

  • List your other nations, if any:

  • Do you plan on being active (participating in regional role-play), and what are you interested in:

  • Are you in the WA:

  • Have you read the welcome guide "A Welcome and Introduction Dispatch for New Nations":

  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the map rules located in the regional rules dispatch:

  • Where exactly do you want to be on the map (describe the location in relation to other nations' locations):

  • If that spot becomes no longer available, what is your second choice for location:

The map is updated at least once a week, usually on Sundays. My goal is for there to be an average turnaround of less than five days. I will let you know when you have been added, usually by replying to your telegram with "Added." I will most likely not respond to your telegram until such time as I have added you or messaged you back seeking clarification if there's a problem.

In order to stay on the map, you must post on any regional in-character role-play thread at least once a month AND you must also do at least one of the following every ten days or less:

1. Publish or significantly and clearly add to a nation-building factbook entry.
2. Post on any regional role-play thread (including but not limited to the news, tweets, citizens, or League threads).

If you're going to be on an extended vacation or unavoidable absence, telegram the current Secretary of Role-Play and me and I will likely hold your spot for you if you have shown in the past to be an active member.

No puppets. No nation on the map may serve in any capacity in any foreign region's government.

All players must use a single nation name for all of the region's affairs. Creating and using a new nation to RP as a territory or province is heavily discouraged.

See also additional rules for specific instances:

I'm never going to hand out land to puppet accounts. If you wish to govern a piece of land as a puppet, you may do so, but to avoid confusion every spot on the map will be labeled with the main nation that the player runs.

As for colonies/territories/additional areas that your nation plans to take over, these lands are meant to be fairly temporary and risky to hold. These lands are not handed out by request, rather you must RP for them over a series of posts (regional news thread is a good venue for these) and a significant length of time. You need to have an adequate casus belli to take these lands, and then have to spend weeks of real life time guarding the area or fighting for the area. Diplomatic agreements over the sake of the lands can also happen, but the outcome must be in agreement of everyone in the immediate area. Again, these lands are risky to hold, and are meant to be shifted around if you are not adequately defending them or a larger military alliance moves in to take the area.

Always message me if you plan on trying to take one of these lands, because some are meant for new nations and others would make reasonable targets. Generally, if it is a very small island or small peninsula then it is an acceptable target for your imperialism.

These lands will be labeled with a name (suggested by you or a majority of other interested parties), so that everyone will know what area is being talked about.

These lands should generally be assumed to be unpopulated, unless agreed otherwise by a reasonable majority of players.

After you have claimed these lands for a significant period of time, they will be marked with your national initials in parenthesis (Vancouvia would be VC, for example).

Anti-imperialistic nations can and should denounce imperialist nations that wish to take over these lands, perhaps by banding together in a military alliance that resists these takeovers.

Generally, you should stick to your initial claim. If this imperialism gets out of hand, then it may slow down to a halt, as the primary purpose of the map is to allow new nations the chance to make an initial claim, not old nations to expand their influence. My discretion will be used on this issue if necessary.

Main rules:

1. The lands should be very small, and not able to be used for new nations
2. You need to communicate with me before making any moves to take the lands
3. My discretion will be used to determine what is reasonable and what is not
4. You need to write up a detailed factbook about the lands
5. This should not be the one of the first RPs you try
6. The RP needs to be able to be participated in by many nations; it needs to increase the degree of RP in the region
7. The RP should be a novel idea, i.e. something that has not happened before in the region

If a nation is defeated in a war, and all parties agree, then I am willing to adjust claims to reflect new ground taken by the winning nation. I am also willing to reflect purchases of land between close nations, as long as it is reasonable (no buying land from nations on the other side of the map).

Under only two conditions may a nation move their map spot, and it is highly discouraged:

1. New nations, as they may not quite grasp how role-playing works and will not know their neighboring nations, may move their spot during their first week in the region.
2. Nations who have been in the region for at least three months and have during that time displayed an active and productive history may petition for a new spot on the map, provided that the move will not drastically impact the role-play histories of other nations in the region, and there is substantial merit for the move to take place.

Read dispatch

In General

1. Treat others how you want to be treated.
2. Be friendly, welcoming, and supportive of everyone, but more so to the new nations of the region.
3. Don't sabotage, harass, or annoy anyone, in the region or elsewhere.
4. Don't engage in one-sided role-playing, for example by invading a nation that does not want to be invaded.
5. Keep your military strength conservatively realistic.
6. Everyone is equal! Elitism isn't welcome here.
7. Alts/puppet accounts cannot vote. If caught voting, you face expulsion from the region.
8. Follow the NationStates rules.

RMB Rules

The RMB is used for:

1. Communicating with the region as a whole, for announcements either on personal matters or about your nation.
2. Welcoming new nations.
3. General conversation about news or other non-controversial topics.
4. Advice on national issues.
5. Help on anything concerning NationStates itself.
6. Campaigning, once an election poll has gone up.
7. Advertising a regional news article or paper, only once per 12 hours.

The RMB is NOT used for:

1. One-on-one conversations. These should occur through telegram.
2. Role-playing events. These will occur in threads on the NationStates forums that will be linked to on the regional world factbook entry. This is so they do not get lost in a sea of other messages on the regional message board.
3. Controversial discussion. These should occur in public threads on the forums.
4. Spam, inside jokes, troll language, memes, etc. Each message should be at least a full sentence and be either helpful, informative, or evoke conversation.
5. Non-English conversation. Use English.
6. Incredibly long posts, particularly those copy-pasted from something else.

Telegram Rules

1. No regional telegrams can be sent out by non-officers, for any reason, including to campaign
2. Officers can only send out regional telegrams if absolutely necessary, such as in order to conduct their duties or conduct elections
3. Residents may, of course, still telegram any other resident privately for any reason, including to campaign

Breaking the Rules

Upon violating the rules, the following events are likely to happen:

1. Suppression of RMB posts
2. Telegram/post asking to stop
3. Kick from the region
4. Ban from the region

These events may occur in a different order depending on the severity of the offense(s). The telegram/post may come from any nation; if someone warns you that you are breaking the rules, that counts as a warning.

The Free Lands of Vancouvia