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Thou Shalt Not Retag: 10 Commandments of Detagging

[center][b][size=200]Ten Commandments of Detagging[/size][/b][/center]
[center][i][url=]First posted[/url][/i] by [nation=short]Cormac Stark[/nation], reposted by [nation=short]Union of Kiwi Socialists[/nation] in dispatch form with permission following their deletion by Cormac.[/center]
1. Thou shalt not impose your own World Factbook Entry.

2. Thou shalt instead retrieve the region's original WFE, using the resources provided below.

3. Thou shalt not impose your own region/org's flag.

4. Thou shalt instead retrieve the region's original flag, with the resources below, or if you can't do that abolish the region's flag.

5. Thou shalt not impose tags that haven't been chosen by the region's natives.

6. Thou shalt instead retrieve the region's original tags, with the resources below, while removing tags imposed by the tag raiders (usually "Invader," often "Recruiter Friendly"). If you can't find the original tags, remove all tags.

7. Thou shalt not establish embassies with your region/org.

8. Thou shalt instead close the embassy or embassies the raiders established, and try to restore any embassies the raiders closed.

9. Thou shalt not post on the Regional Message Board unless invited to do so by natives.

10. Thou shalt instead suppress any raider posts on the RMB and unsuppress any native posts that the raiders suppressed.


[size=150][b]Detagging Resources[/b][/size]

[b][url=]Google[/url][/b] - You can often use Google's cache to find original WFEs, tags, and embassies. Just type "[insert region here]" into the search engine to find all the subdomains available, one of which is likely to have the original content.

[b][url=]Wayback Machine[/url][/b] - If Google cache doesn't work, the Wayback Machine often will.

[b][url=]WFE Index[/url][/b] - This resource, maintained by Eluvatar of the United Defenders League, will almost always give you a region's original WFE.

[b][url=]Flag Database[/url][/b] - This resource, also maintained by Eluvatar of the UDL, will almost always have a region's original flag.

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