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How to Raid/Defend, Explained Easily

I'll make this as simple as possible. R/D means Raiding/Defending.

How to R/D: Move your nation with a WA into a region.

How to R/D as a whole: Move your new nation with a WA from a late update region into a region right before update time while endorsing another nation with a WA, and hoping you're not banjected as you move in.

Let me explain:
"Move your new nation" - You don't move your main nation around. You create a new nation(a puppet), usually one that isn't traced to you at all, in order to R/D.
"with a WA" - Only way to R/D is to use your WA(World Assembly), since the WA Delegate of the region you're R/Ding has an executive delegate. (Exec Del can change the WFE, ban + eject nations, set a regional password, AND vote on WA proposals)
"from a late update region" - If your nation is in a region that updates, that nation is useless for the rest of the update. The alternative to this, if you can't get to a late-update region, is to make a new nation after the region you'll be jumping from updates at it's time, and jump after it has updated, thus rendering it useful. But the key is to move a non-updated nation into the region. This entire idea is highly complicated, and I apologize if this is complicated.
"into a region" - The other VERY important part of R/D. Unless you're trying to gather up influence in a region before you actually shoot for the WA Del seat, you always move into another region.
"right before update time" - If you move too early before the region you're jumping into updates at it's time, the WA Del can (ban +) eject you before you have a chance to do anything with your WA. If you move too late, your WA nation is useless until next update in twelve hours.
"while endorsing another nation with a WA" - Your WA is useless if you have no one else to endorse you/for you to endorse. Multiple people are absolutely required.
"and hoping you're not banjected as you move in." - If you're banjected by the WA Del, your nation is useless to the team as they jump into the region.

Terms You Need To Know:
Founder - If your region has an active founder, your raid will never happen, and your liberation is not needed.
Executive WA Delegate - This is what EVERY mission requires. This is the goal of a raider and of a defender to have.
WA - World Assembly, how you'll be R/Ding.

I'll add more if I must, but I wish to keep it simple. Feel free to pin it to your WFEs, this is no advertisement.

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