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Hello there Nationstates users, I'm Pablo Escobar, noted drug dealer, one time politician and man killer by day and figurative lady killer by night, and being the brains of this operation I'm here to talk about the overhaul I'm undertaking of Trevor Phillips Enterprise's Factbooks. Now as you can see while most of the factbooks are "funny" (read : full of stereotypes and dick jokes) they do not really have must structure to them, the reason being that I was mainly just playing with the tools of dispatches when I started out, with no clear end goal in mind. Having played this some more though I had come with more Ideas on how to present all the content in a more organised manner, which is why in the following weeks I will undertake this revamping of my factbooks and forums threads to hopefully create a nice systematic way of formulating all my stereotypes and dick jokes.

Things that will be changed would include:

-A formal wiki page about us (Both TPE as a company and San Andreas as a state) which will give you more information about what we are and some clearing of misconceptions (We are not a country, we are a company DAMMIT! WE LIVE IN SAN ANDREAS! We are not the sovereign government of the land, just an out of control criminal organisation)

-The wiki articles will be re-purposed for other uses. Snowstorm will go to the history page, Ammu-nation will most likely go to the BAWQAS portfolio (see below).

-A brief geography page about San Andreas (mainly Blaine county) and its physical environment (or what of it is left unravaged by industry).

-History on the great man himself, Trevor Phillips. We will go from birth to Union depository Heist and everything in between, maybe even more!

-The third religious cult, LinkThe Children of the Mountain, will get their own page. All 3 cults (Epsilon, Altruists and Children of Mountain) will be "official religions" (I love them all).

-A BAWSAQ portfolio of our company in which we will use as a holding place for all my forum based store fronts like FlyUS and Maze bank. Looking to bring Warstocks Cache and Carry, LinkLegendary Motorsports and even my own "goods" to the forums as well.

-More Propositions and Laws! People really seem to think that mandatory conceal carry and medical cocaine for headaches usage were great ideas so I will bring more laws from the genius of criminals.

-My signature will be brought back when most of these changes are in effect.

Trevor phillip enterprises