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All you need to know about defending and joining the NZDA

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Hello, whether you are new to NationStates and don't quite know what to do, or you've heard about the New Zealandia Defender Army (NZDA), and are looking for more info, you've come to the right place! This quick guide will focus on defending and the NZDA. The NZDA is a small but Active defending group, and were always on the lookout for new members, so be sure to sign up!

See applying to join the NZDA to see how to sign up!

What's defending?:
this pretty much says all you would ever want to know, but for convience sake ill go over the basics.
When you defend, you liberate a region from raiders, raiders are the ones that move to a region, gain WA delegate control through endorsements, and tag the regions WFE (world Factbook entry), replacing what it once was with a tag.
Essentially killing the region and forcing the natives to move elsewhere.
Defending is basically reversing the process and allowing the region to prosper once more. We do that by seizing back WA delegate control using WA puppets. one (or more) puppet(s) will endorse another puppet, wich will become delegate and gain administrative powers.
For liberating the region we generally use the LinkWFE index and the Linkflag archive to restore the region(following the 10 commandments of detagging). We also kick/ban raider nations, unsupress RMB posts accordingly, remove embassy's with raider trophy regions and remove the 'invader' tag. Once all that's done we move out like we were never there.
Although we never tag the region ourselves. That ruins the point of "restoring a region"
Note: you can never have more than one nation in the WA at a time because otherwise you will get banned. But it's fair, the whole essence of raiding/defending would be unfair otherwise.

Applying to join the NZDA:
If you want to apply, tg the founder or any of the ranking officers, and we should shoot you back a reply shortly saying your training period has started (unless we already know you, or if your application is denied), during your training period you will help us defend by moving to the designated region and endorsing our to-be delegate.
This training period is for us to get to know you, and ensure you're not a spy.
After the training period we'll let you have more freedom in what liberations you perform, let you choose what regions to defend, and let you lead liberations yourself.

Leaving the NZDA:
Not really a big deal. Just TG a ranking officer about your retirement and well sort it out
But please give a 24hour notice beforehand.

What's defender unity and why do we need it?:
*cough hogwarts cough*
Raiding groups are constantly outgrowing and outwitting defending groups, so to combat this force, defenders need to band together. at the moment defenders don't like to help each-other out, and they usially stick to themselves, because most defenders focus on detagging regions, and not the bigger picture.
So we need to spread the word, and start sharing information, work together, be on good terms with each other, help each other out and most importantly, have fun. because otherwise, raiders will continue to beat us.
I believe I know why the raiders have found this edge over defenders.
Raiders already have unity, they help other raider groups tag regions,
I believe that's because all raiders are out for the purpose of tagging regions and having fun, whereas defenders lack unity due to defending because they believe it's the 'right' thing to do, to liberate regions. They don't enjoy themselves as much as the raiders, instead they just focus on what's 'right'. So that's why we need to change the way we look at defending, to make defending popular, we need to make defending fun.
Raiders are not enemies, only rivals.

Here's a detailed overview of the hogwarts dilemma and why defender unity is needed for the sake of defending as a whole

Lost phantoms