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Storm's OOC Information.

Infobox on Stormwrath (OOC)


NS Nations:
- Stormwrath
- Perseid Federation
- Valkea

Aliases and Titles:
- Stormwrath
- Storm
- Unit_570RM, Unit
- Sailorwrath, Sailor
- Mahō Shōjo and Nectar Lord of NSLegion
- Sailor Senshi of Uranus
- Stormy-ssu (by Sindrya)
- Storm-senpai (by Mirakai and Atmora)

Age: 17

Location: Philippines

NS Affiliation: Roleplayer
Tech Level: Future Tech, Modern Tech (occasionally)
Main Haunt(s): II, P2TM

NS Roles:
- Tanabiku Galaxy Founder
- MSU Founder & CIS Head Commissioner
- MF Member
- CoM Member
- I'm not listing all of my alliances here.
Look in my forum sig.

Religious Affiliation: Christianity
Political View: Like it matters.
Political Compass: Not on scale.
Seriously. My result came as off the scale.

Hobbies: Drawing, biking, reading, writing, lurking

Hello everyone! I am Stormwrath, known to many nations as Storm. OOC stuff is up for grabs here. I'm not going to disclose everything since some of you may be stalkers. You know, the ones that breathe down the back of my neck with a bloodstained axe in hand in case I engage in a conversation with a member of the opposite sex. It happens. >_>

So, why three nations?
This is because in certain cases, using my main account (Stormwrath) may not be the best idea in interacting with other nations. Seriously, Stormwrath's too OP. I mean, imagine a star-state owning more than 60 galaxies and hundreds of 200 km long ships showing up on your planet. That's f***ed up. That's why I made Perseid Federation for interacting with more members of the FT community.

As for Stormwrath though, I may have less NS/II presence with it. That doesn't mean I'll leave those two subforums with this account, only limit its interactions; especially since the Intergalactic Empire is part of a separate canon. Don't fret though, I am still using it when interacting in P2TM.

"Okay, what about Valkea?"

That nation is going to be my MT puppet. Like Perseid Federation, it is going to be more restrained though this account may be neglected from time to time because of my gravitation to FT. (What? FT's fun.) Valkea is still in the process of worldbuilding, so it may take a while before I debut it to the MT RP Community.

Links to official factbooks:
LinkThe Intergalactic Empire of Stormwrath (Perpetually under renovation. :P)
The Perseid Federation
LinkRepublic of Valkea (Still a WIP.)

Impressions on certain nations
WIP, depends if they want to be described and/or anime-ified/likened to a certain anime character in terms of appearance and/or personality. I should stop typing too much. xD

Storm has participated in these RPs

Simplicity in Conflict
It's Been How Long? (As Perseid Federation)
In Times of Need (As Perseid Federation)
Discourse and Discord (As Perseid Federation)
The Beacon (As Perseid Federation)

In Memorial of the Fallen (OP)
Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum (Inactive)
KanColle 2000 (Inactive)
Personification Life

Quotes about me
Because I never had enough room for them in my sig. :P

New Babylonia wrote:
ur fais is hype.
or something.

TriStates wrote:
You, Stormie-person, are now my temptor/temptress. For your thread calls to me

Faal Lot Himdah wrote:
By the way... Beautiful

Needs less Kyrusia quotes. xD

[11:17] <Kyrusia> Sailorwrath is the only one allowed to wear the official RWBY panties.

[08:42] <agy> well a storm is the ocean's wrath upon sailors... :p


[16:56] <FRFS> Sailor has spoken damn it.
[16:57] <FRFS> You will harder.

[14:02] <Telros> you are now WrathSailorStorm

[14:57] <Kyrusia> You could say he's the Sailor Senshi of...
[14:57] * Kyrusia dons sunglasses.
[14:57] <Kyrusia> Uranus.

[09:58] <Kyrusia> No one makes money off Sailor but me; he is mine. DWI. Notice the brand.

[17:56] <Heliocalypse> sailor is actually a genius

[17:58] <Kyrusia> No refunds. We do not guarantee any experience involving Sailor to be a good one.

[11:16] <Iota> Sailor is the worst person ever but can't hear me say this so ha

Other sources


[1:14:55 PM] Mobius Katchmar: I know.
[1:15:21 PM] Mobius Katchmar: Because he wants to take a dinghy out on the open sea and sail away from the islands of the Philippines.
[1:15:31 PM] Mobius Katchmar: He's always sailorsomething.

Quirky quotes

Icrum wrote:
I just realized I'm in nobodies sig.

How have I failed this much?

Galloism wrote:
Wrong. My ideal form of government is rule by me.

Which will always work well for me.


[17:30] <Swith> warp isn't sleeping. storm isn't studying. agy isn't hw-ing. and i'm still wide awake
[17:30] <Swith> we're doomed

[08:57] <Kyrusia> Huggles!
[08:57] <Kyrusia> It's only one step away from being lewd!

[09:36] <NewPyrrhius> I wanna know what everyone's gawking at.
[09:37] <Telros> bewbs

[12:15] * Kyrusia has actually been ship'd with another NS'er before; no, I'm not telling.
[12:15] <Santh> that's weird
[12:15] <Sailor> It's not Xis, is it?
[12:15] <Kyrusia> No, not Xis. No one in this channel.
[12:16] <Santh> Xis isn't here...
[12:16] * Sailor knows. :P
[12:16] <Kyrusia> But also not Xis.
[12:16] <Santh> clearly it was the two of you
[12:16] <Santh> I like you two together
[12:16] <Santh> it's cute
[12:16] <Sailor> O_o
[12:17] <Kyrusia> xD!
[12:17] <Santh> Sailorusia

[22:51] <Vahk> We don't want your bloody hurr durr I'm a genderqueer apache helicopter sh*t here; sure, you're genderqueer and an apache helicopter, good sh*t, now can we get back to what the forum is about?

[10:39] <Kyrusia> A few ten thousand years from now, it will be revealed Manny Pacquiao was actually the immortal God-Emperor in occultation.

[09:30] <FRFS> Sailor rises from the dead
[09:30] <FRFS> Sailor is Jesus
[09:30] * FRFS bows

[12:46.03] <MissSHolmes> Who lives in a pineapple on IRC?
[12:46.15] <MissSHolmes> STORM THE SAI-LOR!


[2:22 PM] Macisikan: ...I like that it's Sailor's antics that get the "WTF is wrong with you" response.