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Official Information File

General Information

Therians are the far-future descendants of mankind. After thousands of years of scientific and technological advancements mankind genetically altered itself from Homo Sapiens to the much more advanced post-human Homo Therians. Consequently the Universal State of the Therians was founded and has since developed into an extremely advanced inter-galactic civilization. The Therian State is extremely liberal, open-minded and compassionate while having a strong focus on the security of its civilization.

Sociobiological Structure

As outlined above Therians are superior, genetically advanced post-singularity humans - they are living in a symbiotic relationship with Sentient Binary NanoParticles.

The endosymbiotic NanoParticles are enhancing the Therians with improved perceptions, advanced cognitive capabilities, subdermal armor, automated nanomedical control of the physical and mental health state, internal communication nodes, internal deflector shield systems and internal teleporting nodes.

Thus the Therians view themselves as a form of what they call hyperlife - the term reflects the enhanced multi-spectrum capabilities, achieved due to their advanced genetic structure and symbiotic NanoParticles.


As mentioned Therians are a unique genetically and socially engineered, planned society - a new kind of human civilization. A civilization of science and personal development - with an almost symbiotic society. Some may say the future of mankind.

The centrally designed Therian Civilization is optimized to maintain a perfectly synchronized society while at the same time guaranteeing a maximum of individual freedom to its citizens. The government’s main focus is a society functioning in harmony - a society of consciousness and raised awareness.

As mentioned before daily life culture is inclusive, compassionate and extremely liberal. Self-realization and a peaceful and harmonic life are considered a birthright of all beings.


Therians are a technologically superior, fully automated civilization. They possess almost unlimited numbers and astounding levels of technology, including highly developed nanotech and information systems that allow them to reshape their habitat spaces in any way they can imagine it.

Intelligent Nanobots are providing universal and unlimited access to all goods and services imaginable for every citizen according to his own will. The concept of paid labor is totally unkonwn. The economic situation is meta-stable (citizens are not affected by the economic situation).


Therians artificially created the Therian Microverse by restructuring subspace on a subquantum-level into a static and therefore eternal system of space-time. The Therian Microverse is a small, extremely inaccessible quantum-gravity tensor-bubble - located deep inside of subspace. It was created to serve as a super-maximum-security sanctuary for all Therians. Furthermore the Therian Microverse has its own isolated 'space-time reality' - making the Therians one of the most isolated and protected civilizations existing.

below: Map of the (extradimensional) Therian Microverse


As mentioned before, Therians are the descendants of humanity. Mankind emerged on planet earth around 295,000BC. Around 4000BC it overcame stoneage-level but it took further 6000 years to reach interstellar-level.

That time (about 2240AD) marked the beginning of a new era for mankind. Due to massive improvements in the fields of quantum-gravity physics, nano technology and most of all artificial intelligence a technological singularity was achieved. Mankind genetically altered itself to become an advanced new human race (Homo Therians). At the end of this period mankind united itself and founded the Universal State of the Therians (2274AD). This was one of the greatest moments of our species - it was the first time in human history that all human beings came together as one nation.

Around 14,580AD - after millenia of technological developement and massive scientific research - the Therian State artifically created the Therian Microverse (→geography). Since that time the entire civilization is located inside the Therian Microverse. Nowadays (57,018AD) the Universal State of the Therians is an extremely advanced and stable multiversal civilization.

Population Centers & Capital City

The population is living on massive, heavily armored Dyson Spheres, as well as in star systems inside the Therian Microverse (with more than 99.99999% living on Dyson Spheres).

The extremely fortified Dyson Spheres of the empire are made of intelligent, self-renewing 'nano-matter' and have populations of hundreds of trillions each. They are each powered by an artificial, self-regenerating, controlable sun.

The capital of the empire is the Thera Dyson Sphere - located deep inside the Therian Microverse.


For more than 50,000 years the state is democratically ruled by embedded sentient NanoParticles. The government system is an auto-perceptive automated AI-supported real-time democracy. The government is careing and efficient and the political agenda is generally peaceful, social-minded and compassionate with a strong focus on science and security.

Defense Forces

The state is defended by extremely large and advanced defense forces, an ultra-massive multi-layered tactical infrastructure and billions of hidden back-up facilities.


The Universal State of the Therians is member of the multiversal SICON-Alliance (SICON: Strategic Integrated Coalition Network).


Currency: IsoUnit
Religion: none - Atheistic Moral-Logic-Code 1-21E
National Animal: Military Standard NanoCell SN072

Visual Data

below: female Therian

below: female Therian

below: female Therian wearing a tactical ExoSuit

below: Thera Dyson Sphere - artificial biosphere complex (Permaton Class; diameter: 175,000,000 kilometers)

below: Thera Dyson Sphere - interior, overview

below: Thera Dyson Sphere - Ulantai HabComplex

below: Nitaran - town (location: inside Thera Dyson Sphere)

below: Pushkalavati - small town (location: inside Ardu Dyson Sphere)

below: Aikion Arcology - (location: inside Masaq Dyson Sphere)

below: Construction of new Dyson Spheres - typical monoblock-assembling

below: Therian Intelligence Directorate - Special Activities Division Agents

below: Therian Defense Forces - adverse terrain training

below: Therian Defense Forces - Automated Standard Infantry [Type: MILSTD AT43]

below: Therian Defense Forces - Automated Heavy Infantry [Type: MILSTD AT43H]

below: Therian Defense Forces - Automated Special Forces Unit [Type: MILSTD ST82M]

below: Therian Defense Forces - 15,204th Tactical Division

below: Therian Defense Forces - Fleet Combat Training

below: Therian Defense Forces - Tactical Warship (Sigma-Urtesh Class; length: 2,500 kilometers; crew: 2 million)

below: Therian Defense Forces - Heavy Tactical Sphere (Andrash-Ilo Class; diameter: 5,000 kilometers; crew: 10 million)

below: Therian Defense Forces - Strategic Command Sphere (Tenron-Iota Class; diameter: 10,000 kilometers; crew: 25 million)

below: Therian Defense Forces - Super-Maximum-Security Facility NF-482605 (close-up: hangar blast doors opening)

below: Therian Defense Forces - Super-Maximum-Security Facility NF-772540

below: Therian Science Departement - Stellar Research Facility Conshelf 02

below: Therian Science Departement - sub-microscopic fail-safe biosphere (hidden inside of a single electron).
Fail-safe biospheres are basically 'reality bunkers' developed to further improve the survivability of the civilization.

highest NS ranking: 29th in the world

The Universal State of the Therians is represented on NS since January 4th, 2015.