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Historian Resources | Map and Land Claim Guidelines


Map and Land Claim Guidelines

A new nation's initial geographic claim may not exceed the total of Alaska, 663,268 square miles, or 1,717,856 square kilometers.

If a nation wishes to claim an area larger than the size on the initial limit, the Minisitry may consider activity of the claimed area and other relevant factors to make an exception if they choose.

A new nation's claim will be placed on the map only after they have completed the Initial Application and it has been processed by the regional administration.

Expansions beyond the initial limit may be made after a nation has been placed on the map for three days and has completed at least one roleplaying message board post.

The first expansion may be no more than 350,000 square miles (906,499 square kilometers), and must be contiguous unless there are special circumstances preventing this.

In order to claim additional land as mentioned in point 2, the expanding nation must fill out an Expansion Request. For more details on this form, please see this factbook.

Territorial expansions past the initial claim (including the initial expansion) must be approved by the Ministry In certain cases, the Ministry as well as the region as a whole may be consulted. For more information on this subject, please see Regional Administration.

All additional expansions must be roleplayed thoroughly to be considered valid. This roleplay may be modern-day or historical, depending on the circumstance, and must be of appropriate length for the area being claimed. (An RP to expand into Liechtenstein is going to be shorter than an RP to expand into Tibet)

Should two nations claim the same open land at the same time, the Ministry will attempt to split the land/reconcile canonical differences to accommodate both nations. If there can be no agreement, the claim received first will be favored and the second nation will be allowed to choose another location.

A nation may move its entire claim, however it can only do so once. The move must also coincide with a change in canon.

Leaving the region or ceasing to exist, for any amount of time, forfeits a nation's land claim.

Should a nation leave/cease to exist and subsequently return to the region, they must reapply for map placement as if they were a new nation.

Depending on land value and overall size of a nation's claim, the Ministry reserves the right to limit a nation's claim size at a certain point at their discretion, a topic further outlined in Volume 4.
a. Non-contiguous expansions are limited to explicitly justifiable circumstances. Blatant colonialism is not allowed. This includes colonial puppets, and excludes Commonwealth realm puppets.

Puppets are allowed, but there are restrictions. For rules on Puppet Claims, please read here.

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