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Why We Fight - The Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces

My fellow nations of the Renegade Islands Alliance, I feel that it is necessary to inform you of recent events within our region.

Only a few days ago, it was brought to my attention that a nation within our region was actively attempting to illegally replace our democratically selected delegate. The nation in question did this by bringing in other outside forces and by trading endorsements with native members of the RIA. The nation has been dealt with, and measures have been taken to ensure our regional security should I not be present to do so myself.

I would like to thank our regional Security Officer, Tangaroan Islands, for his diligence and dedication to our region. He brought the matter to me as soon as he discovered it, and together we were able to decide on an appropriate course of action. I would also like to thank our friends in other regions, for their invaluable input and expertise as events unfolded.

Let this event serve as a reminder to all of you of the true purpose of the Renegade Islands Alliance. We are not swords. We have experienced attacks from those who would seek the destruction of sovereign governments. We have thwarted attempts to overthrow our democracy, to incite confusion and chaos. We have survived attempts to dismantle our community, to tear apart honest friendships.

We are not swords. We will not contribute to the destruction of communities.

Nations in other regions are not as lucky as we are. We are shields. Other nations do not understand the threats they face in founderless regions, they do not understand the threats caused by inactive delegates, or delegates with few endorsements. They do not see the need for security, yet they still fall victim to attacks from raiders. Raiders still take regions by force, they displace communities, they stifle communication, and they interfere with regional sovereignty.

We are shields. We will work tirelessly to defend those who cannot defend themselves, or who have not yet discovered the need to do so.

Fellow nations of our beloved region, this attempt to subvert our democracy was no cause for serious concern, but we cannot allow ourselves to forget it. This incident is proof that nations will stop at nothing to take that which does not belong to them, to destroy that which they have not built. Through the Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces, we will combat that threat. We cannot allow another community to fall without having made an effort to protect it first. We enjoy peace and freedom in our region, and I believe that it is our duty to introduce these concepts to as many nations as we can.

Let us protect them, free them, and empower them where we can, when we can, and however we can.

The 💩💩💩 of Shizensky