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I'm here, what now? (Or I've been here and want to try new things!)

Welcome to Wintreath!
A crossroads of fun and opportunity...

Greetings, and welcome to Wintreath! Thanks for choosing our region as your home in NationStates. I hope you will dive into everything the region has to offer and that you will become part of the community, because the people in the region are the real stars of the community. This guide is meant to help get you started and point you in the direction you want to go in! This will be a long guide, but it goes into sections. If you're not interested in a section, just skip it.

Before I begin, I want to take a moment to encourage you to register on Linkour off-site forums and apply for Citizenship. Citizenship gives you the full rights granted by our regional Constitution, including the right to become a part of government and to vote in elections, as well as gives you full access to our region, including the government areas of our forum. Once you register on our forums, you can apply for Citizenship by Linkfilling out this form and Linkposting it in this forum.

Now, I ask. What do you want to do in the region?

I just want to explore around...

Nothing wrong with getting to know the lay of the land first. As an explorer, I would recommend viewing our region page completely, checking out our Linkregional forums, and reading our Linkour government guide so you get a basic feel of how our region works and interacts with each other. On both the region page and our forum (if you make an account), you can post and ask questions if you need help settling in the region or choosing a direction you want pursue. Sometimes interacting with your region-mates can clear some of the confusion behind the game!

I want to be part of the regional community!

Wonderful! Our friendly and open community is what the region is best known for! We may be very open, but you can be as open or as casual in the community as you would like. We're always happy to get to know new faces in our region. The best area to get involved in the community is on our Linkregional forums, as that is where the community is hosted. Of particular interest should be the community forums that are part of the Frozen Village of Fourneshore. Here you can tell us more about yourself, discuss both casual and serious topics, be part of contests and events, spam the forum, and just have fun without getting buried in the heavier parts of the region and game.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous you may also want to visit Linkour chatroom, where you can talk with others in real-time. The chat may be more or less active depending on the time of day, but this is where many fun chats are had, and anyone that is on will be more than happy to welcome you in.

I want to participate in government!

An excellent choice! We're always looking for talented people willing to dedicate some time and effort into improving the region through government work, whether it happens to be someone working in our Civil Service, serving in a Ministry, or being elected to the regional legislature and focusing on law. There are many appointed and elected positions that may potentially have your name on them.

To start, you must apply for Citizenship, as only Citizens have the right to join in the political process. Once you have joined, an excellent place to start is to read Linkour government guide so you know how the government is ran and you have some idea of where you'd like to be involved. Then you can browse Linkour laws to get an idea of how the law works in the region.

If you are a new member, I would recommend serving in the Civil Service and/or running for election to the Underhusen, the lower chamber of our legislature. Both have a fine tradition of new Citizens proving themselves in these areas, and I have personally always been a fan of new Citizens bringing fresh blood and ideas to the legislature. It's the platform I ran on when I was running for a legislature as a new player!

I want to join or create a roleplay!

Awesome! We have several varieties of roleplay and lore areas on our forums, and I hope we will have something you'll be interested in.

Most recently we launched LinkThe Wonderful World of Wintreath, a light in-character roleplay revolving around the entire region! Visit the local tavern, the royal castle, a resort, or make your own location...then, just have fun and hang out with the other characters of our region. It's a great way to get into the community in a casual manner, too.

Somewhat related is LinkThe Wintreath Chronicles, our database of lore, characters, and locations in the region that's open to use in any roleplay taking place in the region. All Citizens are free to contribute to the Chronicles if they so wish.

If you want something a little more heavy, check out our Linkroleplay forums, which list all roleplays that have ever been created by members of our community. And if none of those suit your fancy, why not create your own? We have a dedicated Linkforum for proposals so that roleplay creators can find people that may be interested in joining in. If there is interest, we will help you with the technical aspects of securing a forum area for your roleplay, so all you have to focus on is the fun stuff.

I want to join the regional military and be a soldier!

That's great to hear! Our military, the Hvitt Riddaral, defends against invasions in other regions, liberates regions that have already been invaded, and upholds the honour and sovereignty of our region. To get started, you must be a Citizen, so if you haven't already, follow the directions above and apply for Citizenship! Then check out our Linkguide on military gameplay. It may be a little dry and academic, but it will inform you about the factions that partake in military gameplay, the types of military ops that occur, and the mechanics behind why ops work the way they do.

If it sounds like something you'd like to be part of, your next step is to apply for either the LinkHvitt Riddarl or the LinkSkydande Vakt depending on your availability. I want to stress that even if you are available once a day for a few minutes that is still enough time to be part of the military in some fashion, so don't let lack of time and the confusing mechanics of the military deter you. You'll realize it's simpler to do the ops than to read about them, I promise.

This information should help you get started in Wintreath somewhere that you would enjoy, but if you still have questions or need help settling in the region, feel free to post on our region page or send a telegram to myself (Wintermoot) or our Jarl of Integration (Point breeze). We'll be happy to answer any questions and get you on your way.

Best of luck! I look forward to knowing you as a part of our region!

Most sincerely yours,

Inric Nordrim Kestar (Wintermoot I of Wintreath)
Monarch and Founder of Wintreath

The Wintrean Monarch of Wintermoot