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List of Banners Achievements Unlocked


a) Introduction:
New Around Here: Found a nation!
Autumnal: See in your first national birthday
A New Day: Change from one nation classification to another

b) General:
Mega-Metropolis: Combine 10 billion citizens with a powerhouse economy
Beached: Develop a compassionate populace in a nation with a good environment
Aspire: Develop a strong economy in a scientifically advanced nation with a good environment
Morning Calm: Achieve balance in all things

c) Population and type of grow:[b]
Custom #1-4: 50, 200, 1000, 10.000 M inhabitants
Seeing in the Dawn: Develop a population of at least 6 million citizens
Window Shopping: Develop a cultured nation of at least 80 million with good civil rights
Renovator's Delight: Combine 100 million citizens with a weak economy
River City: Combine 100 million citizens with a reasonable economy
Modern Steel: Reach 100 million citizens with an excellent environment and economy
Incremental Improvement: Develop a good economy in a nation of at least 200 million
Artist's Impression: Develop high levels of economic freedom in a nation of at least 250 million citizens
They Grow Up So Fast: Develop a good economy in a nation of 300 million citizens
Beating Heart: Reach 300 million citizens with a very strong economy and a non-terrible environment
Metropolis: Combine 400 million citizens with a good economy
Skyward: Reach 500 million citizens with a very strong economy
Bright Lights, Big City: Combine 1 billion citizens with a very strong economy
The Hills are Alive: Develop a beautiful environment in a nation of 1 billion citizens
Island of Many Hills: Develop a very strong economy in a nation of 2 billion citizens
Steel and Glass: Reach 2 billion citizens with a strong economy
Urban Sprawl: Reach 5 billion citizens

a) Overview7
Inconsistent Service Delivery: Abolish the government
Pillar of Society: Grow the government
Seat of Power: Develop a large, tasteful government
Faces of Aigania #1-13: Develop excellent civil rights
Domed: Develop excellent political freedoms
Perched: Divide into self-governing regions

b) Political Issues addressed:
Windswept: Address six issues
Snowed In: Address ten issues
Mesa: Address 15 issues
Queen of the Hill: Address 30 issues
A Many Spleandored Land: Address 50 issues
Crisp Morning: Address 75 issues
Green is the Morrow: Address 100 issues
Rocky Endeavor: Address 150 issues
Happy Trails: Address 200 issues
Icy Gaze: Address 250 issues
Immortal:Address 300 issues

c) Law and Order:
Thickening Blue Line: Boost the police force
Secure: Fill the prisons
No Rest for the Young: Develop a problem with youth crime
Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted: Close the borders to immigration
Slight Crime Problem: Develop a crippling crime problem in a reasonably wealthy nation of at least 500 million citizens
Listening in: Take a keen interest in what your citizens are doing
Nothing to See Here: Develop a serious crime problem
Needs of the Many: Enforce capital punishment
Secure: Fill the prisons
In My Sights: Support the right to bear arms

d) Foreign Affairs:
Respected: Be endorsed
Birds of a Feather: Be endorsed by six nations at once
Light the Lamps: Become influential in a region
A Voice at the Table: Join the World Assembly

e) Defense:
Stand Alone: Eschew the military
Peacekeepers: Build a military
Sunset Escort: Build a substantial military
Tanks for Everything: Build a large military
From Above: Build a very large military
A Moment's Peace: Combine a strong military with civil rights
Material Disadvantage: Build an inadequately-funded military
Atomic Age: Build bigger bombs
National Pride: Enforce compulsory military service

a) Overview:
Jacked In: Embrace technology
There Are Always More Questions: Become highly scientifically advanced
Out There: Become so technologically advanced, they don't even have a name for it

b) Space Exploration:
The Worlds Above Us: Reach for the stars

c) Biotechnology
Genetic Warfare: Combine a strong military with advanced medical research
Improvements Can Be Made: Fund extremely advanced health research
Medical Innovation: Fund advanced health research
Vats Entertainment: Embrace vats

a) Political Activism:
Popular Uprising: Defend the right to protest
Defiance: Cultivate a nation of activists
Power from the People: Develop a keenly politically-aware populace

b) Religion and Spirituality
Perspective: Believe in religious tolerance
Keeper of the Flame: Support alternative religions

c) Sex and Families
Together: Share the institution of marriage
Handheld: Stay out of the bedroom

d) Nudism and Clothing
Cheeky: Take it all off
Aiganian Fashion: Develop a world-class fashion industry

e-1) Senior Citizens:
Gray Power: Care for the elderly
Giving Back: Maintain an average citizen lifespan of at least 70 years

e-2) Retirement:
Extend your citizens' average lifespan beyond 80 years

f) Culture:
Under and Over: Simultaneously develop low inequality and high culture
High-Density Culture: Show an appreciation for the finer things
Nice Part of Town: Get cultured
Vista: Be cultured
Great Works: Be cultured and clever

g) Inteligence:
Power Grid: Boost education
Modern Style: Develop an intelligent populace
Minimalist Curves: Develop an extremely intelligent populace
Book Smarts: Develop a nation of readers
Book Repository: Develop quality libraries

h) Health:
Outdoor Pursuits: Combine a healthy populace, civil rights, and an excellent environment
Stadium: Develop healthy citizens
An Apple a Day: Encourage healthy eating
Budding Freedoms: Develop high recreational drug use
Abandoned: Exhibit a disturbingly high unnatural death rate

i) Welfare
Go It Alone: Reject state-funded welfare

Shacked Up: Combine a good environment with below-average economy
On the Water: Prioritize the environment over the economy
Something Better: Reject industry
Misty Morning: Protect the forests
Treefall: Protect the land
Waking in Paradise: Develop an extremely good environment
Ocean Nova: Develop a world-class environment

Sand and Rock: Attribute 1% of annual deaths to people getting lost in the wilderness
Red Dawn: Endorse a land-based animal

Clean and Green: Fund environmental initiatives
Cultivated: Provide government support for parks and nature reserves

a) Overview:
The Other Way: Develop a good economy without free markets
Ride the Wave: Trust the market
Business First: Prioritize commerce
You Didn't Build That: Engage in corporate welfare
Conference: Partner with private industry
Open for Business: Help your people do business
The Sun Always Rises: Exhibit low unemployment

b) IT Industry:
Server Room: Develop a strong technology industry
Interior Tech: Combine a strong IT industry with a powerhouse economy

c) Publishing Industry
Vaults of Knowledge: Develop a thriving publishing industry

d) Entertainment:
Everyone Wants a Piece: Develop a thriving entertainment industry

e) Power Industry:
Energy Source: Power the economy without mining
Revolving: Explore alternative forms of energy
Gone Fission: Build nuclear power plants

f) Tourism Industry
Cavern: Give tourism a state-funded helping hand to promote an excellent environment
Homeward, with Ripples: Develop a thriving tourism industry
Tourist Destination: Develop a culture-based tourism industry
Hiking: Leverage a beautiful environment into a thriving tourism industry

g) Agriculture Industry:
Delicious: Support the dairy industry
The Fish Are Worth It: Support the fishing industry
On the Menu: Eat your national animal
Rush Hour: Develop a Strong Cattle Industry

h) Transportation:
On Rails: Provide substantial public transport
No Limits: Abolish speed limits
Bike Lane: Ban automobiles
Railworks: Maintain a healthy economy in the absence of cars
Conveyance: Develop a strong transportation plan

i) Industry:
Foundry: Develop a solid industrial base
Platform for Expansion: Develop a very large industrial base
Export Sales: Develop a thriving private sector

Some Climbing Required: Write a Factbook
Stories to Tell: Publish a dispatch other than a Factbook
Every Road is a Story: Write five or more dispatches or factbooks

Oblong Secrets: Find an easter egg
Eggcellent Detective Work: Collect four easter eggs
Infected: Deal with the undead
Hilly Terrain: Become a site supporter

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