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National Defence Industries Council (NADIC)

National Defence Industries Council (NADIC)
National Defence Industries Council (NADIC) was established in August 1999 to ensure the development of the local defense industry are properly implemented.

The Council is chaired by the Deputy Secretary of Defense and its members consist of representatives from the Department of Defense, the Armed Forces, Economic Planning Unit, Dept. of Trade / Employment and Industry, Dept. of Treasury & Communication, Dept. of of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the local defense industry companies.

Saltbrige made Missiles System
Major Manufacturer
  • SaltArms

  • SaltArms Aerospace Div

  • SaltCom Missile Defense

  • Braun Trucks Ltd

  • DefPark Consortium

  • SaltYards

  • SaltArms Marine Div

Air to Surface Missile
A788 LAUREL (Laser Guided Rockets Light)

Smart Cruise Missile
LATIUM (Long-range Anti Infrastructure Missile)

Surface to Air
SEA - ACADEMIC -VL (Sea base Aerials Deniable Missile- Medium/ ER/ Vertical Launcher)
SADISM Mk II systems (Sea-launch Air Defense Missile System MR SAM)
FANTASY A9 System (Frigate-base Air Defense Systems SR SAM)
AFTERS (Anti-Aircraft Shoulder-base Rocket System)

ACADEMIC (Ground base Aerials Deniable Missile- Medium)
SA771 AASRAM (Anti Air Short Range Missile)

Surface to Surface
SA1119 LIFETIME (Lightweight Surface Effect Missile)
MUSEUM system (Medium-range Surface Effect Missile)

Air to Air
ANIMISM (Radar-guided Air-to-air Precision Missile System)
ANIMUS (IR Air-to-air Guided Missile System)

TOLAS - 1 (Torpedo Lightweight anti-Ship)
LORDSHIP Type C (Long-range Torpedo System - Heavy)

Anti Tank
A866 Attila-H (helicopter version Anti-Tank Missiles Light)
A866 Attila-G (ground version)

Radar suppression
ROMMEL (Air launch Radar Suppression Missiles Light)
ROMBERG (Radar Suppression Missiles Ground launch)

Saltbrige made Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV)


SA28 LANCER (Light Assult Entity in Cities Enviromental)

SA410 Rook AIFV 8x8
SA-X89 SPARTAN 6X6 AIFV (Prototype)

Saltbrige made Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)

SA46 Bisoon

SA119 Landshark
Saltbrige made Mobile Artillery System

SA755 Marksman
Saltbrige made Mobile Mortar System

Saltbrige made Army Truck

BT125 Truck

BT10 Utility Pickup

BT245 Cargo Truck
Saltbrige made Army Modular Truck
BT200 MURPHY (Modular Transport Platform - Heavy)

Saltbrige made SP Anti-air Gun

SA1170 SPATIAL(Self Propelled Anti-Aircraft Platform)

SA1219 ADMIL (Air Defense Missile Launcher) using multiple type of anti aircraft missile avaible in market.
Saltbrige made Main Battle Tank

SA90 Prowler (120mm Main Gun)

SA90 MK 3 Prowler D (125mm Main Gun)

M-132 Cobra MBT

Logistic Segment

Mobile Power Generators System

BT350 MILEPOST (Mobile Power Generators System)
Logistic Vehicle

SA454 Logistrain articulating wheeled vehicle

Navy Segment

Oldwich class Frigate

Lewsworthing class Missile Corvette

Pathfinder class ELINT Vessel

Chronicle class Fast Patrol Vessel

Saltbridge Surveyor class Research Vessel

Air Force Segment

SA80 MANTRA - Medium Range Transport Aircraft

SA152 HAWK (Helicopter Assult Weapon tank-Killer)

SA 900 Heavy Helicopter

Harpoon TR-1 TiltRotor