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Taco Island Charities: An Overview

Taco Island Charities: An Overview

Here's where you'll find out all the info you need about Taco Island Charities:

What We Do

Taco Island Charities' goals were perhaps best stated below:

Statement of Purpose

Taco Island Charities (TIC) is an organization devoted to helping 10000 Islands (XKI) prosper however possible. Moving forward, TIC will help XKI grow and prosper through a combination of

  • encouraging new members to stay,

  • encouraging old members to contribute to the region, and

  • build the reputation of TIC as an organization devoted to helping the region, so that it may more effectively reach out to the other nations in the region.

In general, TIC strives to be a force for nation retention, for increased activity, for donor recognition, and for overall good fun in the Islands. For links to further information, please see our headquarters thread Linkhere. For a more detailed list of our activities, giveaways, and promotions, see Linkhere.

How Can I Help?

Taco Island Charities relies on donations to continue its tradition of giving back to the Islands. If you would like donate to TIC, all the instructions can be found Linkhere. We've also set up a great donor rewards program to show our appreciation; you can learn more about that Linkhere. Finally, you can find a list of all of our donors since our restart Linkhere.


TIC was founded on February 4, 2007 by Coyotemen. On February 6, TIC received its Linkoriginal business license, with the aid of Sinn feins ireland and The enigmatic nation. After a period of inactivity, TIC was revived around 2011. After a successful run, TIC again went dormant, until it was revived by Paffnia in late 2014. At the LinkTIC Walk of Fame, you can learn more about the nations TIC has honored for their great contributions over the years.

Leadership and Legal Details

Taco Island Charities is a non-profit organization; your donations will go right to helping Islanders and furthering TIC's mission. Though we may pay for various services or wages needed by TIC, our budget will be almost exclusively devoted to our charitable activities. Indeed, our leadership is solely volunteers, who receive no compensation from donations or otherwise.

You can find TIC's current leadership Linkhere and our latest set of re-incorporation papers Linkhere.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to TG this account or Paffnia. If you have suggestions, you can post them Linkhere. TIC is happy to help, and we're always looking for suggestions on how we can continue to best serve the Islands community!

Taco Island Charities
Building a better tomorrow, one donation at a time