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The CTE Game

So I have decided to create a new game. Most day we have a few nations which Cease To Exist (CTE). Now in the real world nations do not just CTE for no reason so the game is to give a story of how that nation ceased to exist. These stories can be anything from victory in war at your hands, to a natural disaster, to well whatever you like, if you can think of a way to make a nation CTE and can write a short little story about it then go ahead. If multiple nations CTE on the same day you could write one story that explains both or write multiple stories or just explain one of them. Also don't hesitate to provide a competing theory as to why a nation ceased to exist. The more stories the merrier. Who knows maybe the writer of the best one will get an honorable mention in the regions factbook. Here is an example to show you what I mean:

Greater Noravia:
Operations had been running smoothly in The Dictatorship of Greater Noravia. Until the day when a car accident put the leader into a coma. With the way that the constitution of The Dictatorship of Greater Noravia was worded the next successor could not assume control until the death of the leader. This resulted in a power vacuum. This power vacuum resulted in a civil war between the top 3 generals of the nation. Each of them struggling for the upper hand. The second general decided the best way to gain this upper hand was to take control of the nations only state of the art nuclear fusion reactor. The reactor was located very near the point where the front lines of each of the rebel factions but laid just within the control of the first general. The second general launched his strike against the power plant. The first general was heavily entrenched in the power plant understanding its value. The battle between the first and second general raged for two days. In time news of the battle reached the third general. He formulated his own plan to capture the power plant. He moved his men into position behind the second generals forces. There he waited until the second generals forces had just breached the defensive line. Once the line was breached he launched his attack. Catching the second generals forces by surprise. They were forced to retreat into the power plant facility. Inside the facilities a stray bullet stuck the device which controlled the flow of material to the reactor. Without it the reactors became overloaded leading to massive explosions in each of the facilities 10 underground reactors. The force of the combined explosions opened a massive fissure in the planets crust allowing for a massive overflow of magma from the mantle onto the crust. Destroying much of the planets surface and turning the air into a toxic sulfuric gas.

Imperium of the wolf