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So I just joined The Other Reality. Now what do I do?

Beginner's guide to life in The Other Reality

Welcome, newcomers!

This dispatch was created as a guide for you to help you get started in The Other Reality, and how you can get involved in the region. But first, let us tell you a bit about ourselves.

The Other Reality was founded on August 26, 2014 as a region dedicated to International Incidents-style role play while maintaining a free, democratic regional government in a safe and friendly environment. Then, we were a small, isolationist group of role-players who were just hoping to get by without much trouble from other regions. Now, we have grown into an established role-play haven with a warm and lively community of dedicated role-players. So, how exactly do you get involved in this amazing experience?

Starting off

Here are some basic tips that will help you to navigate your way around The Other Reality. Following these tips will ensure that you are knowledgeable about what is currently happening in the region, and can help you avoid running afoul with the rules.

Tip #1: LinkRegister on the regional off-site forums. The forums are where we keep almost all of our information, which includes our rules, our laws, most of our discussion places, and all of our role-plays. Although it is not required for anyone to register, it is paramount to make an account so that you can experience the entirety of The Other Realty. A step-by-step guide is provided in the role-playing section of this dispatch.

Tip #2: LinkFamiliarize yourself with the way that The Other Reality is managed. The Other Reality is governed primarily by the nations that reside within it, and we have a whole forum category set up to hold our government meetings. It would definitely be helpful to read through our Linkconstitution, our Linkregional laws, and our Linkpenal code. Additionally, you should definitely be paying attention to our etiquette rules, and the rules for role play.

Tip: #3: Endorse the WA Delegate. The WA Delegacy has executive power, so this means that The Other Reality can be raided. Because we don't want this to happen, we need to maintain control over our Delegate seat, and the best way to do that without stripping power is for everyone to endorse the delegate. The nation who is the rightful WA Delegate will be listed below in our government section.


To get started on our role-play storylines, the first thing that you are going to need to do is register on our forums. These forums are where all of our role-play is conducted; we do not use the regional message board (RMB) for role-play as it would get too chaotic.

Registering is a simple process, but we've still written a step-by-step guide for you, just to be safe.

Step 1: LinkUse this link to get to the forums. Once you are there, click on the 'register' tab, agree to the terms and conditions, and choose your username. Please use your nation's name when registering!

Step 2: Wait patiently. All new accounts need to be activated by an administrator, but you should be be good to go before too long. If you haven't been activated within 24 hours, you should contact one of the admins listed below.

Step 3: LinkVisit the RP Office and choose which storylines you would like to participate in. Then, find the appropriate registration thread, and post a comment saying that you agree to follow the rules of the game and would like to register for that storyline.

Step 4: View the maps for your selected storylines and send a telegram to the nation(s) responsible for maintaining the map(s) with information about where you would like to be located. Please be specific.

There is currently only one official storyline, but we are making plans on expanding the selection to include other role-play genres. As of right now, the choices are:

International Incidents (TOR)
[LinkForum][Map] (Map maintained by United western states of america)
Category: International Incidents
Description: International Incidents (TOR) is a modern-tech role-play storyline that models real-world interactions. Players can partake in negotiations, trade goods with other nations, declare war, form groups and alliances, etc. Uses an Earth-based map.

The Regional Government

The Other Reality is a democratic republic. This means that the power ultimately rests within the people, but there are elected officials who help govern the region. The power structure that The Other Reality works on is outlined in the constitution (Linkwhich you can view here), which serves as the supreme legal document in the region. The Other Reality does hold elections for some offices every so often, which are generally open to everyone; the only major exception being the WA Delegacy, which can only be held by WA members. You see when the next elections are here.

Here is a list of all of the current government offices and who currently holds these positions. It has been spoilered for the sake of saving space.

Administrative branch
Founder: United western states of america
WA Delegate: Bingellia
-United western states of america
Legislative branch
President: United western states of america
Vice-president: NONE
Judicial branch
Chief Justice: Shalmon

Regional officers
Recruitment officers
-United western states of america
RP Officers
-Bolmen empire

Additionally, The Other Reality generally keeps to itself, but does occasionally form deals and alliances with other regions. This is our list of regions that we have some kind of alliance with, as well as a link to view the terms of the alliance.

If you found this dispatch to be helpful, then please give it an "up" vote. It would be appreciated very much by the region as a whole, and would make it easier for other nations who may be interested to find us. Thank you!

United western states of america