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The Cosmopolitan State of the IGER Civilization - UniGrid Data Access

General Information

The Cosmopolitan State of the IGER Civilization is a massive empire that exists in its current form for thousands of years. It is the united empire of mankind and has a population of thousands of trillions. The term 'IGER' is an acronym for: Inter Galactic Earth Republic. The IGER Civilization is an inter-galactic superpower that controls its entire home universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies. The state is well-armed yet peaceful and open-minded, and it is controled by a progressive, liberal and compassionate government.


The IGER Civilization intends to eternally maintain stability, freedom and prosperity for all citizens.

The mono-dominant philosophy teaches that mankind has the birthright to:

enjoy universal freedom, self-realization and prosperity.
control its own genetic and technological evolution and to advance it as far as possible.
accumulate more and more knowledge about the nature of the multiverse and its species through massive scientific research.
the defense of the IGER Civilization against all kinds of interference that could threaten the points, mentioned above.

Socio-demographic Structure

As mentioned before, the IGER is the united civilization of Mankind. Nowadays the demographic structure of mankind consists of four equal subspecies:

Biological Human Beings
Genides (Genetically Engineered Humans)
Artificial Intelligences
Sentient NanoParticles

All four subspecies (even AI and NanoParticles) are considered as an integrated part of the Human Race. They are forming a fully assimilated, symbiotic metaculture.


The IGER civilization is seen as an example of freedom and prosperity and is well-known for it's peaceful way of life, it's philosophers and the social and humanitarian conscience of its citizens.

The culture is remarkable for the aplomb social skills of its citizens and its affinity for science. Hedonism and an extravagant entertainment culture, combined with round-the-clock ergonomy is the core of daily-life culture. In general the population is extremely dedicated to security and stability in order to secure their freedom and thus their hedonistic way of life. A peaceful and harmonic life full of joy and self-fulfillment is the mainstay of the values of the IGER culture.


The IGER Civilization has an innovative, well diversified economy and has maintained a stable overall GDP growth rate and high levels of research and capital investment. The IGER Economy is evolved past the need for physical labor - relying on advanced nanobots and energy-matter replicator systems to perform all basic economic and infrastructure functions.
The automated economy led to the so called 'Economy 2.0' where every (automated) market player has every economic (micro-)information on a real-time basis - as well as the capacity to fully analyze the data within a fraction of a nanosecond.
Individual citizens are no longer affected by the economic situation. Thus on quintillions of Paradise Worlds seeded across the IGER-controled Galaxies, the Citizens of the IGER pursue their inclinations and reshapeing their environment, feelings and perceptions according to their own will - indulging in every joy and curiosity.


The IGER Civilization is located in the so called IGER Universe. It is a universe with a diameter of approximately 93 bio. lightyears - it contains around 972 bio. galaxies (approximatly 159 sextillion star systems). The 972 bio. galaxies of the IGER Universe are integrated state territory of the IGER Civilization.


The term 'IGER' (Inter Galactic Earth Republic) was first used as the name of a Unified Earth State in the 22nd century after the 'First Technological Singularity' - as Artificial Intelligences, Sentient NanoParticles as well as Genides (genetically engineered humans) democratically achived their full civil rights.

At that time (around 2145AD) Mankind or now more accurately related to as the IGER Civilization - the fully assimilated Metaculture of Human Beings, Genides, Artificial Intelligences and Sentient NanoParticles did ist first tiny steps into interstellar space.

At the same time on Earth the 'UniGrid' was booted up. The 'UniGrid' blurred the frontiers of the four IGER subspecies as every sentient being could now freely and casually interact on a higher cognitive level. The 'UniGrid' and thus the exponential growth of the citizens intelligence and capabilities lead to the 'Second Technological Singularity'. The scientific research output of the IGER Civilization rose more than 1.2 mio. percent in less than a decade and the rise of scientific research output and technological prowess is continually accelerating till present day.

After the 'Second Technological Singularity' the IGER Civilization developed into an interstellar - and after 2994AD into an intergalactic civilization.

After thousands of years of expandig their territory and enhancing their technological and cultural capabilities the IGER Civilization is now (272,017AD) controling the entire IGER Universe with its 972 billion galaxies.

Foreign Policy

Although compassionate and peaceful, the IGER Civilization has a dominant position in international relations and is characterised by its almost unparalleled ability to exert influence or project power on a multiversal scale. This is done through the means of both military and economic strength, as well as diplomatic and soft power influence.

The IGER Civilization was one of the key founders of the SICON (Strategic Integrated Coalition Network) - an alliance of a number of advanced spacefaring civilizations from different universes of the multiverse continuum.


The IGER Civilization is democratically ruled by the SRI Command Authority. It is an automated, AI-supported administration that decides based on real-time perception of the needs and opinions (based on full knowledge of all facts) of all IGER-Citizens. This government system is referred by as 'Permanent Real-Time Referendum'.

The system is democratically supervised by the Control Directorate (→ checks & balances) to ensure the compliance and neutrality of the government. The government is extremely effective and well organized according to foreign policy studies.

Defense Forces

The IGER government protects its citizens as well as its space with ultra-massive defense forces. Combat Nanotech haze, automated combat infantry, automated infantry drones and a variety of bigger warmachines are forming the backbone of the ground forces. Warships (manned and unmanned) of all sizes, automated combat facilities, heavily protected space stations and subspace backup facilities are the mainstay of the Space Fleet. With powerful weaponery and tactics courtesy of millennia of simulated wars on Tactical Simulation Grids - they are a terrifying prospect on the battlefield.

The soldiers, equipment, space stations and ships as well as the tactical infrastructure are each formed by trillions of semi-sentient Combat NanoBots.

With massive research programs, the Defense Research Divisions are continually improving the countless types of war machines, warships and combat NanoBots as well as the tactical infrastructure of the IGER Civilization. Their goal is to ensure military dominance against all kinds of threats that could compromise imperial stability.

Core of the IGER-Civilization

The capital city of the IGER Civilization is Visp (pronounciation: 'Fisp') a vast Metroplex with a population of 530 mio. - located on a northern subcontinent (Europe) on planet Earth.
Earth is the planet where human life evolved, the cradle of the IGER Civilization.


All terrestrial industrial, logistic and transport infrastructure is build subterranean.

Visual Data

below: IGER Civilization - small town

below: IGER Civilization - small mountain settlement

below: IGER Civilization - Metroplex

below: IGER Civilization - Ulthan Pau Superstructure

below: IGER Civilization - Etangalbat Torus-Superstructure (internal biosphere)

below: Biosphere Cruise Ship - used for tourism

below: IGER Civilization - 9457th Space Control Squadron

below: IGER Civilization - Tactical Warships (Entron Class; length: 750km)

below: IGER Civilization - Tactical Warship (Logos Class; length: 2,500km)

below: IGER Civilization - Strategic Command Ship (Memnon Class; length: 20,000km)

below: IGER Civilization - Special Forces Unit (neutralizing enemy soldier during hostage rescue mission)

below: IGER Civilization - Defence Facility D 7250-2

below: IGER Civilization - Research Facility R 2978-0

highest NS ranking: 3rd in the world

The IGER Civilization is represented on NS since November 18th, 2014.