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Zombieland Z Day Protocol

Welcome to Zombieland, the most contagious region around!

~Zombie Radio~

As Mayor Zombie I personally welcome you to Zombieland, things are going to get crazy come Z day, so here are some helpful pro-Zombie tips and outline of our regional customs.

I. Begin Exporting Zombies ASAP. Ideally you're gonna wanna be online for Z day as close to the start as possible, and begin exporting Zombies as soon as possible. The more infected you become and the larger your Zombie population is, the greater your Zombie attack becomes.

II. Infect your fellow Zombie residents! We wanna get Zombieland as infectious as possible, as soon as possible. You are highly encouraged to go around further infecting your neighbors and in turn others will infect you back, creating a cycle of infection!

III. DO NOT TRY TO CURE OUR RESIDENTS! Anyone caught researching the cure or sending cure missile will be banjected on sight, no acceptations. If you see anyone doing this report them to Mr Zombie immediately.

IV. It is customary to to infect any and all incoming nations. Many nations come and go from Zombieland over the course of Z day, often returning to Zombieland to further infect their population or when their nation gets hit with "Cure" missiles. Infecting them upon return is our way of saying welcome back and helping further the spread of the infection.

V. Everyone leads the hoard in Zombieland! Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to suggest targets for our hoards to attack. Just post on our regional message board a region you wanna attack, and our Zombie comrades will send a few attacks their way. When you see someone else posting a possible target, be sure to swing by that region yourself, remember this is a team effort!

VI. Know a region's password or regional code? Post it! On Z day many regions close their boarders with a password or security code. If you figure out a region's password or code, share it with the hoard! We shall not be kept out! As Z day progresses I will be adding known passwords and regional codes to this or another dispatch for residents to easily access.

VII. You can attack with multiple nations at a time!! Yes what many people don't realize is, you can log into one nation per internet browser.

The three main ones being:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Log into a different nation on each one, line them up side by side on your screen and you can rotate between the three. While one is cool downing down, you can attack with another. Hammering away with three or more nations will greatly increase your effectiveness in spreading the gift of Zombism.

VIII. For more Z day fun check out the NS forum! Zombie Emergency Command Center

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