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CoDN Basic Roleplaying Guidelines

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The Fourth Ministry of Internal Affairs has been dissolved as of November 11. Information listed here may be outdated!

Roleplay (RP) is an integral part of the Coalition's culture. The CoDN offers RPs in multiple places, namely the Linkregional forum and occasionally the RMB. When roleplaying, you take the role of one or more entities and carry out actions as if you were them. There are several different types of roleplay, but the most common ones in the CoDN are nation and character RPs.

Nation Roleplay
Nation roleplays typically play the scenario of a time of war, when two or more nations fight against each other. Alliances can be made or broken, but they are usually just agreements to assist each other in battle.

When RPing nations, it is important that all nations have one reliable source of information from which to base their nations off of. This prevents nations from making things up and keeps the RP realistic and reasonable. Popular trackers of information include LinkNSTracker and LinkNSEconomy. Both provide slightly varying results and features, so you'll have to agree with the RP mod (if you have one) or the other roleplayers which tracker to use.

Your statistics may deviate from the trackers' data, but should only happen under extraordinary circumstances. If you want your data modified, make sure the RP mod or other roleplaying nations agree to your decision.

When RPing nations, it is important to know the logistics of your nation. For example, if your nation is landlocked, ships cannot enter or exit. However, trucks and airplanes can. Going from your nation to another nation a thousand miles away does not take five minutes. Refer to the regional map to determine your location and how it fits together with the rest of the world.

Something optional but useful is the addition of Factbooks. You do not have to compile a Factbook, but it may be helpful you and fellow roleplayers as a reference on your nation. For example, a Factbook containing information about your military armament and specifications of equipment used will allow other roleplayers and/or your RP mod to create proper outcomes of maneuvers and shots; a bomber plane's attacks will clearly be recognized as explosive, as opposed to bullet penetration effects.

Character Roleplay

This section of the Basic RP Guidelines is under construction. Check back at a later time to see if it's available then.

More Information

Information about roleplaying is available from sources other then the Ministry of Internal Affairs. While some guidelines or rules may not be recognized, it is worth knowing everything there is to know about RP for a more in-depth and fair experience.

The following is a list of some of the many articles available on the system of roleplay:

  • Roleplay 101 by the Nomadic Peoples of Damanacus

  • Guide to Aerial, Naval, and Ground Warfare by the General Social Republic of Questers

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