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Harlequin Program (Old Factbook, will be replaced soon)

Of all the secret projects and programs that the Naval Montean government and military are currently doing every project in the Harlequin Program (also called by it's codename Majestic-12) is both their greatest and oldest secret. The main goal of Harlequin is to research psychic abilities, occult magick, and other paranormal phenomenon. While it's no secret to the natives that practice of both magic and psychic abilities go all the way back in their history it wasn't until the Alexylva period of Naval Monte that scientific lenses enter the research to the supernatural. Throughout Harlequin's history it has been a series of great success, tragedies, and even regrets. Getting the full history of this program is a difficult task but what is know is that throughout the program it has received three foreign help, with only one of them still being around. These three nations that helped it are Nazi Germany (since they too were researching the occult), the Soviet Union (this one mainly because agents from Naval Monte were stealing or making copies of the Soviets research notes into the paranormal), and the United States of America (they convinced the Naval Monteans to use their supernatural powers for the allies half way in WW2 after assisting them on overthrowing their insane and corrupt rulers at the time and when they decided to join in the paranormal race in the Cold War they turned to Naval Monte for help). Members in Harlequin have also been know to spy on the other groups and governments who experiment and research on any aspect of the supernatural, either to learn from them or to steal their secrets. Harlequin is divided into many sub projects that while they all some how deal with paranormal research each one deals with it differently and with disturbingly different moralities on what limits they must have with the project. A side note it's been rumored that the group Omega Grey keeps an eye on them just encase one of the members of the Harlequin program finally goes insane. Along with paranormal research fringe science is also researched too, since it and the paranormal tend to collide at times. These are a few examples of some of the sub projects within Project Harlequin.

Project Mannequin: Known by some of the agents, researchers, and others involved in the program as one of the darker projects in Harlequin(though it has stiff competition with other projects in the Harlequin program for that title) , Mannequin is a special program with the main purpose of creating genetically enhanced assassins, espionage agents and sleeper agents with PSI/psychic abilities. Most people are unaware of their part in the program because of sophisticated memory erasure procedures. Originally when the project was a collaboration between Naval Montean and Nazi scientists people of certain bloodlines (mainly Celtic/"Blueblood" bloods) were sought after. Eventually when the collaboration between them and the nazis ended the project itself was almost doomed to end to but clever reform along with surprise backing from the new allies in the west (mainly the US and Great Britain) helped the project to survive. Today the project still deals with it's three core tenants of genetic modification, psychic research, and mind control, but with the later being less focused on than earlier years. In fact most mind control experiments that go on are still active so scientists and agents can know what sort of drugs and techniques are used for mind controls, along with their general effects on the subjects, and how best to combat the effects of the mind control to even how to reverse the effects. Psychics created by the Mannequin project have several (five being the usual) "programs" installed to their brains in which once activated will allow them access to their psychic abilities, a recent additional was for these psychics to manually turn on and off their psychic abilities, this change was brought about not only due to the Naval Monteans heighten love and respect for personal freedom but also due to the inventions of psychic detecting sensory devices of which the only way for Mannequin psychics to avoid detection was to turn off the parts of their brain that was linked to their powers. One of the reforms is of course the abolish of bloodline research, allowing chosen participates to willing choose to be in the project, and as mentioned above to put more man time and effort into creating psychics and less on mind control(in fact one can argue that scientists in mannequin are messing with the heads of psychics in the project so their minds are more resilient to mind control attempts, though the fact that they still practice mind control experiments is easy to say that they haven't changed all that much). To those aware of the project controversy still abounds on whether Mannequin should even still be continued or if it should be finally put to sleep but combinations of defending and reversing mind control effects, creating psychics, and the possibility that information from project can be used to give all humans on the planet psychic abilities are factors that keeps this questionable project alive, at least until new project that is similar to it but less controversial is made.

Project Orpheus: Throughout Naval Monte's history claims of ghostly sightings, shamanic spirit journeys, astral projections, mediums, hauntings, possessions, and many things relating to the spirit world and it's many inhabitants have terrified and captivate Naval Monteans as must people. While research into the afterlife, spirits, and other spectral entities and phenomenon have been done throughout Naval Monte's history most were either fulled with many religious and (pardon the pun) spiritual under/overtones and symbolism, often their research is made with the context of whatever faith they worshiped and practiced. It took until yet again for the Alexylva period along with Spiritualism, Theosophy, Hermeticism, along with new scientific knowledge, understanding, and technology for the this project to finally take shape. The first invention of the Orpheus project was a phone like device that with the brain of a deceased medium or necromancer in a jar of cultured liquid can allow one to literately phone the dead on the otherside. The phone was revolutionary and could have changed the world forever but sadly the inventor of the phone went insane and in a few months took his own life. Other another breakthrough was with actual mediums and necromancers themselves, granted at first they had little to no results on their experiments and were even going to say that the powers that mediums and necromancers have were fraudulent, but with help from the occultists on Project Magi they soon found mediums and necromancers who lived to their claims of being able to contact the dead. The project than on went through a period of death and rebirth as political, economic, and at times religious and moral issues caused problems for Orpheus but by the growing tension of the Cold War it was reborn again, this time new discoveries were made that would keep it reborn. The first was introducing cryonics into the mix. Several scientists who had nothing to do with Orpheus were using cryonic technology to freeze patients until treatment for whatever diseases that they have were made. The first patient to finally leave her frozen tombs reported on seeing and experiencing strange things while in her freezing pod, acting and experiencing sensations as if she was a ghost. Of course other people who left their pods also claimed the same things, these pods while still used for their original medical purpose are also used for astral projection. Another addition is several drugs that when taken along with mediation can all individuals to project their souls much easier than those who need freezing pods. Another major addition is that spirits now can be workers and informants for the researcher, agents, mediums, and necromancers of Orpheus. How and why these spirit choose to work with them is different but the most common ones are the spirits of former co-workers who return back. Another more questionable addition is the study of reanimation, which as also caused many scientists and necromancers to look at religions and believes that dealt with the undead in some fashion or the other. Another topic that they deal with are spectral beings that aren't ghost and were never human to begin with, often the things they try to figure out is what are they and were do they come from and if they are a threat to humanity.

Project StarGazer: Sightings of strange lights in the skies have always been reported in Naval Monte but for the supernaturally inclined people of Naval Monte ships and aliens meant little to them, until the summer of 1947 when word get's out of the US government possibly having a crashed UFO in their possession. The report convinced the government to make an official UFO investigation unit and from day one the unit have seen and investigated multiple cases, but with most being cases of fraud and misidentification. This trend continued for StarGazer until new years eve where close by a Mac Anu a fisherman made a claim of seeing a crashed aircraft. Just like in Roswell the craft was taken to a secret faculty and a disinformation campaign was made to cover up about the event, with varies degrees of success. From the craft they manage to study on many of technological devices and technology used to make it operational and even study from both the dead aliens and the one still alive. As time went on they learned more from their alien visitor and the tech that he used. Soon they found more crashed sites along with more alien being and artifacts in Naval Monte. Currently in the project it has made great strides in understanding alien science and technology,even magic was discovered to be used by certain aliens to which they usually see it as a form of technology. Many of the technology used and created by StarGazer are either the actual alien tech that they recovered or are reversed engineered attempts at replicating the tech.

Project Rasputin: Originally this project belonged to the Soviet Union but once the Soviets fell many research documents along with researchers and psychics were found by the Naval Monteans before the either America or the Russians had the chance to do so. Originally Stalin wished for the the project to give him psychic assassins has many within specialized in PSI abilities of psychokinesis and Biological Psychokinesis (Bio-PK), however from the personal journals of the main researchers many of them purposefully slow down progress within Project Rasputin since many of them were disturbed by the idea. As of all things related to Rasputin are owned by Naval Monte and while they still research psychic abilities for assassinations some have decided to perform research for regular combat for soldiers. Magic as also been introduced into the project to see if it too can be useful as a military weapon.

Project Overseer: Taken from where the American Star Gate program left off many psychics and mystics in this project are tasked with using their receptive abilities for surveillance, information gathering, tracking, finding lost people or objects, and more. Many abilities are used in Overseer from Remote viewing, Bi location, astral projection, scrying, retrocognition, precognition, divination, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, evocation (to have supernatural enties give them or find the information that they are looking for), and many other abilities that can assist with information gathering

Project Mastermind: Mastermind is similar to Mannequin on the fact that many aware of Harlequin/Majestic-12 have mixed feelings about. Masterminds purpose is to use supernatural means (along with mid altering drugs, chemicals, and hypnosis) to understand, read, influence, and control the minds of others. Like overseer psychics and mystics alike use their abilities to read, influence, and control peoples thoughts. Many in the project say that while their project may easily lead them down a dark path the potential goods that it can bring are as easy to see as well. Many of them see that the upsides of the project can help them read and understand the minds of those who are trouble and need psychological help, influence the minds of people from not going to war, to even controlling the minds of corrupt and psychotic dictators, freeing their people from their hold. But even they aren't blind to the obvious evils that they're project can unleash and they are aware that out of all the projects theirs along with Ragnarok are the most heavily monitored for any signs of corruption from those working in the project.

Project Genesis: Genesis is the research project in how to create life itself. This project creates many beings from clones, golems, homunculi, clock works, mutants, robots with human intelligence, A.I.s, and for more are born to this project. Admittedly some have called Genesis "Project Frankenstein" and considering some of it's failures and success it's a nickname that is well earned. Genesis also applies psychology and virology to their work along with study. It also goes without saying that cryptozoology is another man subject that they specialize

Project Clarke: A certain author once stated that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, Project Clarke diffidently proves that he was right in a way. Project Clarke main purpose is to mix both science and the occult together to create many fanatical devices. While many of their inventions will not be listed in here what will be mentioned is that they commonly assist the other projects with their inventions and deep within a hanger in a secluded location lies the first invention of Project Clarke, a saucer shaped space craft powered by what most call thaumic energy.

Project Magi: Being the oldest of all the projects in Harlequin Magic experiments with the practical application of magic itself. Divided into the sub projects and two halves it's first purpose is to study both the theoretical usage of magic along with the immediate use. Another aspect of the project is cataloguing,researching, and ultimately eliminating supernatural threats. Such threats can range from individuals who abuse magical powers or were turned into monsters, to demonically backed supernatural organization, to a bands of insane cults trying to summon an eldritch abomination into our plane of reality. In such cases most are either neutralized, imprisoned, exorcised, contained, or captured. In some cases the creature or artifact that was the menace will be taken back for further study and for possible future assistance if they need it. Another goal in Magi is locating, evaluating, and possibly contacting new supernatural organizations. If an another supernatural organization is found they will maintain positive relations with existing allies while looking for new ones, since supernatural knowledge and expertise are usually scattered
and difficult to obtain alone. While finding allies they also act as diplomats to many other non hostile organizations and powers that aren't offical allies to them.

Project Prometheus:This project research into how to augment the human mind and body. Genetic engineering, biotechnology, mutation, cybernetics, cloning, magical enchantments, psychic enhancement, and more are used to improve and enhance both humans, animals, and planets. While this project is infamous for it's many nightmarish failures in it's past it has indeed struck gold in it's run. Unsurprisingly due to their failures in the past(and now in the present) many in other projects often call Prometheus "Project Frankenstein", to which many within the project take it in strides. Many within in one way or form are strong believers in transhumanism and believe that the coming years if they have no interruptions in their work than humans will be able to become much more than just mere humans.

Project Twilight Zone This project investigates both supernaturally inclined places in our reality along with investigating alternative worlds. Many places in both Naval Monte and around the world that are claimed to be haunted, have mythic or sacred connections are investigated and researched by Twilight Zone. Claims of time and space distortions are also investigated along with rifts into other worlds. Along with researching the many worlds the find they also study how the laws of one realty effects the other. With rifts in time they discovered that time has many lines that lead to many worlds and just cause one can reach the past doesn't mean he/she has reached the past of their own world. Funny enough of the many places that are touched by the supernatural it's Naval Monte itself that proves to be the most difficult for them.

Project Ragnarok: Undeniably the most dangerous of all the projects in Harelquin/Majestic-12, Ragnarok is the study of creating Weapons of Mass Destruction using supernatural means. Many of the projects in this one are beyond top secrets were any signs of treason or security hazards are usually dealt most severely. Some of the WMDs created include a massive device that can mind control an entire population in a city, a technological ritual to open a rift in realty and release... "something" that can deliver the same impact as the Tunguska event, several rituals to call down powerful and dark gods to our world. Other weapons are those that are dubbed as memetic hazards are also list as supernatural WMDs. The main goal of Ragnarok is to create the perfect deterrent.

While there is more to these projects most information are still shrouded in secrecy. But what can be said is that most within wish to see a day where they can use the knowledge within Harlequin and apply it to other sectors within society.