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Zennyism-Piperism: Our Map To Prosperity And Unity

Zennyism-Piperism is a political ideology formed by the Great Leader comrade Zenny Winter and the Dear Leader comrade Piper Valenska in April 2016.

The great Zennyist-Piperist ideology is a framework for success in creating a prosperous Socialist Republic in NationStates. Its focuses include strict political independence, a tolerant and culture-rich region, a collectivist society under the leadership of a vanguard revolutionary Party and leadership loyal to our region's revolutionary ideals and policies, and giving military gameplay a significant role to play in the formation of regional pride, indentity, and strength. Our people have struggled, sacrificed, and fought for every inch of progress against opportunists, imperialists, fascists, and those who would rather sabotage our otherwise harmonious society than relinquish their influence over others. No longer will our people be burdened or threatened by reactionaries and counter-revolutionaries pursuing personal goals over the needs of the general public. This ideology formed from the will and desire of the people of TCB addresses their needs, their longing for stability and activity, their hardships and struggles, in favor of harnessing the limitless strength and creativity of their collective power. As so with the publishing of this founding revolutionary document, we march forward under the banner of Zennyism-Piperism, the indisputable direction of TCB, led by our revolutionary mothers, the Great Leader comrade Zenny & the Dear Leader comrade Piper.

The People, Our Revolutionary Party, And Its Leadership

  • The People are the foundation of our society, our Party, our way of life. Political power through regular elections, democratic representation, and transparency must always be maintained to a reasonable degree. Our people proudly stand with the Party and its Central Committee, their elected voice in legislative matters. Above all else the peopleís overall will should be respected.

  • The Party is the center of the masses of TCB. It should be developed further to encompass not just a political focus but also on keeping the people informed, entertained, and optimistic. The Party should become a much larger force for good in the region so as to promote regional unity, harmony, and closeness until the people love the Party just as much as they love their fellow comrades. It should be our highest goal to make all people enfranchised, liberated, and together under the banner of our great revolutionary Party. It should be involved in culture and the promotion of users interacting with one another; in information publications giving the people their news and promoting a mass line in adherence with Party policy; in defense actively training volunteer domestic forces, and all other areas of government policy.

  • All People of all backgrounds should feel valued and supported within their community so long as they contribute to the region and remain respectful to its other members. This duty is especially important for regional officials and public servants, who should make it a major priority to meet every single member of their community and engage with them in a friendly and supportive manner. Constant communication with the public is a must for any government that claims to represent the people. All rational opinions should always be valued and considered when making decisions on the peopleís behalf.

  • The Leader, the main head of the executive of the region, must always strive to represent the People and their wishes in all areas of government through the Party. When they speak as a leader, they speak on behalf of the entire Party and community. The largest consensus possible should always be the attempted end result of any debate or policy discussion and all sides should take into account different points, facts, and opinions to have a wide array of options for any difficult decision. The Partyís interests should always be first in mind.

  • The Leader must always be an extension of the people and the Party. They must always have the interests of the common people at heart in all matters and make educated & informed decisions on their behalf even when faced with difficulty. They must also not be afraid to admit when they were mistaken. A Leader of the people can make mistakes just as everyone else, and a humble nature must be maintained when speaking on issues that directly affect every single member of the region. A Leader must make sacrifices, fight for the Party, and always listen to conflicting opinions, it is integral that this balance is kept.

Organization, Tolerance, and Positive Reinforcement

  • An organized region requires an off-site forum to appropriately operate and have a stable government structure if it wishes to be democratic. Threads and posts are a much more effective way to keep record of events and communication than RMB posts which eventually get buried and never seen again. Through a well kept and organized forum, a stronger culture and overall political flow can be achieved which is more complex and hence more enticing to those interested.

  • It is directly defying the spirit of the game to ban or discriminate against users due to their category, civil rights, economy, or political freedoms. Users should be judged for their words and actions in a region and not by an outdated classification system that labels those on the right as police states and those on the left as psychotic dictatorships. Our people have never tolerated and will never tolerate fascists, racists, national socialists, or any bigoted persons who stand against any group of people for their color, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

  • A region should provide many incentives to obtaining citizenship and being a positive addition to their community, users should always be shown the respect and admiration that matches not only their contributions but also their conduct with other members of the community. A user who works very hard but treats their comrades with unwarranted disrespect is no true comrade.

Progress and Flexibility: Self Improvement as a Collective

  • When progress is made and while a region is perceived as successful, it is easy for the people and regional officials or public servants to be lulled into a sense of comfort and stick with the status quo. Thereby, the seed of inefficiency or over reliance on old methods that may no longer apply may sprout. A region must always be vigilant, both domestically and inter-regionally, in searching for errors in policy and actions and be ready to adapt to meet new problems. Above all, we should always seek to progress and improve our great revolutionary Party.

  • It is important for the region to continue to examine itself even while successful, not only when unsuccessful. In doing so, and through transparent and continued communication with the people, the leadership can identify the hidden flaws or oversights that may be in place. New policy may then be enacted, so long as they are in keeping with the ideals of the region.

  • In times of duress or perceived failure, where the region is not as effective, the people must come together and work with the leadership in tandem to identify how the region can improve going forward. Scapegoating, finger pointing, and personal attacks merely serve to dismantle the region from the inside and contributes nothing to progress. Personal political benefit should and must be put aside for the Party and region to not only survive, but thrive. As a collective we should strive to focus on the facts, the outcomes, and the solutions.

The Armed Forces: A Major Source of Energy & Pride

  • Special priority must be given to our Revolutionary Armed Forces. We must use the military as an essential tool in the development and protection of our region; culturally and politically. It should train the most dedicated ideological fighters than it can, taking the Partyís word as their own and spreading Zennyism-Piperism forth as if it were gospel.

  • A military service is integral for any region that wishes to fully develop and expand its influence in the international community. The Armed Forces should be used not only as a tool for expansion, but as a tool for political and cultural development and apart of many areas of regional life. It is also integral to any foreign policy plan and engagement with other regions. We should take every available opportunity to support our comrades abroad in the interests of not only improving ties with them but showing that our region is powerful, organized, professional, and prepared to not only defend itself but destroy our enemies at a momentís notice.

  • A regionís military service should be given special attention and upkeep. A military allows a region to become a force for change in the world and military cooperation with others is instrumental to accomplishing foreign policy goals.

  • In a region which focuses a large portion of its energy and time to maintaining its military power, those who do not actively take up arms should contribute to internal development and construction via activities like volunteer programs, legislative & judicial matters, etc.

  • A region loses its right to sovereignty and self determination when it fails to organize and plan a defense of its land. Without a People's Army, the people have absolutely nothing and will eventually be taken by another power. An army keeps a region secure and all other points will eventually fail without proper maintenance of an armed force.

Foreign Affairs: Independence At Home And Our Fight Abroad

  • We must always be empathetic when dealing with other regions. Seeing the other side of the coin is an integral piece of diplomacy, and arrogance has no place in the international community and will only lead to our region being disrespected and not taken seriously. Just as with regional leadership, a humble yet firm nature must be maintained to stand for our interests and also always make the best impressions regarding our conduct which should always be of the utmost professional nature. Regions, small or large, all contribute to the same ecosystem and should all be treated with respect regardless of their size or influence.

  • Our region and our Party must fight all forms of fascism and hate throughout NationStates. It must be our highest pleasure to not only invade and occupy, but ultimately rid the NationStates community of regions labeling themselves as fascist and Nazi. We have in the past and must forever more stand with all other regions in the fight against this scourge, putting any disagreements we may have with the participants aside in the interests of final victory against racial hatred, dehumanization, and humiliation. These same principles must also apply to regions which engage in blatant sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, and other hateful ideologies and practices.

  • It is only through internal commitment to independence and sovereignty from outside powers that we may continue to act as our own region, internal political forces are a necessity to keeping foreign interests outside of the decision making process and Party policy. A region must do what is in its own interests to stay competitive with other regions. The opinions of allied regions should always be taken into consideration, but only for insight into what would be the best decision for our region. Even then, our people must and always will honor our written agreements with our allies, and any step otherwise would be not only an embarrassment but a significant setback for our community in the realm of foreign affairs.

  • The citizens and active participants of a region are always the best source of solutions to issues a region faces. We must maintain our right to self determination and always have the flexibility to meet new problems without worrying about what other regions think about us as a people. Any foreign power attempting to influence or dictate policy to us is not acceptable and should be publicly addressed and condemned by the Party.

Newcomers, Political Integration, and Upkeep

  • The People must always be informed of what their government is doing. Public reports and government working in public should always be supported through clear lines of governmental communication and the encouragement of open dialogue between citizens and political policy-makers.
    We must encourage newcomers to participate in TCBís offsite forum and become citizens, thereby allowing for a greater diversity of people within the region.

  • New citizens are a region's future. We must strive to integrate newcomers into our society and system as quickly as possible by maintaining a friendly, welcoming, and helpful attitude. The regionís political and cultural atmosphere must be one of positivity and cooperation, allowing each new citizen the freedom and opportunity to add their own beliefs and ideals to the melting pot of our culture.

  • Having a diverse region is incredibly important to success. Dedication to and education of Zennyism-Piperism for regional matters especially to newer members where it should be promoted is of the highest importance to the point that we are a region united in Zennyist-Piperist thought politically. However tolerance regarding race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation and other real-life demographics should be something enforced in a region, where all groups can peacefully coexist and work for the betterment of the region. Too many times regions are divided by impractical lines like Raider and Defender. All kinds of people should inhabit a region to maximize exposure to new ways of thought and no dehumanization of any groups should exist. In the interests of tolerance, we must never accept bigots amongst us and always be vigilant for those trying to dehumanize and insult members based on any demographic.

  • A region thrives on its internal activity, regardless of its politics. New citizens can only be integrated into a region if the region itself promotes an environment of openness, interaction, and friendliness. Therefore we must strive to recognise, build, and promote activity beyond politics and legislation. In doing so, we build friendships, lasting bonds, and encourage citizens new and old alike to build a better future for their fellow comrades.

  • Above all, our unity as a Party and community of new and old members alike must be the priority over divisional politics and interpersonal strife.