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Naval Monte Shadow Defense Group (Old Factbook, will be replaced soon)

This enigmatic addition to the NMDF possess many covert jobs that changes depending on political situations. For the most part in times of peace it acts as Naval Monte's counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency, and counterintelligence. However when the political climate does change into one of tension and possible war than many members within the Shadow Defense Group begin to incorporate espionage, infiltration, sabotage, hostage rescue, mobility operations, airborne operations, unconventional warfare, assassination along with other special forces techniques all while maintaining their original peace time works to defend the homeland. The uniforms that the SDG wear are almost similar to the one that the GSDF wear but the gasmask is designed too look more like a skull in an attempt to use psychological warfare. In fact psychological warfare along cyber ware is used whenever war comes around. There are little to no official records about the Shadow Defense Group mainly to defend the identities of those who joined in. For matters of security most member usually refer to themselves as codenames that were either given to them or ones that they made up themselves, it's considered a true mark of loyalty and trust for a Shadow Defense member to willing give someone their real name.


Many equipment that you see on the GSDF also are used by the SDG but for this list here are the equipment that only the SDG can use.

-Laser Targeting System
-Target-Seeking System
-vials of poisons and drugs
-Armor Piercing System
-Small hidden spy cameras
-HD camera glasses
-bulletproof trenchcoats
-spy drones
-see through camera (by see through I mean see through walls)
-Sony 3D Recording Binoculars
-Photorealistc masks
-listening devices
-Motion detectors
-fake objects (who else will think of looking underneath dog poop to find a camera)
-Self-Destructing Flash Drives
-CornerShot weapon accessory
-disguised bombs

These are weapons that either the SDG are allow to use or is more commonly seen by them but anyone else outside can use.

-H&K MP7
-M4 carbine
-M203 grenade launcher
-Hidden Guns
-Hidden Blades
-Zenith semi automatic pistol
-Stun gun
-Xbow XHII Crossbow
-Diamond Back .357 Revolver
-FR-27 S.F.R. (Sanction Flechette Rifle)
-Longsword 202 ERASER (Extreme Range Sniper Rifle)
-Widowmaker TX shotgun
-Remote explosive
-PAX-22 Tranquilizer rifle

Half the weapons that these guys have come from Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the exception being the hidden blade and while AC did use hidden gun the truth is that hidden gun have been made and used countless times by real world spies and covert agents. So in this one real world gadgets meet fictional. Also I may or may not come back to these guys later.