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Naval Monte Ground Defense Force. (Old Factbook, will be replaced soon)


When designing the uniforms for the then new Ground Defense Force many within the military were inspired by (ironically enough) a communist nation called Petrokovia. Many saw the great potential that a basic 5 layered system can do to their army since it can insures protection from heat, cold, chemical warfare, biological warfare, radiation, lacerations, shock waves, and blunt force trauma, all while providing as little impairment to vision and movement and as much benefit in and out of combat as possible. Since than has stayed as a main feature of the Ground Defense Force, only ever allowed to change whenever new technology emerges so the uniforms can be properly upgraded.

Layer 1: Underwear, Socks T-shirt.
Layer 2: Modified Class-A Hazmat System. This serves the purpose of protecting troops from biological warfare, chemical warfare, and radiation. It has the added benefit of being fire resistant.
Layer 3: Rip-Stop CarbonX Basic Uniform (see link at bottom). These uniforms can protect against direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, hot/flammable liquids, and arc flash hazards, and will not burn, melt, or ignite. Their protective properties can not fade from washing or intense exposure. They also vent heat, wick away moisture, and dry quickly. They're rip-stop as well, which protects against most lacerations and helps guard against stab wounds (so they are protected from bladed weapons).
Layer 3.5: If in a cold environment, a thick wool sweater is worn over layers 1, 2, and 3, and also over the bulletproof vests.
Layer 4: Body Armor. This includes a number of bulletproof items. The armor that is bulletproof includes: Helmet, Gas Mask, Tactical Vest, Shoulder Pads, Knee Guards, and Shin Guards. Other pieces of body armor include Steel Toe Combat Boots (Which are slip and oil resistant, abrasion resistant, and EH rated) and Weighted-Knuckle Gloves.
Layer 5: Load Bearing Equipment (LBE). This includes their ammunition, food, water, navigation and survival equipment, etc.

Trenchcoats have also been a common sight in the Ground Force since many Soldiers and Officers wear them (most likely a throw back from the previous army). Because of the common sight it's often been joked at that trenchcoats are the unoffical sixth layer.


-Night vision and heat vision equipment (built into their gas masks).
-Communications headset (built into their gas masks).
-Augmented Reality Glasses (built into their gas masks).
-GPS Navigation and Tracking devices (built into both the helmets and gas masks).
-Assortment of grenades (1 smoke grenade, 1 flash bang, 1 tear gas, 2 concussion grenades, 2 fragmentation grenades, 2 napalm grenades).
-MRE (Meals Ready to Eat)
-Space food
-Wide-mouthed Full Quart canteen
-Flashlight (Self-powered)
-Small portable radio (Self-powered)
-Small portable computers (usually strapped around the wrist)
-E-tool (most are design to be the Swiss army knives of shovels)
-General Toolkit
-Combat Knife
-Ammunition for all weapons
-Basic Weapons Cleaning Kit
-First Aid Kit
-Water Purification Tablets
-Emergency Blanket
-Military Survival Tin
-Any personal medication/nutrition items needed
-Standard Guns (Differs slightly for each troop. But the M16 rifle and the Beretta M9 seems to be the most common ones sighted)
-Modified Titanium Crowbars (Outfitted to serve as melee weapons)
-Zippo Lighter


-M16 rifle
-Beretta M9
-M4 carbine
-Mossberg 500
-Heckler & Koch HK416
-IMI Tavor TAR-21
-PM-9 Submachine Gun
-Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun
-M24 Sniper Weapon System
-Heckler & Koch Mark 23
-Howa Type 96
-Type 06 rifle grenade
-SIG Sauer P220
-Type 87 Chu-MAT
-FN Minimi
-Carl Gustav recoilless rifle
-L16 81mm mortar
-Type 01 LMAT
-Panzerfaust 3
-M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
-RBS 70
-M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System
-M249 light machine gun
-Accuracy International AS50
-Milkor MGL
-Barrett M82
-Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
-XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon
-CheyTac Intervention
-Atchisson Assault Shotgun
-KRISS Vector


TW-01 "Vulcan" Main battle tank.
Armor: Classified composite/sloped armour modular design.
Main armament: 120 mm (4.7 in) MG253 smoothbore gun, capable of firing LAHAT ATGM
Secondary armament: 1 12.7 mm (0.50 in) MG
Road speed: 64 km/h (40 mph)
Off road speed: 55 km/h (34 mph) off road
Also has a grenades launcher (which types are usually different), flares , flame thrower (reason why it's called Valcun), a Fire-control system,Active protection system, and an internal mortar

Leopard 2A6

Psamathe Amphibious Main battle tank
Armor:90-100 mm
Main armament: Bofors 105 mm L/62 rifled gun
with 50 rounds
Secondary armament:two fixed 7.62 mm KSP 58 machine guns
one anti-aircraft 7.62 mm KSP 58 machine gun
Speed:50 km/h (31 mph) maximum road

PL- 01 Light stealth tank
Armor:modular ceramic-aramid
Main armament:105 mm or 120 mm caliber main cannon
Secondary armament:7.62 mm machine gun
Speed: 70 kph (on paved roads) 50 kph (on rough terrain)

Type 10

WB-30 Armored car.
Armor: classified
Main armament: FN Minimi and Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun. Remote weapon station are optional
Secondary armament: varies but anti tanks weapons and grenade launchers are common to see as secondary weapons.
Road speed:100 km/h

Yarthkins type 48 IFV
Armor: explosive reactive armour
Main armament: 35 mm KDE cannon
Secondary armament: 2 x Type 79 Jyu-MAT missile, Type 74 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
Road speed: 70 km/h
Off road speed: 64 km/h
Also has mine plows, mine rollers, dozer blades, smoke grenades, tear gas

M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System

Aardvark JSFU
Armour: 56 mm armoured glass windows, double-skin cab floor
Crew: 2 - 1 operator, 1 crew member
Powertrain: 160 hp 6-cylinder turbo charged New Holland diesel engine
Transmission: 4-speed syncromesh; 4 gears, 16-speed
Flail System: 72 chains, 66 tips

Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
Main armament: 1x Type 96 40mm Automatic grenade launcher or 1x 12.7 mm M-2HB machine gun
Road speed:100 kilometres per hour (62 mph) (road)

N1182 Krake armored fighting vehicles
Armor: 14.5 mm resistant
Main armament: M2 .50 cal. machine gun or MK19 40 mm grenade launcher mounted in a Protector (RWS) remote weapon station
Secondary armament: All available MGs
Road speed: 100 km/h (62 mph
Similar to the American Stryker the Krake too has seen many variants to it's designs, even having a mobile kitchen of all things.

Type 99 Self-Propelled Mortar

M110 howitzer

Slowing being replaced for the Howitzer 2000

Armoured-howitzer 2000

Archer Artillery System

Type 33 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
Armor classified
Main armament: 2 35 mm KDA autocannon
Secondary armament:
armament 2 3 smoke grenade dischargers
It's also been noted to discharge flares at occasions.

Maneuver Combat Vehicle

Type 92 Mine Clearance Vehicle

Artillery support vehicles

Infantry mobility vehicles

Armored combat engineering vehicle and APC

Assault Amphibious Vehicle

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Armor: Armor panels made of ceramic, S-2 fiberglass, and a Kevlar-like woven fabric in three separate layers, armor offers protection against machine gun and artillery fragments weighs 20 pounds per square foot, 14.5 mm AP at 300 Meters, 155/152 mm fragments at 15 Meters
Armament: fully stabilized and digitally controlled Mk44 Bushmaster II Mod 0 30 mm cannon (EFVP)
M240 Machine Gun, 7.62 mm Coax (EFVPC)
Speed: road: 72.41 km/h (45 mph)
water: 46 km/h (28.6 mph) (water)
These vehicles were meant to fully replace the AAVs but when it was found that there wasn't enough fund to make that possible it was decide to keep the two vehicles in the GDF

Reconnaissance motorcycles from different companies.


light and medium trucks.

Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Armored unmanned bulldozers

Black Knight- Prototype unmanned combat vehicle


The Armed Robotic Vehicle-Assault (Light) (ARV-A-L)

Foster-Miller TALON

XM1216 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle


Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Big Dog

DRDO Daksh

Squad Mission Support System



Beechcraft Super King Air

Boeing AH-64 Apache

Bell AH-1 Cobra

O-2 scout/observation helicopter

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

UH-60 Black Hawk

RAH-66 Comanche

Ghost Raven scout UAV

Folset scout helicopter UAV


Prototype Quadcopter

Elbit Skylark

( CarbonX company is a real company that has in fact made uniform that can deliver on it's promised protection. Here's a link to there site (I would also like to thank Petrokovia for the idea of the five layer uniform and an apology for copying and pasting the uniform, what you wrote down was better than what I could write for them but hey at least I try to make them different)