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Naval Monte Defense Force (Old Factbook, will be replaced soon)

The NMSDF was establish sometime during the Cold War in responds to possible invasions from the Soviets and it's allies. Throughout most of the cold war the NMSDF confided in lands owned by Naval Monte and never saw deployment aboard. However as the Cold War began to reach it's inevitable conclusion they decided to engage in international peacekeeping operations. Today many within the Naval Monte government question if the Self Defense should stay the way it is or if they should finally become a fully fledged military. Many men and women most first be of legal age (19) to join and most go through six years of military school and training before it's decided by both themselves and senior officers and generals if they can join. Oddly it has been noted that the practice of occult rituals has been sighted by several members within the NMSDF. An odd sight for most people to see but to the average Naval Montean normal since their nation has always had a strong connection with the Occult since the Nation's conception.

Major bases of operation for the NMSDF are Fort Ouph and Berg Epona, at least these two are the publicly acknowledge bases of the NMSDF that the government is willing is admit. While nuclear weapons are banned for military use it doesn't stop scientists from researching nuclear weapons and many within the NMSDF and the government allow them to do so, as long as the bombs have no design flaws and are tested in remote locations far away from any human life. However chemical and biological weapons are allowed to be used by the NMSDF if given special permission to do so. Many sociologists in Naval Monte say that the willing use of chemical and biological weapons can be seen has an evolution of the old Naval Montean war strategy of using poisons and drugs in warfare.

Several martial arts from across the world are taught to members of the NMSDF for close quarter combat both armed and unarmed. While the a full list of what they know has yet to be revealed the few that have been reveled include Sambo, Muay Thai, MCMAP, Silat, Eskrima, Krav Maga, and Black Hand, a martial arts native to Naval Monte which requires either fast and erratic or fast and smooth movement from the user to perform acts of groin shots, eye gouging, elbows to the neck, and other moves that most would call "cheap shots". The practice of parkour is also used by the NMSDF to improve the speed and maneuverability of troops.

In recent years now the word "Self" in the Self Defense Force has been dropped due to the military know having enough support and funding to be become a true military. Also along with buying new equipment, weapons, and vehicles old projects that were forced to be abandoned are now being reopened along with newer projects being born.

What sort of future awaits for the newly made Naval Monte Defense Force is unknown.