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RA Raiding and Defending Guide

    Raiding is rather simple. All you need to do is:
    • Join the World Assembly. It is a raider's biggest weapon in terms of invasion. To join, click on "Apply to Join" when you are on the WA page. The site will give you directions from there.

    • Go into a region with at least one other WA nation. The size of the group depends on how much endorsements the region has. It is recommended to go into a small, founderless region.

    • Endorse one nation, or be endorsed. Make sure the nation you are endorsing has the most endorsements in the region, or else he won't become the WA Delegate, which is the objective of a raid. Also, be wary of defenders. What they do is go into a region we are trying to raid, and then seize delegacy before us and kick us out. Unlike invaders, however, they leave the region alone.

    • If/once you have seized the delegate position, then you will be able to administer the region. In raids, you must banject (ban and eject) the natives of the region. This may take some time, as you will need enough Regional Influence to ban them. When you select which nation you want to ban, you will be told how much Influence you are using up. Red Armor will then be able to occupy, destroy, and even refound the region.

    • Next, click this link. Copy the contents of the dispatch and paste it into the World Factbook entry of the region you just raided.

    • Then, construct an embassy with Red Armor. Go onto the administration page and find the "Embassies" section. Click on "New Embassy" and type "Red Armor." Click on "Visit Admin Page," then click on "Request embassies between Red Armor and (region)." If I get the invitation, we can construct embassies.


  • Founderless regions. They are especially vulnerable if they have no WA Delegate. However, if the founder refounds his nation, we are at extremely high risk of losing the region.

  • Regions with inactive founders. Even though the founder threat is still in the region, their inactivity can be a huge drop in their defenses. You can check his/her actions on the "National Happenings" page that can be accessed off of their nation's page.

  • Regions mentioned in region-wide telegrams. It will say "New Orders: Move to (region) and endorse (nation)" or something along those lines. We recommend making a puppet nation and put it in the WA instead of using yourself for the raid and resigning afterwards. You are free to perform raids without our consent if the current orders have been completed.


  • Feeder or sinker regions. These regions are:

    • The Pacific

    • The East Pacific

    • The West Pacific

    • The South Pacific

    • The North Pacific

    • The Rejected Realms

    • Lazarus

    • Osiris

    • Balder

    The reason why you must not raid these regions is because of how much endorsements their delegates have. They are too powerful for our forces, or even The Black Riders, the largest founded raiding group. Plus, the Rejected Realms is eject free.

  • Regions that don't let WA Delegates administer the region. You can check this by going to the Administration page. You can access this off of a region's main page. If the page says, "The WA Delegate does not have administrative powers", then you cannot raid it.

  • Regions with active founders. If the founder of a region goes on NationStates often, then he can intervene with a raid operation very easily. You can check his/her actions on the "National Happenings" page that can be accessed off of their nation's page.

  • Warzones. Bans are only temporary in these places. And there is no founder. Regions take it from each other frequently, so if we want to keep our territory, do not raid these.


  • Tag raiding. This is when multiple regions work together to raid a region. It is unknown who invented the technique, but The Black Riders popularized it.

  • Stealth raiding. This is making a puppet that seems innocent (no RA flags, or any other raider flags; no raider mottos), and following the process of simple raiding. However, you need to be in the region long enough to get a high amount of regional influence, convince the natives of the region to make you delegate, then destroy it slowly. This isn't the most recommended type of raiding, as the aforementioned founders can exile you at will. But it is effective in founderless regions... if they are willing to trust you. This technique was also invented by The Black Riders.

  • Password grieving. This is just like stealth raiding, but you don't convince the natives of the region to make you delegate. You just wait until your influence is high, then summon a group of raiders to endorse you (you can use a puppet that is in TRB). Next, password protect the region (make sure that the password is not displayed to residents), and then start emptying the region of natives. Ever since the technique was invented by The Alliance of Dictators, it has become very popular. This is different from Region Lockdowns, which is just passwording a region AFTER it is raided. That technique was popularized by the now-defunct Macedon.

  • Region snatching. Sometimes, you just want to do things the easy way, right? Well, this can help. Find a region with ZERO NATIONS and NO PASSWORD. Then, wait until the next update comes. Updates occur at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM (Pacific Time Zone). The region should have been destroyed. When you try to visit the region again, it should say that it doesn't exist. Now, re-create the region with a puppet nation. Then, treat it like a region you just raided, but on the WFE, use "refounded" instead of "shot down." We, Red Armor, invented this technique.


      Defending is like raiding, except that you enter a region about to be raided and get enough endorsements to become delegate and counter the raiders, kick them out, and leave the region alone. There is also a form of defending called liberating, in which you enter a region already raided, get delegate status, and repair the region (cancel embassy closures that were ordered, abort embassy constructions with the raider group, flag removal, etc.)