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Beginners Guide to the Federation and NationStates (WIP)

First off I would like to welcome you to both NationStates and to The United Federation of Planets. Secondly if you haven’t already I suggest you take a look at the FAQ section to help you get acquainted with NationStates. You can find it here: page=faq

I would also recommend you apply to join the World Assembly which you can do here: page=un
This allows you vote on World Assembly proposals and is one of the prerequisites for you being able to run for President of the Federation.

One final thing I recommend is NationStates ++ which is a browser extension that greatly improves the NationStates experience, which includes access to the regional newspaper, more info about your nation and some other cool things. You can find it here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=269464#p17306782

Now before I jump into the basics of the Federation I would like you to know that if you have any question about NationStates or the Federation for that matter not listed here or in the NationStates FAQ please Telegram me by Clicking Here: The vulcan science academy and then scrolling to the bottom and clicking the “Write Telegram” button.

Introduction to the Federation

Well to become a citizen is extremely easy all you have to do is move here! Although if you want more than the basic rights then you will have to join a Planetary System which you can do by Telegramming me.

Planetary Systems:
As of right now there are four Planetary Systems: Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar Prime. These are the equivalent of states they have some sovereignty, the right to form their own governments and representation in the Council. To vote for or become representative you must reside in the same System in which you are running or voting.

What is there to do?

Well there are several thing you can do you can run for a government office, contribute to the regional newspaper or even create RPs and or games in which the region can take part in.You can also join our forums in which you can apply to be put on the regional map, participate in the political process and take part in our RPs. You can find our forums here: LinkForum

The Presidency:
The requirements to be eligible to run for the Presidency is that you are a World Assembly Member, you have been in the Federation for at least 60 days (with the exception of the first 2 terms of office) and you must have been nominated by someone else.

The duties of the President include approving or denying legislation passed by the council, ensuring the security of the region from threats both foreign and domestic and to act as an ambassador to other regions and to help promote the values of the Federation.

The Council:
The council is our legislative branch they are responsible for representing the interest of their respective Planetary Systems and for passing laws and amendments. As well as approving or denying the Presidents request.

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