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4 things you should know about this nation before deciding to include it in an RP

(1) Tech Level: Alternate Universe 912 (AU912 for short) is a post-modern tech nation. It is roughly 100 years in the future. Despite many significant technological advances during that time, how most people use technology has changed relatively little. Basically, imagine LinkThe Jetsons with more realistic future technology - for example, electric cars or tilt - rotor commuter flights instead of flying cars. However we do have a few far - future technologies, most of which are very rare and expensive, and poorly suited for military use, such as the wormhole.

(2) Interdimentional Geography: The Constitutional Republic of Alternate Universe 912 (AU912 for short) exists in multiple universes. In the "main universe", AU912 occupies a tiny, barren, volcanic island near Antarctica. There is an interdimentional portal, or wormhole, on the island inside a heavily guarded underground bunker to Otherworld, an earthlike planet in another universe. The wormhole can be destroyed by overloading it onsite, by a direct hit from naval artillery, etc., which will cut off Otherworld from all other NationStates nations until the wormhole systems can be repaired, which will take a considerable amount of time.

(3) Foreign Policy: Because of our geography and the fact that we are a Linkminarchist nation, AU912 is a strictly non-interventionist nation when it comes to large - scale military action. Basically, if it can't fit inside a large space capsule, it can't fit through the wormhole, which puts our military at a huge disadvantage overseas.

(4) Nation Stats & Demographics: I roleplay using Linkthese stats. Except for an occasional visitor from a nonhuman nation, our population is genetically human, with racial, sexual orientation, etc. demographics similar to that of the United States. However, a large percentage of the population is what many people would consider to be cyborgs, with artificial limbs, organs, neural implants, etc.