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Ambassador Dossier: Fleet Marshal Alcon Enta

[Edited and updated on 6/25/2014]
Fleet Marshal Alcon Enta


Age: 55

Birthplace: Fustercluck, Ainocra

Family: None Living

Education: Graduated seventh in his class at the Imperial Aerospace Academy. 

Employment: Marshal Enta has been in the Imperial Aerospace Force for thirty seven years now. His First posting after graduation was as a pilot assigned to the 58th Space Aviation Battallion. He served for years with distinction eventually being promoted to Captain after the battle of Jooputer. He was made operations officer of the 215th Space Aviation Battallion a post he held for 12 years. He saw action numerous times but steadfastly refused promotion for reasons unknown. The 215th was tasked with defending the city of Plutarch during unification campaigns. The rebels in the area however had developed a secret weapon and decimated the 215th and the city they were tasked to defend. Captain Enta was the only senior officer to survive the initial assault. He rallied the remains of the Battallion fought a brilliant holding action to buy time for the surviving civilians to evacuate the city. He brought the remains of his battered force back to Fustercluck. As the only surviving officer he was held accountable for the defeat and the loss of over one hundred thousand lives. He was relieved of command and court martialed. His court martial was long and drawn out but after weeks of testimony he was cleared of any wrongdoing. He was then promoted to Major and transferred to the general staff of the Supreme Marshal. He served on the general staff for years before being promoted to Colonel and appointed Ambassador to the WA a post he held until Ainocra withdrew from the World Assembly last year. He  was then reassigned as Chief of Operations for the Space Navy of Ainocra and promoted to Admiral. Later he was promoted to Fleet Marshal of Ainocra. When Ainocra Allied itself with Monkey Island Marshal Enta resumed the duties of ambassador at large.  

Background: The Marshal is a decorated war hero and is seen as a symbol of hope to the people of Ainocra. However his court martial and the loss of his comrades at Plutarch has made him a mean bitter drunk. 

Fun facts: Marshal Enta carries a sidearm and a flask of scotch at all times. He is frequently drunk while on the floor of the assembly and often threatens war over the slightest provocations. He also enjoys Cheezwiz on crackers and can frequently be seen eating them while on the floor.

Ainocran Politics: The Marshal is decidedly apolitical. He is a soldier who follows orders. 

World Assembly Politics: The Marshal is a staunch sovereignist, always approaching any debate in the assembly from that standpoint.
He was one of the first signatories of [url=]The Modern Natsov[/url].   

Titles: Current: Fleet Marshal of the  Ainocran Navy, Adjutant To Supreme Marshal of Ainocra.
Ambassador at large to the Supreme Marshal of Ainocra, Former Foreign minister for Monkey Island.
Former Top Banana of Monkey Island, Keeper of the Deshret of Osiris, Minister of WA affairs for Osiris.

Responsibilities: Supreme Commander of all Ainocran Space forces, answering only to the Supreme Marshal. He represents the people of Ainocra, and their interests to the World Assembly and to support and exercise the will of the Supreme Marshal of Ainocra. He works to further the regional interests of Osiris and work to ensure regional and international stability. 

Interests: Three Dimensional Chess, Reading, Drinking, Classical Music, Military Theory.

Staff: The Marshal commands a small staff and a security force for the Ainocran embassy. There are only three people on his general staff and a small detachment of soldiers none of whom is worth mentioning.

Marshal Enta had to leave the WA for a time in order to manage his duties as Fleet Marshal.

He was replaced by then Major Delwyn Rhomduil until his return two years later.

The Major has since ascended to the rank of Admiral. The Admiral is a graduate of the Ainocran Fleet Academy. He is currently 45 years old and serves as the Marshal's Chief of Operations.

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