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The Renegade Islands Alliance Foreign Legion

The Renegade Islands Alliance Foreign Legion

The Renegade Islands Alliance Foreign Legion, hereafter referred to simply as the Legion, is founded upon the premises of unity and solidarity among all defenders, across all regions, and across all organizations. We invite those who choose to defend, but have not been provided a structure to do so. We invite those who actively defend, but wish to strengthen their connections and build allies. We invite all who choose to protect the sovereignty and freedom of regions under attack.

Section 1 - Membership
1) The primary purpose of the Legion is the defense of regions at risk of invasion, currently being invaded, or currently under occupation.

2) Membership shall be granted to NationStates nations interested in furthering or supporting the Defender cause, and acceptance into the Legion will be based on criteria outlined later in this charter.

3) Nations wishing to join the Legion must submit an application to RIASF command. Applications will be reviewed by command for a period of no longer than seven days.

4) Accepted Legionnaires will accept each other as comrades-in-arms, and as such will not participate in any war between home regions of other Legionnaires.

5) Legion membership is voluntary. Legionnaires may leave Legion service at any time and for whatever reason. Additionally, RIASF command may dismiss a Legionnaire at any time and for any reason. Legionnaires wishing to dismiss themselves from service are asked to notify a member of command when they choose to do so.

Section 2 - Responsibilities of Legionnaires
1) Legionnaires shall maintain loyalty to their home region above all else, and the Legion shall respect this at all times.

2) Legionnaires will not be required to follow any orders that may conflict with the laws, customs, or culture or their home region.

3) Legionnaires will be encouraged to defend the home regions of other Legionnaires, should those regions ever experience the threats of invasion.

4) Legionnaires are encouraged to participate in all Legion drills and active operations.

5) Legionnaires shall not participate in actions that further the cause of raiding, invading, or crashing in that those actions violate RIASF goals or procedures. Violating Legionnaires will be removed from the Legion immediately.

Section 3 - Command Structure
1) The Legion is under the direct authority of RIASF Command.

2) The Legion will maintain an internal command structure beneath the existing RIASF command, and will be independent of all other RIASF initiatives.

Section 4 - Code of Honor
1) Legionnaires represent the RIASF and their home regions. Legionnaires will serve the Renegade Islands Alliance and their home regions with honor and integrity.

2) Each Legionnaire is your comrade-in-arms, regardless of home region, race, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or sexual identification. The Legionnaire honors solidarity in the name of the Defender cause above all else.

3) Legionnaires respect their traditions and their superiors; discipline and friendship are their strengths; courage and honesty are their virtues.

4) The Legionnaires are proud of their service in the Legion; they are always well mannered and smart; their behavior is of the best; they are always modest and exercise discipline.

5) Your mission is sacred. It is carried out until the end, in respect of the laws and the customs of the home region.

6) In combat you act without passion or hatred; you respect defeated enemies; you never surrender.

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